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The Uselessness of Philosophising the Present

Philosophy triumphs easily over past and future ills; but present ills always triumph over philosophy.

La Rochefoucauld, Maxim XXII from the 5th ed. Moral Reflections or Sententiae and Maxims

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Be prepared to give the whole "kitten kaboodle" ;-)... or, The Cost of Cute!"

Think twice before you start collecting too many animals. All my pets are rescues of some kind, 4 out of 5 came to us without our asking ;-). 161 more words


Four Grand Challenges and Megatrends

As part of its Industrial Strategy, the Government identified four “Grand Challenges to put the UK at the forefront of the industries of the future”. The aim is to build on the UK’s existing strengths and develop new ones through the collaboration of business, science and policy makers. 1,074 more words

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[Interview] Our Islamic Future. Why EU is like Roman Empire and what alienated Muslims will do about it: a 2050 perspective

In medieval Europe a ruler could force a religion on his region, says dr Greg Lewicki in an interview for Alukah.net by Abdur-Rahman Abou Almajd. Now, thanks to democracy, the rule returns inverted and it is a region that can force a religion on a ruler. 4,122 more words

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The Future of International Institutions

The World Academy of Arts & Sciences is organising a Colloquium with organisations including the World University Consortium, and a number of academic institutions, in Paris in early May. 578 more words

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Original position papers outline APMAG's early vision

From the very beginning, APMAG had a clear platform to engage in a really useful and constructive way with council and industry players.

This was published in 2008, and remains true to this day.



Foresight: A Pre-Optometry Blog

Welcome to FORESIGHT! This pre-optometry blog seeks to provide helpful resources for everyone considering the field of optometry.


I am an ophthalmic technician and a pre-optometry student from California. 316 more words