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Foraging Classes

A mushroom dropped in on my life, in an unexpected manner, and now I find myself wandering to unexpected places, such as rural Pennsylvania. I am sharing here mainly as a record of how I have come across the resources that inform how we approach bringing foraging to Chan Chich Lodge. 203 more words


Biophilia Bathing

“In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks.”
― John Muir

Muir has long been a muse for many on this site, as we ponder the concept of… 387 more words


Please Support Sierra Club On This Initiative

We know that most of our readers on this platform, and most guests we serve at the various properties we have developed and managed over the years, care deeply about primary forests and the ecosystems they support. 117 more words


Forest Attrition Distance

Thanks to the Science section of the New York Times, for the description of the research as well as for the name of the measurement: 415 more words



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Without interruption. Without discontinuities. Neither in matter nor in time. In a constant existence, in an eternal inhalation. Coexisting in a plane that accompanies us with immeasurable rhythms and frequencies. 210 more words



The New Year thing rather passed me by this year (and the Christmas thing as regards wishing several of my overseas friends well)…but it is, of course, and however much one tries to prevent it, a time for a bit of reflection.   251 more words

Foraging Fellowship In New York City

Thanks to Wired author Charley Locke for his story MEET THE OBSESSIVE MUSHROOM HUNTERS OF NEW YORK CITY:

ON A PARTICULARLY gorgeous Sunday in October, 30 explorers with the New York Mycological Society met at a cemetery in Brooklyn to hunt for mushrooms.

222 more words