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Clinton’s hardline foreign policy


We in the world outside the US do not have a vote in the US presidential election in November. 802 more words


Foreign Policy: The Big American Stumbling Block

There are a great number of issues being debated in the 2016 elections. As candidates duke it out over their party’s nomination, a subject of repeated inquiry has been foreign policy, and with good reason: absolutely no candidate on either side of the aisle has a great foreign policy position. 887 more words


U.S. has Been Fighting Radical Islam Since 1786

In my numerous hours of keeping track of present day Islamic terrorism, many are devoted to the historical side of it as well. Unfotunate part of debates with people about Islamic terrorism, 95 more words


America . . . What a Mess . . .

This country is a mess! How do we know? We watched Hillary and Bernie last night so you wouldn’t have to.

Nearly two hours of hand wringing, pandering, denying, denigrating and disclaiming with a common theme: Income inequality, health care, foreign entanglements, pestilence and all other things important are worse today than when Barry Hussein Soetoro Obama was immaculated lo these many seven years ago . 8 more words


The first 100 days

Well, the first 100 days of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government are over and done with.

On balance, he has done quite well, or, at least, well enough. 333 more words

Foreign Policy

Going down a moral rat hole

I said, about a month ago, that “the diplomats in the Pearson Building do have interests: they believe, with good reason, that it was Prime Minister Harper’s foreign policy, especially his unstinting, some would say uncritical and one-sided support for Israel, that “cost” Canada a seat on the UN Security Council when it was, in their minds, clearly, “our turn.” 648 more words

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