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Further events around the CBA North region next week

CBA North News

Events continue at speed all across the CBA North region. Tonight sees the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle’s lecture on Medieval manuscripts whilst you’ll need to be quick to book by the end of this week for the Lancaster University Archaeology Forum for the first March weekend if your interests are more in the northwest of our extensive region. 663 more words

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By Tim Drake | Perspective News – 20th February 2017.

DNA has been uncovered in a woodland area in the north of London. 1,049 more words

Press Statement DG of Health Malaysia 21st February 2017 - Post-Mortem Examination of a North Korean Adult Male

The National Institute of Forensic Medicine Kuala Lumpur Hospital received a dead body of a North Korean National from the Investigating Police Officer for post-mortem examination on 15th February 2017 at 10.00 AM. 423 more words


Today we’re taking a midterm exam. How have policies enacted prior to this competitive season taken shape in the first half of our year? And do you know the various roles and committees in the WFCA? 90 more words


Some Computer Security Definitions

  • Confidentiality – Is a term in which to ensure that the data should be only read (readable) to/by the authorised people. For example, Cryptography and Encryption methods are an example of an attempt to ensure confidentiality of data transferred from one computer to another.
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Nuix Web Review & Analytics: Process, Search And Review Evidence In A Single Workflow

by Scar de Courcier, Forensic Focus


Nuix Web Review & Analytics (WR&A) was created to enable analysts and non-technical investigators to collaborate on investigations. 1,499 more words


Drift in the timing of log entries in Sierra

A week ago, I reported significant discrepancies in the reported timestamps of entries in Sierra’s new log system. In investigating Time Machine backups, I can now give a better idea of the magnitude of that variation, and I think that I can explain how it is generated. 434 more words