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DNA tests, technology and justice: A brave and uncertain new world

Phys.org Mary Cirincione 26 May 2015

The power of DNA evidence to put someone behind bars or keep an individual free is a staple of television shows like “Law & Order” and “CSI.” But not all DNA evidence is so straightforward. 21 more words

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Cops add 3D laser to CSI toolbox

Gold Coast Bulletin Mackenzie Rain 18 May 2015

TWENTY minutes is all that it takes now to complete a forensic scan of a crime scene and it’s all thanks to CSIRO technology.  22 more words

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Junk Science Continues to Plague Criminal Justice System

The criminal justice system is still suffering from decades poor forensic evidence. One of those fields, microscopic hair comparison review, has been in the news lately… 266 more words

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Lawyer questions credibility of key witnesses in Launceston double murder trial

ABC News 27 April 2015

The lawyer for a man on trial for a double murder in Launceston three years ago has cast doubt on the credibility of two key witnesses.  67 more words

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Forensic science in crisis as doubt cast on key CSI techniques

Herald Scotland Judith Duffy 26 April 2015

Experts say forensic science is facing an impending emergency, with concerns raised over the reliability of commonly used evidence – such as fingerprints, bite marks and blood splatter analysis – and a series of recent high-profile miscarriage of justice cases. 127 more words

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Thirty years in jail for a single hair: the FBI's 'mass disaster' of false conviction

The Guardian Ed Pilkington 22 April 2015

George Perrot has spent almost 30 years in prison thanks to a single hair. It was discovered by an FBI agent on the bedsheet of a 78-year-old woman who had been raped by a burglar in her home in Springfield, Massachusetts, in 1985. 136 more words

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FBI admits flaws in analysis, forensic testimony over decades

The Justice Department and FBI have formally acknowledged that nearly every examiner in an elite FBI forensic unit gave flawed testimony in almost all trials in which they offered evidence against criminal defendants over more than a two-decade period before 2000.

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