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Sick Snooty Loses Face to Sikh Beauty

What if one day someone took a photo of you, without your knowledge, and shared it publicly with the world?

Not a naked photo. Just a regular photo in which you are fully clothed, groomed to your normal standards, and looking beautiful. 84 more words

Sylver Blaque

Stinky 'Stuff': Can't Get Enough

Remember that “Yuck!” face you made at the last ‘Stinky Stuff‘ post?

Remember how I warned you to save that face for… 721 more words


Stinky 'Stuff': Can't Take It

Let’s face it, ladies.

No matter how dainty you are, every now & then your ‘stuff’ gets stinky.

Intelligent? Good-looking? Sweet-smelling?

Fastidiously hygienic? 697 more words

Sylver Blaque

Double Trouble

Deep in the Brazilian outback, there lives a phenomenon.

A double phenomenon.

A phenomenon twice as phenomenal as your typical phenomenon.

One which began in the 1960’s, continues today, and involves Nazis, genetic experiments on pregnant women, and lots of blonde-haired/blue-eyed babies popping out twice as frequently. 25 more words

Sylver Blaque

Treehouse Living


Try a treehouse!

Treehouses aren’t just for kids anymore.

In fact, historically, they never were.

British explorer Capt. James Cook detailed, in his journal, encounters in… 171 more words

Sylver Blaque

Giraffe Women

Thousands of years ago, when attacks on tribes in many parts of the world was common, women in the Kayani tribes of Burma (now Myanmar) began to melt down their valuables & coil them around their necks, arms, and ankles in order to keep their treasure safe. 112 more words

Sylver Blaque

Fill 'Er Up!

Think gas prices in the U.S. turn a smile upside down?


That smile would stay on the upswing if you knew the gas prices in some other countries. 405 more words

Sylver Blaque