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The Pythons

Synopsis: 1979 documentary film The Pythons, shot on location during the making of Life of Brian.


The Pythons 8.0

eyelights: its exclusive access to the Pythons on the set of ‘Life of Brian’. 503 more words


The Connection (Review)

Best Crime Drama of the Year so Far!

This critic doesn’t like foreign films so much; however, the Connection was one that hooked my interest from the first scene. 529 more words

2015 Movie Reviews

Watch Out, We're Mad! (1974)

By Richard Winters

My Rating: 6 out of 10

4-Word Review: Replacing a red buggy.

Kid (Terence Hill) and Ben (Bud Spencer) are two race car drivers who participate in a race that ends in a tie that forces the two to settle on sharing the prize, which is a red dune buggy. 497 more words


Review: Big Game, 2015, dir. Jalmari Helander

“Big Game’s stelliform cast isn’t the only proof Finnish director Jalmari Helander has gone Hollywood. The scene that best evinces his Tinseltown transition plays out in the film’s first few minutes, in which one of the supporting players from Helander’s international breakout movie, the wonderful Yuletide-horror gem Rare Exports, gets mercilessly exploded in a wanton hellstorm of missile-guided deforestation. 38 more words


Review: My Sassy Girl (2001) [Korea]

My Sassy Girl is one of the first movies or shows I’ve seen that actually show “average Korean life” stuff: pouring drinks for others, (dis)respect for elders, what a normal house looks like (and not a wealthy person’s estate), family members setting up dates, the importance of the 100th day of something, couple’s outfits, and so on. 294 more words


Attack On Reality: Attack On Titan Live Action Trailer

I had no idea they were making a live action version of Attack on Titan in Japan, but they are. There’s a trailer available here… 42 more words


Silence in Dreamland

Originally published on StageBuddy.

Silence in Dreamland just earns the right to be nestled under “slow cinema” with its dearth of dialogue and longish takes, though not nearly as measured or ponderous as other subtropical climate-set films by Tsai Ming Liang or Aphichatphong Weerasethakul. 427 more words