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5 easy steps to start thinking in your target language

Quite often I come across students who say they have been studying English for ages but they still can’t think in English. They spend precious time translating the word or phrase they’re trying to say. 197 more words


How to write or type special symbols or characters (foreign, accents, tilde etc.) from your Apple iPhone or iPad

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Use this page to to write, insert, or type special symbols or characters (foreign, accents, etc.). from your Apple iPhone or iPad. 102 more words

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Frustrated with Russian Grammar 

I just came out of Russian class with the biggest headache. We were learning to change adjectives based on genders of nouns that they’re paired with, and she moved wayyyyy too quickly. 141 more words

Foreign Language

Multilingual Motivation

Everyone could use an extra push in starting towards a goal or keeping up with it. Whatever you’re pursuing, it can get difficult, messy, and gosh darn it, near impossible.

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Speaking Another Language

Math class in Japanese

Have you ever tried to do math in a written language you don’t know?  I have.  Forget about the part where you might have to wrack your brain, in order to recall certain mathematical formulas and rules from a decade or three ago.   266 more words

Why You Should Do A TEFL Course

A TEFL is probably something which you’ve never considered doing before so this blog will hopefully serve to convince you to consider it. For those who are unaware, a TEFL is a Teaching English as a Foreign Language course which provides you with a certificate which allows you to teach English to non-English speakers. 810 more words


My Favorite Spanish-Singing Artists

One of my favorite ways to practice Spanish is to listen to music. With a good beat and a catchy melody, vocabulary and grammar comprehension is easier to learn when paired with music. 214 more words

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