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Humans are Evolving Out of Foreskin

In 2007, the World Health Organization put for guidelines on male circumcision recommending countries where HIV has spread to the general public to institute circumcision programs as part of a comprehensive package to reduce HIV [1].After convening experts from around the world at Montreux, Switzerland , The World Health Organization stated that the evidence places circumcision’s ability to reduce the risk of contracting HIV by approximately 60% ‘beyond reasonable doubt’. 1,121 more words


Acroposthion of the foreskin

Acroposthion – (Gk akro = peak, posthe = foreskin). The visually defining, tapered, fleshy, nipple-like portion of the foreskin that advances beyond the terminus of the underlying glans penis.


Long Term Follow up Study in China Concludes Circumcision Increases Sexual Pleasure for Both Men and Women

In from 2009-2012, a total of 103 Chinese men undergoing circumcision for health benefits like a reduced risk in contracting HIV were recruited to undergo evaluation in sexual function and sexual satisfaction for themselves and their partners (satisfaction rated on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest level of satisfaction) before undergoing circumcision, then an average of 19.1 months after circumcision [1]. 610 more words


All in 4 Foreskin

Why do so many men, gay and straight, have such a love for or fetish for foreskin?

Got me! But count me in.

Having been circumcised as a poor, defenseless baby i lived my life happily as a cut child and adolescent. 820 more words


Biological and Evolutionary Plausibility of the Benefits of Circumcision

In 2007 the World Health Organization made recommendations for countries with a prevalence of heterosexually transmitted HIV to institute circumcision programs as part of a comprehensive package to reduce HIV prevalence [1]. 1,861 more words


World Views on Circumcision

In 2007 The World Health Organization and United Nations organization, UNAIDS, wrote guidelines recommending countries to institute male circumcision programs [1] as apart of a comprehensive HIV and STD prevention program, many surveys and studies have been conducted in various countries to see the public’s opinion on circumcision. 2,508 more words