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Last time we noted that when you get to a place of better view, you are able to see what is behind i.e. HINDSIGHT. The second thing we want to deal with is that when you get to the place of better view, you will be able to see what surrounds you i.e. 701 more words

European research and innovation priorities

On 13 December, I joined a Foresight Workshop on Learning Technologies in Luxembourg. The workshop was designed to help the European Commission to set and define future European strategic research and innovation priorities. 235 more words


How did I get here?

That’s the question I have been thinking through today after I was asked to submit a speaking request form for a conference.  They wanted to know the range of topics I can speak on.   242 more words

Expect even stranger events in 2017: why citizenship is (nearly) dead.

The impact of globalisation; the rise of ‘false facts’ and of ‘click-journalism’; the widening gap between richest and poorest; the simple desire to give politicians a kicking: all of these have been identified as likely causes for the rise of populism and its most obvious manifestations in the UK EU referendum result and, in the US, the election of Donald Trump. 914 more words

SAMI Consulting

... What Strategy ?? [#Iraq Edition]...

.. His Lordship himself said that ” he has no strategy for dealing with I.S.I.L. … ”

.. how stupid can he be ? even worse , how lazy and incompetent is he ?? 107 more words

Personal Opinion

Mau Pialug on VISION (from Light at the edge of the world)

Was watching the video in the following link: Light at the edge of the World

About Wayfinders of Polynesia, Nainoa Thompson and the Hokule’a. The sections of the video starting at approximate duration time 21:22 of the clip reviewed such an interview of Nainoa by his teacher Mau Pialug. 79 more words


In my previous article I introduced the topic: MOVING TO A PLACE OF BETTER VIEW. It is true to say that Prophets were men and women who always went to a place of solitude in search of a better view of life and its meaning. 659 more words