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Why Should You Use A Prepaid Card For Travel Instead Of Carrying Cash?

If you travel a lot for business and find yourself continually staying in hotel rooms where you might leave your wallet not comprehending it until you are on a plane to another state, then you might find yourself continually worrying about this, initiating unnecessary concern. 349 more words

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8 Ways To Use Leftover Currency

So you go on a fabulous vacation abroad that’s coming to an end, and you have all this cash leftover in a foreign currency. What do you do? 712 more words


Iran fixes currency rate in bid to stop rial collapse


© AFP/File | The rial has reached a series of record-lows in recent weeks driven mostly by speculation the US would pull out of the nuclear deal with Iran next month… 371 more words




Currency, Collectables and a Coin Too Far...

First trip of the day was running Julia up to Worksop for a First Aid course.

It was a lovely morning, with sunlight streaming through trees in Sherwood Forest and illuminating the mist with rays of golden light.  300 more words

Aye...a Foreign Currency Problem

Submitted by Wily Coyote

Barbados has been experiencing a significant reduction in their Foreign Currency Reserves over the last several years. The reserves are presently at about 4 weeks, this should be noticeable with shortages of goods within the island, however this is not the case. 453 more words


Rising interest rates and prices

Given the recent spike in interest rates amid concerns about inflation, the markets are responding with some turmoil. Prices are changing, but it’s not as dramatic as it seems because there tend to be offsetting effects, which bring things back in line. 304 more words