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3D Printing : Changing the Whole World

3D printing could be the next game-changing technology that impacts our lives much in the same way the Internet and high-speed capabilities reinvented the way people could access and share information across the globe. 751 more words


Nine Jobs I've Wanted In My Life

Following the conclusion of my university career, I’ve started my journey into the ‘real world’ of employment, rejection, taxes and student loan repayments, and can’t help but feel a mix of nerves and excitement about the future. 1,517 more words

My Recommended Books - Summer 2015


I have a lot of time to read and I go through a lot of books. I found these five books to be  sufficiently outstanding, that I have read and/ or listened to a reading of each of these, twice.      705 more words

Cultural Literacy

DAY 35 - Murder at Harvard

I had my last ever psychology lecture last night, and it’s a bit sad. I’m realising just how soon it is until I go home. I didn’t expect this, but I think I would be happy to stay. 1,392 more words


Creepy or Cool? Building a face using DNA

Imagine creating a portrait by a painless and effortless DNA portraiture method: nothing more than swabbing the inside of your cheek and plugging an individual genetic profile into a tool which will create a portrait! 346 more words


Testing your outsourcing partner data elimination process

I always stumble upon companies with no clue about what their business partners and outsourced peers do with the data they should protect and eliminate when is not needed anymore. 870 more words


ALR Student's Corner: And Justice for All - A Review

“Don’t you care? Don’t you even care? They’re people you know? They’re just people… He’s dead! Half hour after they put him in the lockup he hanged himself.

1,014 more words