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Japanese artist creates short manga about heartwarming act of kindness on the train

Two foreign passengers are the star characters in this true story that touched the heart of a Japanese commuter. 626 more words


Foreign shop clerk and Japanese customer fail to communicate because of Japanese language quirk

The Japanese language’s lack of a definite article was definitely the cause of this cross-cultural convenience store misunderstanding. 739 more words


A 'Gaijin' Woman's Challenges in Japan

Yesterday, I was invited to speak at an International Forum in Japan. It was the first time that I didn’t feel like a ‘foreigner’ in this country. 935 more words


Japanese spray toilets receive new standardised symbols to help foreign tourists

These eight pictograms will be used from April to make functions easier to understand for toilet users. 285 more words


Trains in Tokyo

Trains, trains, da trains man! (Read this in Jamaican accent)

I’m not here to write about the typical Japanese train ettiequte that you already know by now! 1,036 more words