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The Top Five Computer Forensic Tools

Forensic tools are something that are required to be updated on a regular basis.  Whether because of patches, new hardware, or just a changing technological landscape, tools must be maintained in order to remain relevant.  860 more words


DNA Analysis Confirms King Richard III's Remains And Reveals Possible Infidelity In The Royal Family

Genetic analysis has confirmed that remains found in Leicester, England belong to King Richard III, the last monarch from the House of York. Additionally, the analysis revealed information about his appearance and possible breaks in his paternal line. 11 more words


The Surprising Admissions Converts Make

David Mills tries to defend being casual about sin, though he rebrands it as familiarity:

In the Protestant world of my youth, nearly everything was a matter of life or death.

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Roman Catholicism

Write About it Wednesday: The Race to Fingerprints

“I look forward to a time when every convict shall have prints taken of his fingers by the prison photographer, at the beginning and end of his imprisonment, and a register made of them; …” 748 more words


My top ten favorite reads of 2017 so far.

Not all of these books came out in 2017, but I read them in the first 6+ months.  There are technically more than 10, but I’m counting series as one book for this one. 1,874 more words

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Uѕіng Biological Products fоr Rеѕеаrсh

Our ѕосіеtу is on thе brіnk оf dеvеlорmеnt and advancement where the word ‘advanced’ is thе tag for еvеrу ѕрhеrе оr field. There are various соntrіbutоrу factors fоr thіѕ аnd… 764 more words


Do It Yourself DNA Profiling - Part 3

Welcome to the third and final part of this series. This excerpt is also from Book Two, Chapter 7 – Polymerase Chain Reaction in The Sex Tourist… 208 more words