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I Keep Receiving Strange Calls On My Landline Even Though It's Disconnected

I couldn’t take the calls any more. I just couldn’t take knowing. There was nothing I could do to stop them from coming through; I had to put an end to it. 2,095 more words

Sludge-slurping microbes are one of the UK's fastest-growing energy sources

Foresight, a fund manager that invests in renewable energy, yesterday announced its latest project: a £4 million ($5.9 million) new plant on a farm near Durham in northeast England. 483 more words

Tarotbytes: 3 of Wands

Look to the future with foresight, both eyes wide open – one eye looking through the lens of logic and reason, the other through intuition and imagination.


More Uber Cars than Taxis in NYC for First Time

Brief description: There are now more Uber cars (14,088) on the streets of New York City than traditional Taxi cars (13,587) as revealed in data from New York Taxi and Limousine Commission data. 619 more words


http://bit.ly/1EIUCoH The great battle a

The great battle and the men who lost their lives are remembered still in India.


Lee Kuan Yew Quotes 1 to 25

  1. It is part of their history (USA). They went into an empty continent and made the best of it – killed the Red Indians and took over the land and the buffaloes.
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Futures Specialists at Global Service Jam in Helsinki

A while back we told that we are going to support the Global Service Jam in Helsinki this year. The Global Service Jam was held in Laurea University for Applied Sciences at Lepp√§vaara where there is the Service Innovation and Design Master’s Programme. 506 more words