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Vietnam's Hopes dashed as Trump exits TPP

January 21, 2018

Vietnam’s Open Trade Policy Hopes dashed as Trump exits TPP

by Thomas Jandl, TJMR Asia Consulting


After the 2016 election, hope remained in Hanoi that President Trump, once in office, would turn from firebrand protectionist campaigner into a leader who accepted the value of open trade — a cause in which the Vietnamese government had invested so much in preparation for Vietnam’s membership of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. 655 more words

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The best first year ever!

This is a government with a policy matrix from the days of my youth those many years ago. Socialist rot has overtaken even the American Republic, but you are seeing policy that is once again dependent on individuals taking their own lives into their own hands and getting on with it. 1,053 more words

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A couple links

Andrew McCarthy at National Review wrote an interesting piece on the Russian/NRA connection: Collusion 3-0: Russia and the NRA

McCarthy details the Trump/Russian collusion narrative and how so far that narrative keeps imploding, despite Democrats and the mainstream media maintaining over a yearlong stream of hysterical spin.  112 more words


Trump's first year in office was a MAJOR SUCCESS for him and the U.S.: Here's WHY

(National SentinelPresidential: By any measure, President Donald J. Trump had a successful first year in office, despite a dearth of major legislative accomplishments due in large part to near-universal Democratic opposition. 607 more words

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Donald Trump vs. the world?

What kind of effect, if any, has had one year of Donald Trump in the White House on the world, can we talk now at least about some framework of his strategy beyond slogans like America First and MAGA? 1,486 more words



As early as April 1975 a special National Congress outlined the principles of Democratic Kampuchea’s foreign policy; the new authorities in Phnom Penh made it clear that they would not be a compliant understudy to any foreign patron: 8,977 more words

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