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That would be a bad day...

I’ve completed the visa portion of my consular training, and have moved on to the American Citizen Services part of the class.  We spent last week learning exactly how US citizen parents transmit their citizenship to children… 285 more words

On to ConGen!

I have successfully completed my Serbian language training!  Although my teachers assured me multiple times leading up to the exam that they felt I was ready to test, I still felt nervous walking in to the testing center last week.   199 more words

то су кључеви!

I have finally reached the end of my Serbian language training time.  I have to take my final test on Thursday morning.  I’ve learned a couple of things about trying to learn a language while studying Serbian over the last seven months.   363 more words

Wordless Wednesday 23 Mar 2016

When you don’t like being touched by strangers, but you also kind of want to meet the President. Pudding did an awesome job!

Asperger's Syndrome


Mozambican beaches are beautiful! A few weekends ago one of Josh’s colleagues invited us to join him and his family for a short trip to Macaneta. 311 more words

On Home

Me and K spent the past two and a half weeks in America. We’ve been back for two days, and it already feels like a dream. 326 more words

Foreign Service Life

Starting to Feel like Home

We were moved into our apartment a month ago and now it feels like we’re officially living in Maputo! Settling your life back into a rhythm takes time, but so far so good. 1,050 more words