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How I ended up in China

Have you ever pondered how every decision that you made in the past brought you to where you are now? How everything could have been completely different if you had chosen the other path? 713 more words


Happy Holi from Dongguan!

Holi is a special festival celebrated mainly in India, Nepal, and also by other countries and Hindus around the world. It symbolizes the end of winter and the beginning of spring and is also called the “Festival of Colors” because people will throw colorful powders all over each other! 307 more words

Life In China

The Year of the Dog

The Lunar new year, also known as Chinese new year, will start on Friday! As you know, in the Chinese culture every year is related to one of the 12 Zodiac animals, and this year is going to be the year of the dog. 256 more words


Chinese kitchen vs Spanish kitchen

Since I started working from home I am cooking more (and eating healthier, I hope). But cooking in China is not the same as cooking in Spain… first of all, there are often some ingredients in recipes that I cannot find because they are not commonly used in China, so I have to cook without them or find replacements. 779 more words


Internet censorship in China

I follow the official account of the China Daily newspaper on WeChat, where they share 2-3 of their news pieces and articles every day. Today the main article was titled: “Xi: All aboard internet express” and I went to read it (you can find it… 1,003 more words


Eager for Chinese

Starting is always not easy…

I am just an ordinary boy from Europe who was just basically just interested in China and Chinese 15 years back. 113 more words


The professional interrogator

I have started to suspect that the neighbour who lives in the 5th floor of my building, a middle aged lady, is a professional interrogator trained by the CIA or the KGB. 551 more words