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Elementary hordes

A few days ago we went to a Chinese elementary school. After we had lunch with one of the doctors and her husband, the husband (who is a elementary school teacher) invited us to come see his school. 363 more words


Authority and hard beds

When I arrived at the airport in Beijing all the passengers had to go through an immigration check. Here they checked our visas and gave us a little receipt which we must keep until our departure. 133 more words


The old village of Bright Moon Bay

As we had three days of holidays last week, we decided to go somewhere instead of couchpotatoing the whole time. We were considering Chongming Island, in Shanghai, and Xishan Island, in Suzhou, and finally went to Xishan. 341 more words


Going to the hospital in China

Before actually going to any hospital in China, I had already heard a ton of horror stories. I am not sick easily so I wasn’t very worried. 1,011 more words


Chinese Massage

There are some things I do in China, that I never did in Spain. One of them is getting a massage. It sounds kind of luxurious if you do it in Europe, but in China it is completely normal and everybody does it. 630 more words


What do we eat today?

I have to confess I am not good at cooking. I can only do a few simple things: pasta, salad, curry rice. Now that we have an oven I should be able to do more grilled stuff, but the truth is that we almost never use it. 873 more words


My Little Confession

By Daniella Djiogan

A year did pass, or should I say 10+ months. At the beginning, it felt like an eternity, but right now, it feels like all was a dream that lasted 10 hours or less. 407 more words