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Reimagining Trees

There is an article in the Saturday Profile section of the New York Times this weekend that catches my attention for reasons made obvious in these pages since 2011. 832 more words

Personal Statement

Therapy & Upcoming

I’ve noticed of late that several of those lovely people who occasionally follow this blog have drawn our collective attention to the way in which making art is a kind of therapy.   210 more words


More of the work as it progresses…or so one hopes…and turned, as seems fit, to landscape format.  And I swear its a fact as these images loaded iTunes put… 63 more words

Abstract Painting

I dunno either...

Donegallizdoyle just posted a ‘I don’t know what I’m doing here’ post…something I can empathise with!  Her canvas looks to be one and a half times bigger than the sheets of paper I’m wrestling with but, as I’ve a dozen on the go, we may be trying to cover a similar amount of ground.   53 more words

घसियारी के बिना कैसा उत्तराखण्ड

राजीव लोचन शाह की कलम से 

बात 1983 की गर्मियों की है। उस वक्त तक चिपको आन्दोलन का समाज में काफी असर था। बालगंगा रेंज मुख्यालय में नई टिहरी से डीएफओ को आना था। सिल्यारा, चमियाला और आसपास के गाँवों की सैकड़़ों महिलायें एक जुलूस की शक्ल में रेंज ऑफिस पहुँची।


Australian Grasstrees - ancient registrars of fire

In Australia there are trees that look like inside-out chimneys. Strong but sensitive – a fungal attack can leave them as a pile of mush within days, and, often as not, they won’t survive being transplanted from the wild. 1,145 more words


Five Degrees of Global Warming - The Leaf Fossils of Kakahu, New Zealand

Sometime in the 1980s my Prof, ‘JDC’ (Doug Campbell of the Otago University), showed me a box of spectacular leaf fossils that had been collected from Kakahu by… 1,124 more words

New Zealand