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Learning Japanese

As of last night, hubby and I are working as a team to learn Japanese. So far, we have excelled at the gathering resources stage. We have books, apps, videos, websites, etc. 423 more words



We’re all out there.

Those people who want to travel but haven’t gained enough momentum in the world yet or don’t know where to start. 260 more words

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The Mystery of the Incidental Ch

There are probably few things that can unite anglophones and hellenophones in Cyprus more than their annoyance at the ridiculous and seemingly arbitrary transliteration of words that we see all over the country. 530 more words



Quick update about my study abroad in Spain.

These updates seem to get farther and farther apart. It’s funny to me (and frustrating) that as we get closer to departure, we get less contact about plans and information. 267 more words

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Review: Memories of Murder (2003)

After a string of 2017 releases, it’s quite refreshing to blog about a movie a little older! Let me tell you about a cool website I stumbled across the other day. 523 more words

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Tips for Raising Multilingual Children

Even before I was pregnant I knew my kid will speak at least 4 languages. To be honest I was a bit scared of this and didn’t know how to approach it, but due to my family situation there was not much I could do. 862 more words


If You Say "Dry Heat" I Will Punch You in the Face

In the summer we belong to a golf group called Nine & Dine–nine holes of golf starting at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, then we dine en masse. 550 more words