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Internet censorship in China

I follow the official account of the China Daily newspaper on WeChat, where they share 2-3 of their news pieces and articles every day. Today the main article was titled: “Xi: All aboard internet express” and I went to read it (you can find it… 1,003 more words


Eager for Chinese

Starting is always not easy…

I am just an ordinary boy from Europe who was just basically just interested in China and Chinese 15 years back. 113 more words


The professional interrogator

I have started to suspect that the neighbour who lives in the 5th floor of my building, a middle aged lady, is a professional interrogator trained by the CIA or the KGB. 551 more words


Beauty standards in China

The other day, when I was walking Nico in the morning, I saw a girl on her electric bike. She was wearing a bright plastic-looking jacket with long sleeves and the hood up, and black tights. 948 more words


"Europeans are always on strike"

A few days ago we met with several of C.’s friends. One of them told me:

– “Europeans finish work at 3 pm and they don’t do anything for the rest of the day, right? 286 more words


Driving in China

After my previous post, seeing how difficult life is for poor pedestrians in China, you might have thought that the best option is to drive everywhere. 884 more words


Chinese breakfast

In Spain we usually have breakfast at home, but eating it outside is very common in China, as people on the way to work just grab something to eat during the commute or in the office. 623 more words