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"Regreening the planet could cut as much carbon as halting oil use – report"


Overall, better management of nature could avert 11.3bn tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions a year by 2030, the study said, equivalent to China’s current carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel use.


Young Wild Horse Deaths in Captivity!

Healthy foals with their moms in Devil’s Garden Wild Horse Territory For more info on what causes colitis in foals, read HERE. SOURCE: BLM News Release For Immediate Release: Oct.

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Yellow Breasted Buntings at Risk!

This is a yellow-breasted bunting video. From BirdLife: 17 Oct 2017 Is the Yellow-breasted Bunting the next Passenger Pigeon? Wide-scale, unchecked hunting has, in the space of just three decades, driven frightening declines in two widespread bunting species, on both sides of the Eurasian landmass.

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Love Forests - Hate Plantations!

Guest Post by Jan Carl Matysiac – GeaSphere Europe

October 2017

How can industrial monoculture tree plantations like this be called forests?
Earlier this year(and this month too), Portugal has been in the news for huge, destructive wildfires. 1,308 more words

*Evanescent | Old Growth Timber

Vanishing; quickly disappearing…

  • August 27, 1957- last old growth Douglas Fir tree removed from forest
  • September 11, 1957- last old growth log sawed in the mill…
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