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Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #366

The Week That Was: July 6, 2019, Brought to You by www.SEPP.org

By Ken Haapala, President, Science and Environmental Policy Project

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Foreign Policy

Savoir-Faire: A New Frontier in Global Security Alignment China-Africa Peace and Security Forum RL Vol XV No 571 MMXIX

Savoir-Faire: A New Frontier in Global Security AlignmentChina-Africa Peace and Security Forum, Beijing, July 15, 2019Interview transcript & lecture RL Vol XV No 571 MMXIX, … 500 more words


Down South Of The Border

We have all heard the vitriol of our president for the region of Central America……he spends time demeaning the people of the region and accusing them of all sorts of crimes that are NOT true. 366 more words

International Situations

Why Do We Fight?

This is yet another in a series that I write as part of my antiwar campaign.

The title is an excellent question that has many answers but only one to my way of thinking. 1,394 more words

International Situations


The policy of the Justice Department is not to indict a sitting president. This is according to a legal memo created in the wake of Watergate and reaffirmed in 2000, stating essentially that any indictment would generally be viewed as unconstitutional, violating the separation of powers between the branches of government. 1,173 more words


War: or How the presidency's war powers border on the monarchical.

The US has been at war 226 out of its 243 year existence. The constitution says war must be declared by Congress, but in reality, Congress has declared war only 11 times, the last instance being World War II. 1,071 more words


The Daily DeX 07/18/2019: What If Democrats Got Real About Realism?

+“The Democratic Foreign Policy Reckoning” | The Week | Conor Lynch 

“In just a few sentences, Biden summarized an attitude towards foreign policy that has been traditionally known as “liberal internationalism,” one of the two dominant worldviews in American politics since the end of the Cold War.

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