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More than at any point in history, we as moviegoers have access to a wider range of stories dealing with a panoply of topics. Films like  557 more words

2018 Films

'Hero' Is One of the Most Beautiful Movies I Have Ever Watched

As you can tell from my blog, I love movies! I watch at least one movie every day and I love finding new films to watch. 288 more words


Netflix's Kingdom Review

Where does the fascination with the undead come from? Is it the love of horror, the repellent zombies’ behaviour or the taste of adrenaline-filled adventure? Hard to say, as the zombie-loving audience varies as much as the character of zombies themselves. 595 more words


The Rise of Arab Filmmakers Sheds New Light on Contemporary Middle Eastern Society in the Free BBC Arabic Festival in London (22-27 March)

BBC Arabic Festival held its first edition in 2014 as a four-day, London based event. Today, the Festival runs for a full week, doubling the audience in attendance while continuously developing live content for BBC Arabic TV, radio and web to a potential of over 44 million viewers. 868 more words


A Novel Giveaway Inspired by Roman Decor

I watched a foreign film a few weeks ago on Amazon Prime, where I was completely immersed in the style of foreign film making and story telling, as well as where it was filmed (Roma).  118 more words

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69th Berlin Film Festival: Hellhole Review

Hellhole, Bas Devos’ second feature, is a draining and frank look at the trauma inflicted upon Brussels residents following the March 2016 bombings. It delivers an episodic and fragmented depiction of a hollow, sceptical and disconnected city – filled with individuals struggling in their own way with grief and isolation. 705 more words


‘Full Moon’ Rising: The Sexiest, Trashiest Exploitation Movies of the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s

If you’re looking for something sleazy, sultry, and maybe just a little bit silly to stream in the dark of night, Full Moon has you covered. 301 more words