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Obama visits Hiroshima. What does it mean?

It seems for some critics President Barack Obama’s visit of Hiroshima is not enough as he will not apologize but for the other side it is too much because he is going there. 1,191 more words


Bobby Jindal: "I Hope They're Rattled"

It’s the “occupant of the White House” who seems more rattled than anyone.

Freedom, Sanctions and North Korean Ice Cream: Q&A With Defector Hyeonseo Lee

Aged just 17, Hyeonseo Lee crossed the Yalu River from North Korea into China on a whim. After living secretly in China for 10 years, she finally made the journey to South Korea, but then returned in a daring bid to smuggle her family out of her impoverished homeland. 1,808 more words

The Oversupply Of Oil Means Ports Are Swamped With Oil Tankers

By David Haggith – Re-Blogged From http://www.Silver-Phoenix500.com

This picture of one port tells a major story: Tankers are running circles around the Chinese port of Qingdao. 1,354 more words

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Obama Ready to Face Historic, Haunted Ground of Hiroshima

(HIROSHIMA, Japan) — Convinced that the time for this moment is right at last, President Barack Obama on Friday will become the first American president to confront the historic and haunted ground of Hiroshima. 497 more words

Applications of Special Warfare

With special forces recently in the spotlight battling the Islamic State, or Daesh; in Iraq, and Syria. It has become the focal point of much scrutiny by the intelligence community, and the military community on the whole. 102 more words

United States

US Fights al Qaeda in Yemen, Boosts the Group in Syria

May 26, 2016—Since 2015, which marked the beginning of the Yemeni civil war, the United States refrained from actively participating in the attacks promoted and carried out by a coalition led by Saudi Arabia. 422 more words

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