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The new battle over genetic privacy: How DNA sites became a police weapon

New Statesman Sophie McBain 12 May 2018

Police are using sites such as GEDMatch.com to revive historic crime investigations.  Recent cases reveal the dramatic potential for commercial DNA testing sites to revive dormant crime or missing persons investigations, but they also raise profound questions over genetic privacy.

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Scotland Yard suspends forensic scientist amid fears 21 rape cases could be compromised

The Telegraph Martin Evans 8 May 2018

More than 30 criminal investigations – including 21 rape and sex assault cases – are being urgently reviewed after Scotland Yard admitted one of its forensic scientists could have botched vital examinations. 96 more words

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Evidence Collection in Sexual Assault

In the aftermath of a sexual assault or rape, evidence is collected from the victim by a forensic nurse for a number of reasons. It can confirm sexual contact, confirm that force or coercion was used, and identify the suspect through DNA. 381 more words

Sexual Assault

The science that could revolutionise time measurements in forensic investigations

The Conversation UK Graham Williams 19 April 2018

Forensic science techniques are of incredible benefit in criminal investigations. But while they can help reveal who a piece of evidence came from or how it got there, there is a major capability gap within the forensic sciences – and it’s all to do with time. 93 more words

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Biases in forensic experts [Editorial]

Science  20 Apr 2018:  Vol. 360, Issue 6386, pp. 243
DOI: 10.1126/science.aat8443

Forensic evidence plays a critical role in court proceedings and the administration of justice. 29 more words

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“The Changing World of Forensics”

Lexology William Roberts Lawyers 16 April 2018

Recent scrutiny of the standards of forensic expert evidence within the international community has increased the reliability of the methodology behind forensic investigations. 9 more words

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