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Weekly chat

Here is the second in a series of video chats, this one talking about new features in CD/DVD Inspector version 5 and a mention of the Vindex product and what it can do for you if you are called upon to analyze digital video.

More coming next week!


CPS refuse to have vital evidence forensically tested

Police uber-troll Neil Jackson sent Melony McElroy an abusive postcard in December 2013 and the CPS used this in evidence against me to ‘prove’ harassment. 143 more words

Gagging Order

Let's talk about Legacy

Today is the 166st anniversary of Poe’s Death

      One of the most valuable things on this planet, to me, is leaving your mark, affecting others, effecting change – making a difference, somehow, someway, to someone. 123 more words


FLC Day #9

most larva have left our container. however we have collected pupae from underneath the plastic tub which houses all of our experimens. the high of today was 93 degrees.

Review - ReclaiMe Pro Recovery Software

Somehow I always end up testing forensics software while I’m in Spain. Last time this involved me attempting to discuss digital forensics concepts with the guy in the tech shop at the end of my friend’s street, using my  186 more words

Digital Forensics

Weekly Chat

I am going to try to post a video each week that is of general interest to InfinaDyne software users.  These will be initially hosted on YouTube, simply out of convenience. 38 more words