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I have to admit sometimes I get in a funk about the whole circumcision thing. I hate that I was circed and always will. I have learned to deal with it, but when I think of all the baby boys and the men they will become that can’t defend themselves, it overwhelms me at times. 38 more words


Basic knowledge about foreskin

The foreskin, also called the prepuce is the protective sheath of penile skin, which covers the head of the penis, otherwise called the glans um) = acorn (of the penis)]. 247 more words


Restoration Update (2016-10-17)

Aight, this one’s going to be brief because I didn’t get any sleep last night and I’m just dying to go to bed. I took these update photos at about noon-ish and it’s 1:26 in the morning where I am now. 162 more words


Restoration Progress (2016-10-15)

More stretches today. Tried a new approach today: Rather than trying to think of something to do while stretching, I decided to do stretching while I was doing something else. 75 more words