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Which language skill to focus on? 

Which language skill to focus on?

The answer to this question is “all of them” ( ideally). However, prioritizing one skill over the others depends on your reason for learning a foreign language. 380 more words

Movie Review: On Body and Soul (Teströl és lélekröl)

I mentioned this drama from Hungary a few months ago when it played at the Hong Kong International Film Festival. As it has now come to Hong Kong’s cinemas, I’ll give it a more in-depth review here. 517 more words


Language as a tool

Having joined a family full of nephews (a few) and nieces (lots) I’ve been many a time asked if I could teach them English… my first instinct is to tell them – “I learned it by myself go and do likewise”,  but my soft heart tends to say yes under some conditions: 127 more words


New Books, New Plan

I was working in my classroom today, looking at my new Spanish novels and checking the new scope and sequence.  I have big plans, so I hope I can get this all pulled together. 143 more words


How I Study Korean

(Before we begin this topic I’d like to put a HUGE disclaimer here to say that this is by no means the way that you SHOULD study Korean or any language for that matter. 2,076 more words

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Meghann in Argentina: A Mix of Cultures

Orientation is over and classes have finally begun, which has given me the chance to start meeting other exchange students from all over the world—on only the first day of class, I spoke with people from countries like Japan, Colombia, France, and Norway, to name a few. 349 more words


Russia is a sewer!

I am going to fight the fascists the only way I know how.  I don’t need violence, they will be exposed for who they are by their actions, so will Antifa for example.   1,274 more words