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Why pay a language teacher if I can learn for free?

With the ubiquitous presence of the internet there are tons of resources online for people willing to learn a foreign language to study for free. So why would anyone be willing to pay a teacher for lessons? 346 more words


#365daysoflanglearning - Day 17

Hi guys! It’s a simple prompt for you all today so let’s get down to it.

Your task is: Record yourself saying the words you started learning on Sunday. 83 more words

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Podcast Review: News in Slow Japanese

Today I am going to review the podcast “News in Slow Japanese,” the contents of which are probably very obvious given the title. I have taken up listening to podcasts, since they are one of the only ways I can get legitimate listening practice in Chinese, Japanese, and Korea. 579 more words

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#365daysoflanglearning - Day 16

Hey, guys! Happy Monday! I hope you’re all having a nice start to your week–and that it’s not as rainy and grey where you are. (Does anyone have snow?) 161 more words

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Polybius' Historical Proof for Learning Foreign Languages

Polybius, Histories 1.80.8

“Then many speakers from each nation stood forth at the same time wishing to ask that the captured men be spared torture at least, because of Gesco’s benevolence towards them. 98 more words


#365daysoflanglearning - Day 15

Hey guys! Are you having a lazy Sunday? Well, oops–it’s time to do some language learning anyway! ;)

Now, today’s prompt relates back to all the words you’ve been collecting as a part of this challenge–so go find them wherever you wrote them down. 239 more words

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Task-Based Activities in the Foreign Language Classroom (SlideShare)

What is the difference between an exercise, an activity and a task in the language classroom?  What are the effects on language proficiency and acquisition?  Take a look at the SlideShare below to learn all about it.