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Forever Beautiful~by ‎Fred Tunks‎

Forever Beautiful

She sits alone in her hotel room forty three stories above ground looking outside the window and feeling empty inside and so let down… 161 more words


Banish 11 Lines

Worry no more

Those little frown lines between your eyebrows, also known as “elevens”, can tell the world more about your mental state than your age. 296 more words

Forever Beautiful

Wearing Mineral Makeup

Better For Your Skin

What you need to keep in mind when shopping for a mineral makeup line is whether or not the products contain oils, dyes, chemical preservatives, talc, perfumes, parabens and other pore-clogging properties. 192 more words

Forever Beautiful

Cold Weather Homemade Skin Treatments

Change Is In The Air

As part of practicing lifelong good skin care, we need to learn that our beauty starts in the kitchen.

If you want your skin to recover its natural glow, you can do this by eating the right foods, and by hydrating. 701 more words

Forever Beautiful

Five Step Deep Cleansing Treatment For Your Skin

Aromatic Deep Cleansing Treatment For Your Skin Instructions

First, don’t be afraid to steam your skin at home.  This can be done safely by using either a home steaming appliance or a large bowl of hot water (to keep it simple I use that method in the instructions below).   478 more words

Forever Beautiful

Reasons For Constant Hunger

Constant Hunger Shouldn’t Happen

Our bodies trigger the hunger urge as a means to receive the nutrients we need every day to survive. That’s not to say that it’s the only reason why we may feel hungry, even though we technically are not. 892 more words

Forever Beautiful

Cat Pose And Cow Pose

Must-Know Yoga Asanas 

By performing these two Yoga asanas, consecutively, in conjunction with leg lifts and other targeted exercises, you’ll move up to the next level of fitness approximately 50% faster. 221 more words

Forever Beautiful