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raising kids in the foreign service: a book!

For the past few months, I’ve had the privilege of doing work for Associates of the American Foreign Service Worldwide (AAFSW) with a number of fabulous people and a couple of weeks ago, one of our projects came to fruition — a new book, … 264 more words


On Travel

My life right now, in virtually every capacity, revolves around travel. At work, my job is (put very simply) to get folks from point A (China) to point B (America). 462 more words

Foreign Service Life

It's All About Multi-tasking

The reality of what’s happening is really settling in; about three months from now we are leaving the country!

This is how we feel about it: 418 more words


Done Waiting

Life in the Foreign Service can sometimes feel like one long, never-ending countdown.  You can get sucked into a pattern of waiting for one event or milestone after another.   361 more words

Learning the AБСs

Cormac and I started Serbo-Croatian language training two weeks ago, and have been working hard to master the Cyrillic alphabet for most of that time.  I don’t know who I pity more, our poor instructor who has to make 50+ hours of alphabet learning engaging and somewhat entertaining, or those of us who are struggling to remember that “P” is now “rrrr”.   434 more words

Foreign Service Christmas

So despite the doom and gloom described two posts ago, I am happy to report that not only was my HHE not destroyed in a terrible explosion, but it in fact was misdirected to Korea in what is the luckiest error I’ve ever experienced. 352 more words

Foreign Service Life

Old 1941-42 Chevy Woodie Found in Lima

Diplomonkey utilizing his super-duper street smarts while driving through the bedlam, fondly known as regular Monday morning Lima traffic, turns right and then left to find quick and unobstructed passage.   222 more words

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