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Weird Things happen at Night

An idea that reminds me of a hilarious scene in The Wire when several sailors, aware they’re being interviewed by the police fall back on the old chestnut of sadly only speaking one language. 1,786 more words

Anita - Cochabamba, Bolivia

“It makes me happy to be amicable, I like meeting foreigners, I like people”


Swans in the Sea

One of the primary reasons in any pro column when processing an expatriation would have to be a perceived potential for expanding of horizons. Think of all the new things we’ll see, learn, experience and… 960 more words

Kiwis are turning vigilante against "dangerous" foreign drivers

New Zealanders upset with a recent spate of grisly traffic accidents have begun flagging down bad drivers—especially foreign tourists—and confiscating their car keys.

In the past month there have been… 285 more words

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Reckless driving should be stopped if it causes danger to other road users.

A guide for foreign types who might be considering a trip to Aotearoa

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Above: this is the sort of thing you foreign types can look forward to seeing when you visit New Zealand.

I have written a short guide to assist foreign types with their planned visits to our splendid country. 1,111 more words


Wu Zhen

So the girls and I have decided we are going to take one weekend trip a month. Our first weekend trip was to a little ancient water town. 196 more words


Delphi, around the year 180 BCE (Syll.3 622)

It’s difficult to tell what exactly made Eraton up and leave his home, but leave he did. He was born in the small city of Axos in central Crete around or just before the middle of the third century BCE. 857 more words