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'Men and Chicken' scrambles up a success

Men & Chicken (2016)

Directed by Anders Thomas Jensen

In Denmark, comedies are dark. So dark comedies are downright disturbing. Enter “Men & Chicken.”

Mads Mikkelsen, from NBC’s “Hannibal,” plays Elias, a compulsory masturbator and unemployed sleezeball. 189 more words


I don't watch many

foreign films. And I really want to.

Maybe my next venture will be to watch a classic (or modern classic) foreign film. The country doesn’t matter I just want to see some great non American films.

Recommendations? Anyone? Anyone?

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Arsène Lupin contre Arsène Lupin

Synopsis: Generals, ministers and academics are brought together to attend the funeral of the industrialist André Laroche. The chief of police is shocked when he learns that Laroche was none other than the famous thief Arsène Lupin. 694 more words


Spiklenci slasti

Synopsis: In this latest offering by the great Czech surrealist filmmaker Jan Svankmajer, modern-day Prague is the setting for the story of six ordinary if somewhat seedy individuals who, with almost no dialogue, obsessively and painstakingly prepare their sexual “feasts.” 733 more words


Hana to hebi (2004)

Synopsis: Lose Yourself In The Depths of Fetish and Art.

A once-wealthy businessman finds himself in dire financial straits. To pay off his debts, he uses his beautiful, tango dancing wife Shizuko as currency. 739 more words


The Tenant (1976)

By Richard Winters

My Rating: 10 out of 10

4-Word Review: He loses his identity.

This intriguingly odd horror film may well be Roman Polanski’s best work and even better than… 360 more words


Chinese Visual Festival: Panay (Wawa No Cidal)

Since the beginning of times, the Indigenous Peoples have always had agonizing histories of being interdicted, oppressed and  differentiated. Their vulnerability has been exploited to the point where they have become more and more isolated, even to this day. 834 more words