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We need to rethink the relationship between forensic science and the law

The Conversation Sue Black, Niamh Mic Daeid 20 February 2015

Despite what we see on television, forensic science is not always easy to understand or simple to convey to a jury, many of whom may not have studied science since they were in school. 87 more words

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How the common blowfly can help investigators fight crime

Brisbane Times Georgina Connery 21 February 2015

Forensic biologist Annalisa Durdle’s ground-breaking research uncovered that as flies feed on human biological matter their faeces and regurgitate can be an invaluable resource to recover DNA evidence.

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Violent Middle Ridge home invasion case thrown out

The Chronicle Stuart Cumming 7 February 2015EFFORTS to solve a terrifying Middle Ridge home invasion have been set back with a court dismissing a case against the only person charged.  24 more words

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CSI Effect causes Queensland jurors to question evidence

news.com.au 31 January 2015

QUEENSLAND jurors are increasingly questioning forensic evidence during criminal trials based on what they are seeing on popular CSI-style TV shows. 44 more words

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The DNA photofit: Amazing breakthrough means police can tell suspect's colour, height and even age – from a tiny speck of blood

Daily Mail Australia Martin Beckfor Thed 18 January 2015

Police are now able to build up a detailed picture of a suspect from the smallest speck of blood left at a crime scene thanks to an extraordinary DNA breakthrough. 98 more words

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DNA and case preparation

The Law Society Gazette David Bentley QC 12 January 2015

Some major changes in DNA technology and analysis have recently come on to the forensic scene – but with little fanfare to accompany those changes, busy practitioners could be forgiven for not having noticed them. 32 more words

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Judge tosses out two types of DNA testing

New York Daily News Shayna Jacobs 5 January 2015

A Brooklyn judge has stirred up controversy by tossing out two types of DNA proof routinely applied in criminal circumstances.  55 more words

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