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Tips For Learning a New Language

By Edgardo Hernandez
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Language is an essential part of today’s life and its importance only seems to grow. With everyone seeking to improve their communication skills, learning a new language has become a necessity to expand opportunities. 483 more words

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How to Learn a Language Abroad

When I hear of someone desperate to learn a language, my advice is always the same: go to that country. There is no quicker or more effective way to get the grasp of a foreign tongue than by being completely surrounded by it in your everyday life. 527 more words

Mistakes I still make in German

I have technically been learning German now for 14 years (woah).
But, I will never be able to master the German language. Punkt.

I can sometimes feel on cloud nine, breezing through a conversation, when BOOM I say the wrong gender for a word or a use the wrong type of word, mistaking verbs and adjectives and nouns… Or sometimes I get into so much detail, that I suddenly lose my trail of thought and forget which verbs I have to say at the end (for example, the word order of a long sentence may be something like: “Well, so far I know, would have he his homework for his English class already last week do should” (or, in English: “Well, as far as I know, he should have already done his homework for his English class last week.”) – I get entangled in the object of the sentence that I forget what is actually happening to that object. 904 more words


Mi Diario Español - Día 1

Hoy hablé con algunas personas – ellas eran ayudando con mi español. Una mujer aprende el Coreano y la otra mujer aprende el Portugués.

Finalmente soy una estudiante de idiomas! 33 more words


Movie Review: Silence

Why is G-d often silent when man is in distress? For as long as there has been a belief in a higher being, man has grappled with that very question. 1,104 more words


Le Mois de l'histoire des femmes

Le Mois de l’histoire des femmes (Women’s History Month)

To celebrate Women’s History Month, my upper level French classes at Spain Park High School are researching francophone (French speaking) women in the domains of business, scientific research, and civil service.   264 more words


ACTFL Core Practices

Do you ever find yourself in a conversation where you tell someone that you are a foreign language teacher and the response is something like this, “I had 4 years of Spanish in high school, but I can’t speak a word now.”  Clearly this traditional methodology has not been very effective.  75 more words

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