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First resurvey of the Lehigh Experimental Forest

Students in general ecology (EES-152) resurveyed a portion of the Lehigh Experimental Forest, to assess changes in tree growth, mortality, and recruitment since 2013.  No new trees greater than 1.4 m high were documented, and both growth and mortality varied considerably among species.   255 more words


The Candles of Dunkeld

Longevity is the iron lung of a woodland tree – life support for an ageing population.

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Before/after photos: 2014 awards and new 2015 competition

Thank you to everybody who submitted their wonderful photos, and to all who viewed and voted in last year’s repeat photo competition. 1,258 more words


Bringing back the dead with old ecology photos

Take a close look at the coppicing trees in the old photo above. Notice anything unusual?

Perhaps it looks like any other stand of burnt mallee? 903 more words


Chaucer the forester

My article, “Chaucer the Forester: The Friar’s Tale, Forest History, and Officialdom,” appears in the Chaucer Review. This article argues that the Anglo-Norman forest bureaucracy provides a point of contact between Chaucer’s life and the social satire of the  522 more words


Ageing the mallee: a history in burnt trees

Trees grow short in the mallee. Little rain and poor soils stunt their growth. Over thousands of square kilometers, in semi-arid Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales, many mallee eucalypts reach just 6 to 7 meters high. 1,174 more words


Ash & dust: re-discovering history in Yarra State Forest

I periodically do this thing where I ask my friends something innocuous like “hey, want to go for a drive on Sunday?” and then, once they’ve said yes, it’s only as we’re approaching somewhere around the 40-km mark from Melbourne that I then say to them “… because we’re going to a forest a researcher from a uni was telling me about the other week.” … 632 more words