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Her statement that she’d had a vision
was met by general derision;
so though she tried to warn them all,
they heeded nothing but “last call!”

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Where is discernment in all this?

Being a leader in any educational institution can be an extremely lonely and often disconcerting experience. Such are the current pressures and preoccupations that job specifications appeared to have morphed in recent decades to such a degree that many individuals are expected to be more a blend of politician, general, firefighter and accountant than any role remotely associated with education. 699 more words

It Is All About Fertility

Maybe you do not notice, but the world is changing(1). Fast. It has nothing to do with technology and innovation. It’s an old-fashioned business. It’s all about fertility. 542 more words

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My Father 101 Years Old?

Tomorrow is August 20, 2015 and it is my father’s 101st birthday.  I have so many regrets that we never talked about because I wasn’t interested.  67 more words


The Wonder City You May Live to See

The streetcar and elevated railway will disappear. Streets will consist of four or more levels, respectively for pedestrians, slow motor traffic, fast motor traffic, and electric trains, the uppermost level being raised above the present street level.

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Facts And Findings

Stillpoints and Mindful Foresight

The present moment is like a stillpoint. Yet the stillpoint is not merely present. It has a temporal texture that is holarchical. Each moment contains the context for the next moment that follows. 420 more words


Soteriology: The Doctrine of Salvation – Part 5

See Part 1 for an explanation of this series. See what we covered last time here. Please remember: these posts will only be as meaningful as the effort you put forth to engage with the texts of Scriptures referenced throughout. 1,615 more words