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The game of the questions


Hi all,

I have been dealing with the formation of questions in my Spanish 1 class. I love my students to think and learn the language in a way they understand the way it works. 191 more words


Near the end of sixth grade, the school herded everyone in that grade into the auditorium. Someone explained to us that next year we would start learning a foreign language. 701 more words

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42개국 외교관, 한국과 사랑에 빠지다

기사승인 2015.04.17 14:12:24
– 경희대 국제교육원 주관 ‘2015 외교관 한국언어문화 연수’

▲ 경복궁을 방문한‘2015 외교관 한국언어문화 연수’참가자들(사진=경희대 국제교육원)
세계 각국의 외교관들이 한국 문화의 매력에 푹 빠졌다. 15 more words


Deconstruct a French Word: Gonflé

Gonflé | “gon-flay” |  adj.: blown up, inflated; to have a lot of nerve

Literally, gonflé means inflated, like a balloon. Used in an argot… 138 more words


The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2009)

Original Swedish version – Man som hatar kvinnor – Men who hate women

Director – Niels Arden Oplev

Starring – Michael Nyqvist, Noomi Rapace


Film Reviews


Language is riddled with important expressions known as collah . . . .  collah . . . . ACHOO!

Oh dear, my apologies. That would be my Latin allergy acting up. 817 more words


Foreign language

Irma: Mum, what does Na-mas-te mean? I often hear it.
Taling: Who knows these things anyway? I just know La-cos-te.

Ang kanfidens levels ng MeMa ko, mataas.