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Emir of Kano, Lamido Sanusi The Emir of Kano, Lamido Sanusi, on Thursday said the Federal Government’s decision to close its border is among measures to preserve the nation’s foreign policy in the national interest.

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U.S. State Department says it is working with Mexico on tools to fight drug cartel threat

12/04/19 – Reuters

By Humeyra Pamuk

The U.S. State Department on Wednesday said it was working with Mexico’s government to identify the “appropriate tools” to help it tackle the threats that drug cartels pose, after President Donald Trump last week said he wanted to designate them as terrorist groups. 49 more words

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Mendacious Fictions

Buried in Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis’s dismissal as a ‘mendacious fiction’ of the Labour Party’s claim that it is ‘doing everything’ it can to tackle anti-Jewish racism in its ranks, are some mendacious fictions of his own. 666 more words

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Is NATO Brain Dead?

Before I go into my post….I have written stuff about Trump that his die hard supporters have taken exception to but I have also written on several occasions where I have agreed with him on some issues and those times are forgotten because those that do just want to hate anyone that criticizes His Royal Person, Trump. 490 more words

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Zimbabwe Begs White Farmers To Return As Nation Teeters On Brink Of ‘Manmade Starvation’

By Baxter Dmitry – Re-Blogged From News Punch

Crisis-torn Zimbabwe is on the brink of “manmade starvation” with most households unable to obtain enough food to meet basic standards, a UN envoy has said. 573 more words

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The Think Tank Dedicated To Keeping the US in the Syria Quagmire, by Dave DeCamp

Many think tanks do very little thinking. From Dave DeCamp at antiwar.com:

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) released a report on November 21sttitled “Russia’s Dead-End Diplomacy in Syria.” The report focuses on Russia’s role in supporting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and calls for the U.S. 1,371 more words


Abolish the CIA, by Charlie Donovan

Abolishing the CIA is an idea whose time came long ago. Better late than never, although the proposal will get far less consideration than it deserves. 904 more words