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The caretaker..

Being a caretaker for a loved one is challenging. It far exceeds or at least matches caring for a child. Except it’s an adult. My father died litterally and came back. 184 more words


Undertow (#12)

I have always been very focused on getting to where I feel I need to be. It has allowed me the discipline and foresight to chase my goals and make most of them become a reality. 300 more words

Interview: Aerial

Aerial is a progressive metalcore act out of Norway that has been capturing the attention of heavy music fans worldwide. The band released their debut EP  930 more words


Am I so mean to myself?

She worked so hard for me. Always saved me from all kinds of vulnerabilities. Her foresight was good enough to make me secured from all crooked eyes. 117 more words


Ci'Num (2005-2007): On the future of "Digital Civilizations"

Organized by Aquitaine Europe Communication, directed and curated by myself and Daniel Erasmus, Ci’Num was a global, multicultural, 3-year foresight process (2005-2007) which intended to shed a new light on the future of our digital civilizations, taking into account geopolitical, cultural and economic differences. 286 more words



Moses and Aaron never arrived

at the Promised Land;

but, still they trod in faith

the path set out for them,

trying to make tomorrow

better for next generation.


Podcast #7, The 3D Printing Explosion: Cars, Homes, Even Human Bodies!

“Whatever good things we build end up building us.”– Jim Rohn

I can’t say for sure if the quote above was intended literally, but it is…

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