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The Loose Left

From Luciana Bohne:

We now, on this loose left, trade in our critical faculties at the theatre of propaganda. In return, the propaganda pounds, batters, and sequesters our emotions so that we end up identifying with the narrative of power.

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Foreign Policy Disasters


From Wikipedia:

The W47 was the first warhead with a new, miniaturized pit.[3] The aerodynamic flare at the base provided stability of orientation during descent.

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Foreign Policy Disasters

DPRK ICBMs Russia Design?

From MK Ultra Alpha at Zero Hedge:

In March 2017, Kim Jong-un was photographed inspecting a spherical device with a control detonation input. This is the exact technology for a nuclear weapon.

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Fire and Fury

From Alexander Mercouris:

There are now reports that the Defense Intelligence Agency – the US intelligence agency once headed by General Flynn – has reported to the US National Security Council that North Korea has successfully miniaturised a nuclear warhead and developed a re-entry vehicle for its Hwasong-14 missile.  

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Foreign Policy Disasters

Beginning of the End

Having declared the firing of Spicer and break with the GOP as the end of the beginning, the signing of sanctions, effectively starting a trade war with Russia, Iran, China and the EU, represents the beginning of the end for Trump. 595 more words

Donald Trump

Constitutional Coup d’État

From The Saker:

People tend to forget that Putin was an officer in the foreign intelligence branch of the KGB, the so-called “First Main Directorate” (PGU). 

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Saudi Arabia Lays Siege to Qatar

From Moon of Alabama:

Some 37 million passengers cross through Doha each year. But Qatar Airways now has to fly through Iranian, Iraqi and Turkish airspace to reach Europe.

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Foreign Policy Disasters