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Why do I write, everyday? :)

Many of my readers who follow my blog asked me, “Why do you write every day, Eva?” I am glad that they asked, so I felt the need to explain its reason. 446 more words

Internationalism & Sustainability

Comprehensible Input: Making It Work

Hola, Everyone!

I have to admit: For the past several days, I have felt rather stressed and anxious and overwhelmed.  To the point that I actually stopped working on my curricula.   318 more words

Second Language Teaching

Use What You Know

I try to make Monday’s posts about learning resources, and this really isn’t one, so I apologize for that. I just wanted to take some time to just explain what one of the major keys to retaining your language is, and explain my personal goals in relation to that. 606 more words

Foreign Language

Music from the Faroe Islands - Eivor palsdottir

Aside from visiting Stockholm a few years back, it was the music of Scandinavia that made me want to learn Swedish. That music is such a wonderful way of practicing languages just happened to be a very nice addition. 101 more words


Myths About Immigration: Myths 2 & 3

Myths About Immigration

There are many translators that work directly or indirectly with immigrants so I thought it would be interesting to write a series of posts on myths relating to immigration, especially immigration coming across the Mexican/ U.S.  692 more words


SLI 2015: New Processing Games!

We had a great first week at this year’s Summer Language Institute in Latin! Spreading out the curriculum over two weeks has made the material even more fun and natural for students, and we’ve had so much more time to play processing games and build proficiency with productive language skills. 605 more words

Foreign Language

Lesson: Conjunctions

I’m strongly resisting the urge to sing Schoolhouse Rock right now. Seriously, the urge is strong. But I’ll push through it.


So, we actually use conjunctions all the time. 227 more words

Foreign Language