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The joy of strangers on a train

(January 14, 1999)

I have a friend, an American novelist, who told me she styles the dialogues for her books on the conversations she eavesdrops on in restaurants. 910 more words


Foreigners, Refugees and Guinness

I’m often asked what I miss about Ireland. The fresh air. I certainly miss that. But it’s not just the big vital things, standard humanitarian requirements essential to keeping a human’s bronchial passageways pink and healthy. 705 more words


The Exile and Political Engagement: Introduction and Outline

In our study of the Christian as an exile and stranger in this world we have seen that Christians, having been brought into the presence of the kingdom of God, have been made strangers to the systems and of this world. 156 more words


Over the threshold: the secret to friendship with the Dutch

In the past months I’ve read two articles by two different Dutch journalists, claiming that making friends after your thirties is virtually impossible. Apparently, at that age, adults have settled, and their circle of friends is complete. 935 more words

Are Cambodians afraid of foreigners?

This is a post from a blog that I stumbled across on a blog called It’s Adventure Time, and it’s by Molyka Rom (“Molly”), who describes herself as “a communications manager and a Cambodian lifestyle Blogger/writer.” That’s about all I know. 1,484 more words