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There and Back Again... A Cyclist's Tale Pt.1

A couple weeks before Chinese New Year, my friend Ruth and I were talking and both had our reasons for not being able to leave China (passport stuff)… so we talked about maybe doing a bit of a bike tour during the holiday. 804 more words

You are so beautiful

….Is a phrase I hardly ever heard back home in the Netherlands. Here on the other hand, it is said to me on a weekly basis. 441 more words


The Year of the Rooster

Today is the last day of the lunar year so it’s the Chinese New Year’s Eve. Today shops closed earlier than usual and families got together to cook and eat dinner and then watch the New Year’s Eve special tv show. 409 more words


China Cycling: Bliss and Rage

The magic and rage of biking

Riding a bike is nothing new. I’ve been at it, like many people, since childhood. Unlike most though, I didn’t really ride much past 10. 831 more words

"My mum is also a foreigner"

Most kids (and also adults) in my compound are scared of Nico because she is bigger than the mini poodles Suzhounese people like to have as pets. 352 more words


Our Christmas Eve dinner

This has been the first year that I have arranged a Christmas Eve dinner in Suzhou. I never did it before because, to be honest, I’m not a very Christmasy person. 357 more words


Having a dog in China

When I tell people that I live in China, one of the first things they ask me is if I have eaten dog. It seems to be one of the things Chinese people are known for! 718 more words