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Lies Make The War

Lies are a large part of the political sphere here in the good old U.S. of A. but no more so than when it comes to war.  444 more words

International Situations

Is There Room for a Syrian-Kurdish Accommodation?

A negotiated accommodation between Damascus and Rojava has the potential to reconfigure relations on the ground in Syria. The Syrian government and Kurdish forces both stand to gain from negotiating an end to hostilities between their two military forces, and forging a separate peace against Turkish-backed rebels and ISIS. 1,761 more words

Middle East

The Fat Lady Sings, by the Bionic Mosquito

The Bionic Mosquito argues that some in the elite who want the US to veer from its ultimately impossible course of trying to maintain global unipolar dominance. 555 more words

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Clinton’s Crazy Conspiracy Theory, by Justin Raimondo

Objective observers of Hillary Clinton have suspected, since the days of that vast right wing conspiracy, that she’s paranoid and perhaps batshit crazy. Her recent speech on the alt-right confirms those suspicions. 627 more words

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Will The Pentagon's Effort To Whip Up War Fever Work in This Internet Era? by The Daily Bell Staff

The Internet is one of the best things ever invented for uncovering lies, which means it’s particularly useful for uncovering government prevarication. From the staff at The Daily Bell, thedailybell.com: 497 more words

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Welcoming and Educating Syrian Refugees

This week, the United States welcomes the 10,000th refugee fleeing the violence and turmoil in Syria, thus following through on a promise made by the Obama Administration last year. 264 more words