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As the twig is bent, so grows the tree

Identifying: We Reap the Same in Kind As We Sow 

Several years ago, “Our Daily Bread” carried an article by an anonymous author on the power of example.  302 more words


This Is Where The Rubber Meets The Road 

This is where the rubber meets the road for me, or in other words this is the point where my theory or idea of successful weight loss is put to the test. 631 more words

Eyes - Poem

Eyes: a Source of Sight

Sometimes they see vividly
But they don’t always
See the forest through the trees


Imagining a new reality

A spectre is haunting the world. It is not populism, nationalism, corruption or even fascism. It is worse. It is a vexing lack of imagination. … 340 more words

Facts And Findings

My Power of Foresight

I thought this was just me imagining that I was Rumplestiltskin stealing powers from a seer. I thought this was just me imaging that I was the Oracle of Delphi telling Socrates that he’s the wisest of them all because he knows nothing. 268 more words


“Britain in 2030: Scenarios for post-Brexit Britain”

For party conference season, SAMI has produced “Britain in 2030: Four Scenarios for post-Brexit Britain”. Conscious that much of the conversation around the UK leaving the European Union is inevitably influenced by the various political positions of both sides, we wanted to allow policymakers to have an apolitical space in which to consider the possible futures for the country. 447 more words

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