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About 40 percent of the country’s foreign buyers are from Argentina. Fifty percent are Chileans, Bolivians, Colombians and Brazilians and most remaining foreign buyers are American. 1,588 more words

Real Estate

குருமூர்த்தியே காமாக்ஷி பெரியவாள்தான் காமாக்ஷி ஸ்வரூபம்

Thanks to Sri Varagooran Narayanan mama for the article.

சொன்னவர்; நாராயணன்,பாண்ட்ஸ் கம்பெனி.
தொகுப்பாளர்;டி.எஸ்.கோதண்டராம சர்மா
தட்டச்சு;வரகூரான் நாராயணன்.

கலவையில் நவராத்திரி மகோத்ஸவம். புதுப்பெரியவாள் பூஜை செய்து கொண்டிருந்தார்கள். காலை பதினோரு மணி, ஏராளமான கூட்டம். 55 more words

Devotee Experiences

Diasporan Blues

Another immigrant
washing away leftovers from plates
He might have flown over the seas
or she, across the harsh desert
Over and across, don’t matter… 74 more words


Why your knees so weird??


My first rejection was not from a lover or a boy i liked. It was not in highschool either, it was in my primary school. 487 more words

Moscow In The Dark

Idea of Them

The idea behind the word “them” is slightly more than repulsive and deserves intense scrutiny. The simple fact of “us” versus “them” is entirely necessary for both language and explanation. 517 more words

Bad Reputation

When you live in a country where a majority of its people aren’t Caucasian, you’re confronted with a lot of stereotypes about westerners. Most often, those preconceived notions are fairly negative. 731 more words

My Life In Taiwan

The renegades flee (1 Macc 10:12-10:14)

“Then the foreigners who were in the strongholds that Bacchides had built fled. All of them left their places and departed to their own lands. Only in Beth-zur did some remain who had forsaken the law and the commandments. 41 more words