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Bite-mark analysis has been shown to be flawed science. So why is it allowed in Canadian courts?

Toronto Star Kenyon Wallace March 21, 2019

The controversial evidence, which lacks a scientific foundation and has been blamed for wrongful convictions in the U.S., is being rubber-stamped in courtrooms across in Canada. 103 more words

Forensic Pathology

Fingerprints, revisited

EurekAlert ACS 13-Mar-2019

For more than a century, forensic scientists have linked criminals to crime scenes through the distinctive loops and whorls on their fingertips. But now, researchers are moving beyond simple pattern comparisons to glean more information from fingerprints. 150 more words

Physical Evidence

Simona Zafirovska found guilty of murdering her mother with plank while she slept

ABC News Ellie Sibson and Kate McKenna 13 March 2019

A woman who bludgeoned her mother to death in their Brisbane home with a plank of fake wood has been found guilty of murder. 118 more words

Forensic Pathology

Bloody scene leads to police search for driver

The Queensland Times Claudia Alp 28th Feb 2019

A CAR, found in bushland on an embankment in Shute Harbour, has been seized for forensic examination after blood was found on branches nearby. 148 more words

Clinical Forensic Medicine

ANZFSS Meeting - Current Issues on the Admissibility of Expert Evidence

ANZFSS Queensland Branch General Meeting 21 February 2019

A decade has passed since the 2009 National Research Council Report titled
“Strengthening Forensic Science in the United States: A Path Forward” 111 more words

Forensic Pathology

Lt Gorman, you need this software!

How can I be grumpy at a tech conference? Well, it’s not one of my familiar conferences. That one’s next week, but I’m not going. We’re moving off of Notes, though a part of me continues to bleed yellow. 797 more words


Ex arrested in relation to the death of cheerleader Breeana Robinson

News.com.au Natalie Wolfe January 25, 2019

The former boyfriend of a Gold Coast cheerleader, who plunged 11 floors to her death, has been arrested in relation to her suspicious death. 107 more words

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