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9 Weird Milestones After a Year + Abroad

Returning home after extended travel is weird. There are all these modern and cultural conveniences that you’ve forgotten about: hot water with no danger of electrocution; peanut butter that doesn’t cost an arm, a leg and your passport; plumbing systems that can handle toilet paper; personal space is a thing; so is drinkable tap water. 870 more words

Why you should check your foreign money before travelling

Watch out for outmoded currency the next time you travel.

B.C. resident Nicolas Attieh learned that lesson after discovering his Mexican Peso bill was worthless when he tried converting it back to Canadian funds. 278 more words


The Turkish Coup and You

Turkish President Recep Erdogan has declared a State of Emergency in response to the failed Gulenist Coup last Friday. For a crash-course in the socio-political background of the event, I recommend reading this Al Jazeera… 155 more words

Why Mount Mulanje is important to Malawi.

The Mountain is the third biggest in Africa and is something that the locals are very proud of and are very much aware of its significance to them. 377 more words

Currency to carry while travelling to Thailand

As on today 4th August 2016, with Indian Rupees INR,

  • THB available @ 1.98
  • USD available @ 67.60
  • And conversion rate from USD to THB is 34.83 THB per USD.
  • 474 more words

A Brexit, a Basket ...

Its Week 26 for the trading year, & I decided to try a currency basket.

Currency baskets

The term currency basket generally refers to a portfolio of currencies used to hedge currency-risk. 201 more words

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