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Red-eared Slider

The population of Red-eared Sliders in the UK is largely a result of the illegal release of unwanted pets, where they exploit an ecological niche, as yet, untouched by any other species. 88 more words

Red Fox

A Red Fox photographed during the onset of dusk.


The appearance of left-winger Jeremy Corbyn on the ballot paper for the Leadership of the Labour Party has caused quite a stir. Even our own Editorial Committee at the Clarion cannot agree on a single line of support. 1,599 more words

Forest Of Dean

CLARION COMMENT: The Long Dark Night of the Soul

We lost – and we’re now facing the reality of five years of Tory Government without even the Lib Dems to soften the rampant triumphalism of the rabid right wing who’re now in control. 809 more words

Forest Of Dean

MODERN TIMES: The Dinosaur Column


Like most readers I’m sure, I was gutted by the election results. Both here in the Forest, and of course nationally. My first reaction was that it must be a bad dream. 713 more words

Forest Of Dean

Wild Boar

A Wild Boar piglet on a feeding foray in a stand of mature beech. This photo was taken a number of weeks ago, but this afternoon I enjoyed watching a group of three sows along with at least two litters of piglets feeding beneath the low canopy of the bracken. 47 more words

Bridge of size

One of my most enjoyable tasks as president of the Ramblers is to celebrate the successes of our brilliant volunteers.  Last Tuesday I joined the Forest of Dean… 595 more words