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So What Happened To The Body?

Livor Mortis & Placing a Victim in the Trunk of a Car, by Colin Miller, EvidenceProf Blog


For the past week, I’ve been trying to find a case involving lividity and a body in a trunk.

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Policymakers Must Help Unleash the Potential of DNA Forensics

Huffington Post Steven Blumenfeld 9 June 2015

Recent events have highlighted advancements made in recovering DNA from crime scenes to aid in criminal investigations. But while science and technology can drive DNA forensics forward, policy must pave the path ahead.

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Forensic DNA

A Preponderance of Evidence

Evolution or Intelligent Design

By Vin Sparks

In a discussion about proof, we would kick around three kinds of evidence that can be presented for consideration in a court of law: 967 more words


GONE GIRL (David Fincher, 2014)

Overrated thriller from the master of creepy ‘auteur’ directors, David Fincher, that is far too muddled and subjective to be credible. It’s one of those films that attempts satirize and remind us all how utterly insane news/television media whilst trying to makes this point in fresh and surprising way; it half succeeds. 561 more words

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Forensic services takes to the air

Qld Police Media 28 May 2015

Police, Fire and Emergency Services Minister Jo-Ann Miller has announced the expansion of the Queensland Police Service’s suite of Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPAs). 136 more words

Physical Evidence

DNA tests, technology and justice: A brave and uncertain new world

Phys.org Mary Cirincione 26 May 2015

The power of DNA evidence to put someone behind bars or keep an individual free is a staple of television shows like “Law & Order” and “CSI.” But not all DNA evidence is so straightforward. 21 more words

Forensic DNA

Cops add 3D laser to CSI toolbox

Gold Coast Bulletin Mackenzie Rain 18 May 2015

TWENTY minutes is all that it takes now to complete a forensic scan of a crime scene and it’s all thanks to CSIRO technology.  22 more words

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