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Gli invasori

Synopsis: Blonde giants, thirsty for blood and eager for conquest! In the long-unseen classic from legendary director/cinematographer Mario Bava, Viking hordes invade Britain in an orgy of violence, vengeance and virgins. 818 more words


Movie review: Mr. Turner (2014)

I cannot remember the last time I was so tempted to stop watching a movie only part of the way through it. I began to wonder if my recollection was correct about this movie receiving exceedingly good reviews. 575 more words


Friday Fives: Foreign Films

If you know me, you know that I absolutely love foreign language films. If you know me and you don’t know that, then…well…surprise, I guess? I’ll admit that I don’t talk about myself a lot, so I don’t blame you too much. 765 more words

#blue Is The Warmest Color

Daughters of Darkness

Synopsis: International screen icon Delphine Seyrig (of LAST YEAR AT MARIENBAD fame) stars as Elizabeth Bathory, an ageless Countess with a beautiful young ‘companion’ (Goth goddess Andrea Rau) and a legendary legacy of perversion. 1,210 more words


Vampyros Lesbos

Synopsis: From Jess Franco, the filmmaker The Vatican called “the most dangerous director in the world”, comes the most celebrated movie of his legendary career: Stunning Soledad Miranda stars as a vixen vampire who lures women to a Mediterranean island to satisfy her insatiable lust for female flesh and blood. 867 more words


The 25th Raindance Film Festival: Siblings Review

There are over 11 million of unauthorised immigrants in the United States, including 5.6 million Mexicans who labour in fields, restaurant kitchens and factories. When not caught and sent to detention centres and courts, they try to survive under the radar, away from immigration officers while chasing their “American Dream”. 546 more words


Et mourir de plaisir

Synopsis: Young Carmilla is jealous of her friend’s engagement, and her obsession leads her to the tomb of a female vampire. The tale of her obsession with her family’s history of vampirism is based on Sheridan Le Fanu’s “Carmilla.” 1,048 more words