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Hollywood Suddenly finds a Use for Boys!

Apparently, celebrities are getting facials made from cloned baby foreskin cells

Article Published By Filipa Ioannou at SFGATE

“Cate Blanchett recently told Vogue Australia she got a treatment called a “penis facial.”

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Circumcise: (v) to cut off the foreskin of a young boy a baby as a religious rite,

It is so much easier to believe in God if you don’t read the Bible. 314 more words

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Want autocircumcised penis? You may need to look into a frenuloplasty.

Frenuloplasty is commonly performed as an alternative to circumcision. It is very beneficial for keeping the foreskin in retracted position. 


Autocircumcision With Silicone Glans Ring

My husband got circumcised

“Ive been with my hubby for 10yrs originally he was uncircumcised we had a healthy sex life ect ect. 2yrs ago we decided we had finished having kids hubby wanted to get a vesectomy and at the same time a circumcision. 68 more words


From my own experience

“I can only speak from my own experience: It’s possible to look circumcised by keeping your foreskin permanently retracted, but that’s entirely up to you. I, however, can highly recommend it, as I’ve kept my penis head permanently exposed for years. 111 more words


Circumcised Vs. Autocircumcised

The practice of autocircumcision  has all the advantages of circumcision without actually having the operation.

Autocircumcision With Silicone Glans Ring

Adult circumcision video

What happens during male circumcision?

Circumcision requires anesthesia, either local or general. The foreskin is then cut off and the remaining edges of the skin are stitched together. 43 more words