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'Intactivists' may soon be able to regrow their circumcised foreskins as regenerative techniques emerge

Daily Mail:

  • Growing number of men are angry at being circumcised as an infant
  • They call themselves ‘intactivists’ and say procedure led to insensitivity
  • US company is now researching methods to regrow a human foreskin…
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Toys aren't just for kids ;)

A and I had a lovely, snuggly, sexy morning today. We had a very enjoyable sex experience – perhaps the best so far – without putting his dick in me. 373 more words


Meet Foregen, The People Who Want To Regrow Your Foreskin

There is no debate on the internet stupider than that over circumcision. We have thousands of years of data that proves losing or keeping a flap of skin off the end of your wang is neither a good thing nor a bad thing. 424 more words


Why is circumcision still a thing?

I absolutely love this video! I am a big advocate on keeping forskin. Sure, your life can be normal with or without, there’s no shame in it either way. 59 more words


Phantom Foreskin Syndrome

When I was born, they cut off part of my penis. Now as an adult, I have incomplete orgasms.

What about my orgasm is incomplete? Let’s say it lasts 7 seconds: 444 more words


my circumcision story Cristoph from germany

In high school, I was one of the few guys who already had a car (not very common in Germany). I lived in a dormitory during the week, and only commuted home on weekends, which was a drive of about 100 km. 727 more words