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Saving 'Development' From Dangerous Women Activists: Kamal Nayan Choubey


The inclination of the Indian State to suppress any movement related to the just demands of marginalized sections has increased immensely in recent times. 1,944 more words


Empowering the Tribes of India. Thoughts and Actions

In the era of Globalization, people across the globe are subjected to changes and everyone seek to conform to the norms of globalization. Some lag behind when some find it easy and some struggle to reach the mass. 437 more words

Empowering a Village, the Case Study of Sindhiguda Village

Sindhiguda is a village in Odisha, where 90% of the people are from indigenous tribal communities. People live close to nature, worshiping the forest and depending purely on agriculture and the resources from forest for livelihood. 329 more words

Ustad: The Tiger. What a Maneater means to India

Ustad means Boss.

In Ranthambore tiger reserve, a big male tiger has just been shifted. Formally called T-24 (Tiger 24), but known much better as Ustad, he is accused of killing four people. 474 more words

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Whose Forest and Whose Rights? Community Forest Rights in Chhattisgarh

Claiming forest land is not a new practice in India. When the foreign colonizers left the dais, the local leaders came up to take over the role that had been played by them till the date. 441 more words

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