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Mockery of justice

The recent penalty against the five big banks admitting to the guilt of foreign exchange fixing is another laughable sentence from the justice system.

Why were the senior and junior executives not sent to prison for these crimes on top of the fines — which will come out of the customers’ pockets who do business with these banks? 39 more words


28/05/2015 - Mixed Markets - Market Wrap Up

EUR/USD recovered mildly to current of 1.0900, GBP/USD lower at 1.5285 and AUD/USD lower at 0.7637.

Market Wrap Up

27/05/2015 - USD Strength Continues - Market Wrap Up

EUR/USD returned lower to 1.0849, GBP/USD fell to 1.5359 and AUD/USD lower to 0.7709.

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nine months

I’m sitting in the back of my Czech language class doing what I normally do at school now, wondering why the hell I’m here.

School for exchange students is almost always boring, but I think now it is getting even worse for us. 575 more words


Sterling rose to a 2-1/2 month high against a struggling euro today, with the single currency weighed down by Greece’s debt problems and interest rate differentials moving in favour of the British pound. 170 more words


26/05/2015 - USD Strengthens - Market Wrap Up

EUR/USD continued lower to current og 1.0928, AUD/USD to current of 0.7804 and GBP/USD at a.5410.

Market Wrap Up

25/05/2015 - USD Strengthens - Market Wrap Up

EUR/USD continues lower at 1.098, GBP/USD lower at 1.5467 and AUD/USD lower at 0.7830.

Market Wrap Up