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China and India are Edging Closer to a War in Asia

By Alex Lockie From Reuters – Re-Blogged From Yahoo!

Buried in the Himalayas in the Siliguri Corridor, also known as the Chicken’s neck, Chinese and Indian military forces sit on the respective sides of their vague borders and entrench themselves for what could become a shooting war between nuclear powers. 463 more words

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Current U.S. Policies in Middle East Fail to Establish Security for Washington

The current situation in the Middle East is far from stable. Wars in Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan show that there is a growing opposition from local power centers and external players.  2,848 more words


New US Sanctions Blacklist Iran's IRGC

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill Tuesday placing new sanctions on Iran, North Korea and Russia. This follows a similar version adopted overwhelmingly by the Senate in a 98-2 vote last month. 708 more words


Armed Chinese jets drive off US spy plane over Yellow Sea

| 24 July 2017 | A US spy plane flying near the eastern coast of China was intercepted by two Chinese fighter jets and had to change course, US officials said. 38 more words


JFOUND: Lofaso, Vincent [MC????] writes for Eurasian


Is Gulf Crisis Finally Heading Towards Diplomatic Solution? – Analysis
July 25, 2017 Vincent Lofaso 

Vincent Lofaso

Vincent Lofaso is a recent graduate of Manhattan College with a Political Science major with a focus in international affairs. 15 more words


If You’re Going to get Sick – Better do it Before Single Payer

By The Common Constituionalist – Re-Blogged From http://www.iPatriot.com

On his radio program  Monday evening, Mark Levin was discussing the ghastly way the Republican Party has treated us regarding the whole healthcare debacle. 660 more words

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