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Mike's DTV Digest: Downhill/Let's Be Evil/Evil Games

Hello Lambsters, and welcome to the latest DTV Digest. This week we have cyclists in Chile, childminders in America and accountants in Mexico. Enjoy!

Downhill (2016) 1,192 more words


Summer Immersion Courses - a fading memory

This morning, around 4am, my eyes popped open and refused to shut again, so with 2 more hours before the alarm clock went off I started reminiscing about a summer immersion program I was invited to participate nearly 20 years ago. 549 more words


I recently have been terrified of learning and using the Japanese language.  Why?  Because I am terrified of the millions of mistakes I know will ensue the moment I attempt to use anything beyond a small “Ohayou,” or “Konnichiwa,” (which I already happen to mess up regularly).  

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Foreigner Beware Of Crinkly Forehead — Lady Of The Cakes

For any expat, this experience has at least occurred once, if not a million times. No matter how good or bad your second language is, if you don´t look like a native speaker or a national, you may be treated as if you couldn´t speak a decipherable syllable of the language. 84 more words

Create habitats for endangered languages to thrive

Language-preservation efforts focus on languages in the periphery, in isolated communities. I can understand how this works in the short run, but I don’t understand how this can work in the long run. 571 more words


Spanish 101: Ser and Estar

Ser and Estar are very common verbs in the Spanish language and are the basis for forming many sentences. Depending on which verb you choose to use can completely alter the meaning of the sentence or phrase you are trying to convey. 287 more words


The Broken Circle Breakdown

The Broken Circle Breakdown, directed by Felix Van Groeningen was Belgium’s nominee for the Best Foreign Language Film Academy Award in 2013. This film follows a couple’s rollercoaster of a relationship.  333 more words

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