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New forensic ID technology introduced: Fingerprint Molecular Identification

(Barry Teater, Self-employed PR consultant 3 August 2015) Fingerprint Molecular Identification, a new category in forensic science, will enable law enforcement agents, district attorneys and government agencies to build a molecular profile of criminal suspects by analyzing residues on fingerprints with patented technology.

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Forensic labs explore blind testing to prevent errors

Science AAAS Kelly Servick 3o July 2015

Last week, at the first International Symposium on Forensic Science Error Management in Arlington, Virginia, nearly 500 forensic scientists, crime lab managers, and other practitioners confronted the factors that have led to unreliable results in the field. 107 more words

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Tasmanian grandmother jailed for a brutal murder but, did she do it?

Australian Women’s Weekly Susan Horsburgh 27 July 2015

Tasmanian grandmother Sue Neill-Fraser has spent six years in prison for a crime some legal experts believe she didn’t commit.   57 more words

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Economist 7/21/15

  1. IT IS well known that in America, “extreme” working hours (slogging for more than fifty a week) have been getting more widespread in recent decades. 
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SA Police release more images of evidence in bid to identify 'murdered' child's remains

ABC News 20 July 2015

New images of clothing found in a suitcase that was dumped with the remains of a young child on the side of a South Australian highway have been released in an attempt to help identify the suspected murder victim. 40 more words

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So What Happened To The Body?

Livor Mortis & Placing a Victim in the Trunk of a Car, by Colin Miller, EvidenceProf Blog


For the past week, I’ve been trying to find a case involving lividity and a body in a trunk.

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Policymakers Must Help Unleash the Potential of DNA Forensics

Huffington Post Steven Blumenfeld 9 June 2015

Recent events have highlighted advancements made in recovering DNA from crime scenes to aid in criminal investigations. But while science and technology can drive DNA forensics forward, policy must pave the path ahead.

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