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South Carolina House Passes Bill Excluding Sharia Law From State Courts - Breitbart

  • The South Carolina House has passed a bill blocking Islamic sharia law from being recognized or approved in the state, after years of debate over similar legislation.
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Translating Legal Quirkiness - The Austrian Versteinerungstheorie

I recently watched Mark Weiner’s (Worlds of Law) video on the Austrian Versteinerungstheorie (Versteinerung meaning petrification). According to the Versteinerungstheorie, words in constitutional provisions must be given the meaning they had at the time the provision was made – they are set in stone, if you will. 175 more words

Legal Culture

Malaysia's Liberalisation of Legal Services: One Year On

Part A.  Introduction

The liberalisation of the legal market in Peninsular Malaysia to allow for the entry of foreign lawyers has been the subject of discussion stretching… 1,013 more words

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The United States Supreme Court and Foreign Law

With this post, we quickly set aside the issue of interdisciplinarity in comparative law and focus on applied comparative law in a broader sense. Specifically, I would like to look at the question whether the United States Supreme Court (and courts in general) should consider foreign law and practices. 217 more words

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Cour de cassation and the 1980 Rome Convention (Articles 4 and 7)

The Cour de cassation delivered a few days ago an interesting judgment recalling the duty of the judge regarding the proof of foreign law and applying Articles 4 and 7 § 2 of the 1980 Rome Convention on the law applicable to contractual obligations in favour of Italian law (closest connection, the presumption that the contract is most closely connected with the country where the party who is to effect the performance which is characteristic of the contract has his habitual residence—France—being put aside). 1,048 more words