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Documenting Local Biodiversity: What Is This Moth?

I saw this moth several years ago on March 30, 2006. The temperatures were still around freezing that day and the upland fields were clear of snow, but in the lowlands and in the woods there was still snow on the ground. 965 more words


10 Generations Of Citizen Science Yields Important Findings On Forest Life Cycles

Thanks to Conservation generally, and in this specific case to Jason G. Goldman, for their continued provision of these summaries of important scientific research findings: 921 more words


Carbomap's Carbon Emissions and Offsetting (2013-2014)

Carbomap recently calculated our carbon emissions for 2013-14, and we found that we had generated 1.65 tonnes of CO2 equivalent.

In the grand scheme of ‘corporate’ carbon emissions this is a tiny amount, however we feel that this doesn’t detract from the fact that we are having an adverse impact on our natural environment (however small). 687 more words


'Leaving the forest'...poem of love.

This poem was written a few hours after I had left the rainforest. I did not know at the time but it would be the last time I saw my forest for years maybe forever. 9 more words


When New Roads Signal Nothing But Danger Ahead

Thanks to the Guardian for keeping us up to date with news, no matter how dismal, which in this case raises red flags about the future of our earth’s lungs: 347 more words


City of Flagstaff Passes Walnut Canyon Resolution!!! #KeepItOpen

By a 5 to 2 vote, the Flagstaff City Council voted to support a resolution saying:

“Flagstaff City Council supports the continued protection of lands surrounding Walnut Canyon National Monument through a Congressional designation of a special management area, such as a National Conservation Area, to provide the highest level of protection for Federal land…” 371 more words