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Predatory Islamic State Wrings Money From Those It Rules - The New York Times

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According to this insightful article from the NYT, the earnings from the militants’ violent collection practices total tens of millions of dollars a month, approaching $1 billion a year, according to some estimates. 49 more words


Obama Casts Climate Talks As World's Last Best Chance

President Barack Obama urged the world to consider the climate talks that kicked off Monday as potentially the last chance to make a meaningful impact on combating climate change.  65 more words


Britain, Europe And The World Rethinking the UK’s Circles Of Influence

The approaching referendum on whether the United Kingdom should remain in or leave the European Union marks a defining moment for the country’s foreign relations. In addition to determining the UK’s future status in Europe, it will affect Britain’s ability to thrive in and help shape a rapidly changing world.

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The Key To Henry Kissinger’s Success

In his new biography of Henry Kissinger, the historian Niall Ferguson recalls that halfway through what became an eight-year research project, he had an epiphany. Tracing the story of how a young man from Nazi Germany became America’s greatest living statesman, he discovered not only the essence of Kissinger’s statecraft, but the missing gene in modern American diplomacy: an understanding of history.

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McCain Speaks Truth

I will be honest…in the past I have not been very kind to some of the things that McCain has said or done….but I would like to say here and now that he has once again got my respect…..his stands on benefits for vets has gone a long way to turn me from my path of dislike for him……and he has written a new chapter in my relationship with him….. 334 more words


The Foreign Policy of Machismo

By: David Snyder

The arc of human history is one that bends toward peace. Objectively, this is the greatest time to be alive on planet Earth. 690 more words