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These Girls at It Again

Wow! I saw today for the first time these girls perform my new script.

Yes. Lexi and Yzzy. These are the two whose performance at Short & Sweet Penang 2015 swept 5 awards with their poignant rendition of a mother and daughter in “Words to Say at the End of the World.” 197 more words

10-minute Play

We won!

By Noelle Garnier, with contributions from Belle Tague, staff writer for The Herald

Patrick Henry College had won its ninth American Moot Court National Championship before the tournament even ended. 409 more words


Well Hello Mr.CEO

First of all this is a completely informal post, this is more of a when Life takes you by surprise post. It was a couple weeks ago when I jumped on Linkedin for the first time in ….jeez I don’t even know how long. 516 more words


Forensics - MBR Partition Tables Intro


The tool I will be showing you guys today is FTK Imager, FTK stands for Forensic ToolKit and is a wide standard among investigators. This post will briefly illustrate how examiners will pick apart your hard drive, in HEX. 1,173 more words


Microbial interactions of the necrobiome

Over the last several years there has been an increasing recognition of the importance of establishing a strong basic science foundation in forensics. With the development, reliability and increasingly widespread use of high-throughput metagenomic sequencing techniques, the forensic sciences are poised to harness ‘-omics’ technology to bridge basic science with medicolegal applications and applied microbiology. 870 more words


Guest Blog-A Newbie's Perspective: The Current State of Forensics

Below is a guest blog by Mr. Dante Webb. I recently became acquainted with this up-and-coming forensic scientist and thought my readers might enjoy his take on the field as a ‘newbie’. 623 more words


SQLI - Database Hacking


You may or may not have heard of SQL or otherwise known as Server Query Language, the old timers may call SQL see-quill. Regardless of what you may call it our everyday internet experience depends on the backbone of SQL. 1,164 more words