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Deadline to file FBAR Form 114 is June 30.

Don’t Miss Filing Deadlines Related to Foreign Income and Assets

Issue Number: IRS Special Edition Tax Tip 2015-1

Publication 54

All U.S. citizens and residents must report worldwide income on their federal income tax return. 44 more words

Tax Talk

Travels and the Tax Man

Here’s a fun little fact for Americans living overseas:

You still have to pay American taxes.

Uncle Sam is perfectly happy to let you country-hop around the world, navy blue passport in hand, as long as you dutifully send a tax return home each year. 491 more words

Moving Overseas

Snow storm en route...stock up!

Yes, the mother of all snowstorms is expected tonight. We midwesterners have been missing real snow since I was a child it seems. Somehow the snow was deeper then, and more fun! 297 more words

2013 IRS or State Notice of Wage Levy / Garnishment - Taxable Income Earned on Foreign Soil

Is your next paycheck in jeopardy of being shorted? Have letters of proactive IRS request gone un-replied? Has the tax anxiety gotten to the point of sleepless nights and zombie like days? 327 more words

Fiscal cliff fallout: Did you survive?

For roughly 24 hours we dangled – no, fell – off the dreaded “Fiscal Cliff.”  Then Congress saved us.  Well, saved us from uncertainty at any rate. 234 more words

Foreign Taxes

Google’s Irish Sandwich Explained

In our last entry I promised to explain how Google’s infamous “Double Irish” sandwich creates some serious US tax savings for the giant search engine.  Now, it’s recipe time. 543 more words

Foreign Taxes

Apple pays under 2% on overseas profits and it's entirely legal

Apple is paying less than 2% tax on its overseas profits, with new documents revealing that the world’s biggest company has again slashed the amount foreign taxmen receive. 457 more words