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5 learning points from United Airlines

The United Airlines story which caused reputational damage offers a number of reminders for any organisation providing a public service, whether state or privately owned. 412 more words


25 April, Prudence II: Prudence is Like a Dance.

Saint Thomas Aquinas in his Summa Theologica (II.II) writes at length on the virtues.  This is an unsurpassed source text for anyone wishing to make a deeper study of them.  238 more words

Daily Reflections

How predictable is technological progress?

There is a lot of talk about exponential technologies, nowadays. You’d better take it with a pinch of salt, though it is becoming clear that many technologies follow a generalised version of Moore’s law. 590 more words


A forecaster’s dilemma

Have you ever wondered why there are so many prophets of doom? Because it pays to anticipate calamity. In the public, forecast evaluation often only takes place once an extreme event has been observed, in particular, if forecasters have failed to predict an event with high economic or societal impact(1). 97 more words


French Elections 2017 - Forecast

According to a personal and non-scientific analysis of the available big data, the two candidates going to the ballot will be Macron and Fillon.


Imagining the future of your city 101

Future is tough to imagine. Collective vision of the future is even tougher to capture. And yet, it is how we think about both our individual prospects for life and our city’s future that will strongly influence its development. 294 more words


That which is the truth.

Recently I learned a new term. Foresight.

What could that be? I delved into the explanation and meaning on various continents. The meaning was different in most universities just like cuisine differs in its ingredients. 232 more words