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A Month and a Half Later

It’s going well! And I cannot tell you how pleased I am to be able to say that again, it feels a long time coming! 202 more words


I feel like I had quite a productive day today considering I don’t really have a study space. It’s really awkward where my mum lives as it’s a small flat and my mum is also working at home at the minute, so the living room is really cramped. 286 more words

Foreign Language

Hard at Work

I’m still in my jammies even though it’s a bit after lunch.  That may not be your idea of hard at work, but I had a full day of webinars on my schedule.  95 more words


Learning Log : July 28, 2015

  • Completed 2 Turkish Review Lessons on Duolingo.
    • O kim? – Who is that?

    • Tuvalette örümcek var.  –  There is a spider in the toilet

    • Hangi kadın gazeteyi okur?  

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Learning Chinese: The tones.

In school when I was about 15 I remember a kid coming up to me and telling me that there was a sentence which contained 11 ‘had’s in a row. 644 more words

Get a Grip!

Right it’s about time I SNAP OUT OF IT! 

I finally booked my plane tickets to Japan!! ばんざい! However…

I’ve been sat here moping for the past few weeks about how badly my Japanese study is going and getting really depressed and frustrated about it but it finally clicked with me today. 147 more words


Becca Travels: Milano Feels

July 14, 2015

Ciao Milano!

I’m currently on a train to Ancona from Milan. I’m traveling with Trenitalia, one of the companies that accepts my 4-country Eurail pass, and my ticket was only €3! 679 more words