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Kim Jong Un agrees to let nuclear inspectors into North Korea

  For the last several weeks we have been hearing reports that Kim Jong Un has been continuing his nuclear program on the down-low, using the promise of denuclearization, and the halting of nuclear testing, as cover to gain time to secretly work behind the scenes on the program. 273 more words


America’s Anxiety of Influence

September 20, 2018

Foreign Policy: America’s Anxiety of Influence

by Stephen M Walt

America’s Anxiety of Influence

I understand why our foreign-policy elites worry (constantly!) about declining U.S.

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Above All--Peace

I have always heard people say that the US was the “purveyor of peace”….of course it is total bullsh*t for if a nation was truly dedicated to peace it would not go around the planet looking for a fight. 590 more words

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Britain's Lurch Into Syria's War

Here are some basic observable facts:

The State of Israel has conducted massive strikes in Syria on Sunday 16 September 2018 (https://www.dw.com/en/syria-blames-israel-for-attack-on-damascus-airport/a-45504188). It is not known if the Israeli Government was targeting Syrian Government forces or Iranian weapons depots arming ‘militias’ like the Lebanese Hizbollah. 1,521 more words


Middle East: The Song Remains The Same

Storms out on the ocean…..the judge is being judged…….Rudy is filling his poison pen…….Kim is in a pickle…….the Master is Tweeting……all in all that was the week that was….with all that the wars in the Middle East must be nearing a conclusion, right? 826 more words

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Italy’s Interior Minister Begins Deporting Migrants

By Robert Spencer – Re-Blogged From Freedom Outpost

Salvini is right, but he will be excoriated as a “racist” anyway.

The political and media elites expect, and indeed demand, that the countries of the West commit national suicide. 196 more words

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Marco Rubio asks Jeff Sessions to investigate John Kerry for possible Logan Act violation

  Last week while promoting his new book John Kerry made the stunning revelation that he was secretly meeting with Iran in order to salvage his Iran nuclear deal, which is possibly a violation of the  249 more words