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Reforesting the Amazon

We care deeply about Amazonia, and Brazil is the country with the most deforestation in the river region, specifically from cattle ranching. But good news is coming from The Nature Conservancy in the April/May issue, where, as the article’s subtitle reads, “After decades of turning forests into pastures and fields, Brazilian landowners have begun reversing the trend.” Julian Smith reports for the TNC Magazine: 1,026 more words


Podozamites - a multi-veined conifer in New Zealand's Jurassic

Most conifer leaves have just one vein, whether they be the needles of pines, or the much broader leaves of some tropical conifers. This limits their size and shape (they mostly stay small and can’t do fancy stuff like many flowering plant leaves). 480 more words

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Urban Forest

Urban forests play an important role. Not only continuing to act as the Earth’s lungs, but they perform other valuable services – least of all providing the sense of peace and refuge for both… 161 more words


Blue Lake, St Bathans - the most biodiverse Miocene fossil plant locality

The biodiversity of Blue Lake, at St Bathans, New Zealand, is precisely zero. It is an artificial lake partly filling a hole blasted out in the search for gold in the 19th century. 1,013 more words

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Reimagining Trees

There is an article in the Saturday Profile section of the New York Times this weekend that catches my attention for reasons made obvious in these pages since 2011. 832 more words

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Therapy & Upcoming

I’ve noticed of late that several of those lovely people who occasionally follow this blog have drawn our collective attention to the way in which making art is a kind of therapy.   210 more words


More of the work as it progresses…or so one hopes…and turned, as seems fit, to landscape format.  And I swear its a fact as these images loaded iTunes put… 63 more words

Abstract Painting