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JADE x Forest for the Trees festival in Portland, Oregon

Peruvian artist JADE is now in the US invited to take part of the Forest for the Trees festival in Portland, Oregon.
‘La Pachamana nos contempla’/’Mother Earth is watching us’ depicts the image of a woman, the… 144 more words

Street Art

The Perspective of Perfection

Only non-divine entities define perfection. Perfection, by its very nature, is a matter of comparison, if only with a Platonic image in the mind. From God’s perspective, He simply is, without comparison, perfection, and what He “speaks” in creation, each and every leaf, rock, tsunami, fire, hydrocephalic child is perfect, unique, as He knows it, loves it into being. 185 more words


The Green Mile; Indian Express.

Shiny at Indian Express reviewed the office book, and did an interview.
Do see the article..

The green mile

Be it an exaggerated dinosaur bridge in an apartment block, a brick cone that opens itself to the skies in Drum House or undulating brick walls in Devi Art Foundation. 2,493 more words

Aniket Bhagwat

The Story of the Green Beetle

A few days ago, I was walking to the bus stop to head home from my summer camp job, and my mind was in a thousand places. 390 more words


Universal Weather: Remain Good Natured WHILE Boldly Giving Birth.

This week is all about seeing the forest through the trees – getting good perspective and balance. The week will provide a deep emphasis on the marriage of the collective with the individual for the benefit of future manifestation. 229 more words


Throwback Thursday: Forest for the Trees

Let’s go back in time! I used to do a lot of “poured” paintings. This one, Forest for the Trees, was part of that period. 29 more words


hunting hill mansion.

Ridley Creek State Park outside of Media, Pennsylvania, is home to the Hunting Hill Mansion which is currently used for weddings and other gatherings. I got too excited as I came over a hill in the forest and overexposed the Mansion, but I felt like an old world explorer seeing a new land for the first time.