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We have been in Maputo for just over a week now. I have to continually remind myself that yes, I am in Africa. That yes, when I open the curtains in the morning that is the Indian Ocean I see.  556 more words

A Long Awaited Trip to El Salvador

Ever since I was a girl I’ve wanted to go to El Salvador. Probably not for the same reasons other kids wanted to go places — or even the same reasons I wanted to go other places. 898 more words

Foreign Service Life

the 15 of 2015: scarlett's golden ticket

When one lives in Europe, the thing to have for one’s pet is, without a doubt, an EU pet passport. As we live in Europe and now live in a country that is within the Schengen area, one of my first moves was to get one for Scarlett. 317 more words


the 15 of 2015: hello brussels

Other than leaving our life in Belgrade, it is safe to say that starting a new one here in Brussels ranks up there for big things that happened to us in 2015. 292 more words


Despatch from the Land of the Morning Calm

I now consider myself an official Seoul-ite. After staying in the hotel for a couple of weeks, finally moved into an apartment near the Embassy. Prior to that, I was accosted in the subway station by two Korean teenagers and an ajumma in the same hour, which cheered me a lot since that means I don’t look lost anymore. 121 more words

the 15 of 2015: the end of a tour

One of the biggest things that happened to us in 2015 was that we finished up our tour in Belgrade. Our feelings on this were definitely bittersweet: it is hard not to be excited to move on when one is moving on to a cool city like Brussels, but we really loved living in Belgrade. 541 more words



One of the best things about moving is purging your stuff.

We are saying goodbye to so many old t-shirts and tired shoes. Consolidating endless bottles of cleaning supplies and beauty products. 288 more words