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Currency Outlook

Although FX volatility has eased from a few months ago, the global growth outlook continues to be depressed by fears about capital flight, excessive debt and divergent policy risks. 307 more words

Foreign Exchange Consensus Forecasts

Us Dollar Depreciates

The US dollar dropped sharply during March and April on doubts about whether the US economy can expand enough to justify further significant rate hikes. Monetary policy was kept unchanged late last month, as expected, but a probability of over 30% is attached to a rate increase in June. 116 more words

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UK Brexit Fears

The UK pound plummeted to a fresh seven-year low in late February as the possibility of a ‘Brexit’ fuelled uncertainty, undermined confidence and divided politicians. The crucial referendum on Britain’s membership in the European Union has been scheduled for June 23, after Prime Minister David Cameron completed his renegotiations of proposed new terms for the UK-EU relationship. 149 more words

Consensus Forecasts - G7 & Western Europe