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Rising interest rates and prices

Given the recent spike in interest rates amid concerns about inflation, the markets are responding with some turmoil. Prices are changing, but it’s not as dramatic as it seems because there tend to be offsetting effects, which bring things back in line. 304 more words


Staying cashed up overseas

If you’re travelling overseas to an unfamiliar far-flung region of the Earth, you actually need to have your finances in place or you’re gonna have one hell of a time trying to survive.  942 more words


Forex reserves scale new high of $411.124 billion

Continuing rising trends, country’s foreign exchange reserves surged by $1.758 billion to mount a new record high of $411.124 billion in the week to January 5, the Reserve Bank said today. 159 more words

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The Impact of the Dollars' Fall on Portfolios

A few years’ back the dollar fell significantly against other currencies around the world.  US citizens who don’t travel overseas may not have seen the impact, but the impact was real in terms of investors in that anyone holding overseas assets (Europe, Canada, Australia) saw a “double return” in that the investments themselves rose and the return after the currency surge was an even bigger boost. 205 more words



The euro is useful because it has simplified travel to Europe but I miss the old pre-euro currencies. To have a wallet full of romantic and exciting sounding notes made you feel like a true international traveller. 34 more words


Travel Tuesday: What’s the best way to pay for things when travelling?

It’s travel Tuesday, where we check in with travel expert Claire Newell from Travel Best Bets for tips to make your next vacation a breeze. 284 more words


What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital cryptocurrency which was created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. The value of one bitcoin has seen insane growth over the last year – fluctuating wildly between $1,000-$19,000 dollars. 656 more words