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Chatting up the locals

    “Hi there. man. Please can you help me. I want to take a bus trip to some of the towns, but where can I buy a bus ticket?” 697 more words


Skills, Education, and Attitudes to Foreigners

Re-reading some classics in the study of attitudes to foreigners or immigrants, it hit me how often we still rely on education when we mean skills. 195 more words

Didier Ruedin


Reminding us of our history often gets the points across, as these posters in Henry Street, Fremantle do for me. Too often we are frightened of something new and change, and throughout history we have initially failed to embrace and we even rejected migrants to Australia. 50 more words


Stupid Foreigner!

Earlier tonight I had a phone call from a number I didn’t know. Usually they are advertisements I don’t understand, but I decided to answer this one. 86 more words


Kyrgyzstan News | Foreign NGOs

Kyrgyzstan Parliament blocks bill targeting foreign NGOs for increased government oversight
  • The controversial bill, modeled after Russia’s, originally sought to have foreign-funded organizations labeled “foreign agents” and increase bureaucratic oversight of international NGOs, deterring their operation in the country.
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Life In A Community

As a family, we are a part of a large community which is found in Youth With A Mission, also known as YWAM. We have been with this organization since before we were married. 559 more words


"Protect Foreigners Benevolently"

My beloved son, delight of my heart, hope of your posterity, I pray, I command, that at very time and in everything, strengthened by your devotion to me, you may show favor not only to relations and kin, or to the most eminent, be they leaders or rich men or neighbors or fellow-countrymen, but also to foreigners and to all who come to you.

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