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There is this belle, a bright bride, the best love for none but all: To Suitor X, you are the Moscow of my heart. To Suitor Y, you are the New York of my love. 617 more words

Annexation Of South Sudan

Trump Pledges to End US Régime Change Policies Around the World


On Tuesday, President-elect Donald Trump told a rally in Fayetteville NC that the USA is going to abandon its decades-long policy of promoting régime change in countries around the world. 121 more words


Farewell to the West

December 7, 2016

Farewell to the West

by Joschka Fisher@Project Syndicate

Now that Donald Trump has been elected President of the United States, the end of what was heretofore termed the “West” has become all but certain. 888 more words


Malaysia, the Philippines and ASEAN

December 7, 2016

Malaysia, the Philippines and ASEAN

by Trissia Wijaya


Will Malaysia and Philippines” tilt to China undermine ASEAN? Trissia Wijaya writes there are signs for optimism. 958 more words


The Next Cuban Revolution?

Fidel is dead….and the world is on pins and needles….what to do…what to do?

There has been wold speculation at what the world can expect……some are calling for more sanctions to force change…..others think another revolution would be the answer…..and even others are just drooling over the possibility of return to Cuba to continue the rape of the country that was terminated when Fidel cam to power….. 206 more words

International Situations

Back to Reality: British Foreign Policy and Strategy in the Post-BREXIT Era


In recent months there have been two manifestations of a worrying trend that has been observable in British foreign policy making for nearly three decades now. 1,119 more words

Obama defends foreign policy record, suggests Trump try to achieve what he failed to

In the last major foreign policy speech of his presidency on Tuesday, President Barack Obama defended his counter-terrorism strategy over the last eight years, while simultaneously offering advice to his successor, Donald Trump, along with thinly-veiled criticism of some of the president-elect’s policy proposals. 1,665 more words