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Our Forever and Ever

If through silence is how you love
I’m hoping I’ll find my comfort
In your unsaid.
If corners are where you’ll need me
I should reconstruct our destiny… 119 more words

To The Lover

Here with you

There is a beauty being here with you
One that works well into the deep of my heart
It burrows deep into my soul
The secrets of my heart, has it found company with… 124 more words


As I lay back on my couch, with my lovable cat Icarus, I can’t help but cry. I miss my mom so much, I feel like God knew that she wasn’t going to be alive much longer, so he sent me Icarus. 244 more words

Random Ventings

Forever and Ever - Pray

Forever and Ever – Pray
1. Pray
2. 海辺
3. feathers

Forever & Ever - Fields of the Nephilim [#487]

More brooding beats from the cadaverous cowboys that are Fields of the Nephilim taken from the soundtrack of their video release Forever Remain.

I suspect after Ginger Chris’ cassette finally drove the music industry into an irretrievable spiral of descent, my enthusiasm for music waned too. 149 more words


David Bowie is forever and ever

Something special is happened today in Rome: David Bowie fans of every age reunited in Piazza del Popolo for a flash mob to celebrate the great singer, few days after his death. 46 more words


Steep in the River

Steep in the River

A decision to Jump,

Jump in the River

With all of the unknowns

 A leap of unfathomable risk,

And yet the right choice… 67 more words