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Acquiring BG citizenship of foreigner

I. Under Art. 13 of Bulgarian Citizenship Act

The person who is not Bulgarian citizen:

  • Must be an adult;
  • Has not been convicted of a crime by Bulgarian court or is not prosecuted for such a crime, unless rehabilitated;
  • 412 more words

Permanent residence in Bulgaria

Permission for a permanent residence may receive aliens:

– of Bulgarian descent;

– who have resided legally and continuously on the territory of the country for a period of five years, five years after contracting a marriage with a foreigner permanent resident in Bulgaria; 632 more words

Extended residence in Bulgaria

An extended residence permit may be granted to foreigners who possess a visa D (information below) and:

– wish to work under a contract of employment after obtaining a permit from the authorities of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy; 966 more words

The Shatafa

The Shatafa is a purely Egyptian invention. It did not appear in its final form except during the second half of the last century. It started in many basic forms, but the final one is the epitome of genius. 466 more words

I Am The Daughter Of Foreigners

On the day I went to the Secretary of State’s office to renew my driver’s license, the room was packed with people.  I took a number and then chose the first vacant seat that I saw in the waiting area.  950 more words


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America Ferrara - you are awesome....  Here is her letter regarding Donald Trump's comments on immigrants: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/america-ferrera/thank-you-donald-trump_b_7709126.html I had to reblog my post to support her letter. There are plenty of immigrants who are a positive addition to this country. My parents were great examples of living the American Dream. They made sacrifices, struggled and eventually, succeeded in this country.

the ride home

8.55 pm and the lights are still on over the worksite.
A constructed day, time running
tangent to the parabolic rise and fall of dusk and light. 59 more words


Foreigners and Strangers

I’m not going to brag about how great a country the United States of America is, but I’m not going to condemn it either. The lections assigned for this celebration tell us how to celebrate this day and that is how I’m going to do it. 384 more words