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foresight over all

deem of the lights

and where is the catch

and how it was the nature

and what is the corner

and its own paradise

and how it came into comfort… 40 more words


It Is Easier to Do Than to Ask

Everyone is incredibly short-sighed, and we only see what is right in front of our face. Just as a species, because se are animals, we don’t deal well with delayed gratification, or thought toward the future. 1,162 more words


How do you love me!?

God you are my provider, you are my lover, you are my mercy giver. How do you love me so much? Why did you make me? 251 more words

How we deliberately screwed up design thinking and why it was a good idea

We have just finished a design thinking workshop on the transition from school to employment. The “screw up” part wasn’t the plan when we first started our preparations. 379 more words


Future Thinking

I’m struggling with the term disruption and its effectiveness in driving urgency. Most definitions describe a radical change in an industry or business strategy, and most involve the introduction of a new product or service that creates a new market. 682 more words


Reflecting on IRAHSS 2015 and Foresight Gatherings in General

Two weeks back we were in Singapore attending (and supporting) the 2015 International Risk Assessment and Horizon Scanning Symposium produced by the government of Singapore.  Like so many things Singaporean, it was a well-organized event attended by some very impressive folks.  414 more words


Carter of Plains

Earlier this week I mentioned hearing Diane Rehm interview Jimmy Carter on her program. A Mensch with a capital M, and not just because it’s a noun. 158 more words