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February 22: My Own Backyard

I have THREE fantastic photos from my sister today.

The first is of what she describes as my favourite: Daiso.

She spotted this store in Brisbane and knew she had to take a photo both for me and for her family and friends back in Japan. 297 more words


February 21: My Own Backyard

Yesterday I featured one of my Japanese sister’s photos and today I thought I’d do the same.

She actually sent this one yesterday too and when I saw it I did say to her, “WTF would you take a photo of that for?!” 209 more words


February 20: My Own Backyard

Yesterday my big sister (my Japanese sister) arrived in Australia. She’s a professional waxer in Hiroshima and speaks perfect English and that’s how we first met. 488 more words


February 19: My Own Backyard

The first photo for today is one I actually took yesterday. It shows the Gladstone Harbour Ferry or what is known as, ‘The Barge,’ which is a part of… 307 more words


February 18: My Own Backyard

This afternoon I was on a walk at a local park and I spotted this tree and flower that reminded me of my childhood.

The grevillea isn’t technically native to Australia (it’s also found in places like New Caledonia), but we do have over 350 species that are endemic to Australia including this one I snapped the photo of. 269 more words


February 17: My Own Backyard

In today’s politically correct world, the native Australian grass tree known as the black boy is something of an issue. Nevertheless, it’s what most of us still call it. 162 more words