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13th London Korean Film Festival: In Conversation with Kim Yang-hee and Yang Ik-june of 'The Poet and the Boy'

The Poet and the Boy is a feature debut by Korean filmmaker Kim Yang-hee, starring Yang Ik-june, an actor and a filmmaker himself, who gained the public attention and won several awards with his semi-autobiographical feature debut, which he wrote, directed and played the leading role in – the 2009 indie hit… 2,812 more words


13th London Korean Film Festival: Old Love Review

After living in Canada for many years, Yoon-hee returns to her home country of South Korea to visit her mother who has dementia. Taking a cigarette break outside Incheon airport, she runs into Jung-soo, an old college sweetheart. 673 more words


13th London Korean Film Festival: The Poet and the Boy Review

The Poet and the Boy (Si-e-nui a-rang) is the feature debut for Kim Yang-hee; it premiered at Jeonju International film festival in 2017, and made its way to London Korean Film Festival this fall. 712 more words


Day for Night (1973)

By Richard Winters

My Rating: 7 out of 10

4-Word Review: Movie within a movie.

Director Ferrand (Francois Truffaut) is trying desperately to complete his latest film project, but faces many challenges in the process. 575 more words


Tomorrow is Another Day

Mrs. Wong (Teresa Mo) is too exhausted to care that her husband is having an affair. She tolerates it in order to keep her family together, especially important since her 20 year old son Kwong (Man-Lung Ling) has autism, and developmental disabilities, that require stability and a lot of care. 347 more words

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The Beauty of 'Au revoir là-haut' (See You Up There)

I don’t watch so many “recent” films, but as I work in a movie theatre, I try to take advantage of my free admission privilege and see some when I have the occasion to. 1,665 more words


Discovering Hedy Lamarr: Ecstasy (1933)

Yesterday, one of the women who was considered one of the most beautiful figures of the silver screen would have been 104 years old. She’s not with us anymore, but that’s not a valid excuse not to celebrate her. 1,443 more words