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How Did You Choose Your Children?

I didn’t really choose my children. Someone in the Children’s Department of my local county council chose for my husband and I. I actually can’t remember being given the opportunity to say “no”… 1,333 more words


Talieek is looking for a Forever Family

Fifteen-year-old Talieek is looking for a Forever Family.

A lover of music and cars, this teen is hoping to find a supportive family to support his dreams. 97 more words

Forever Family

My sister might be pregnant...

Tomorrow my sister goes in for her blood test. It’s been two weeks since the embryos were returned to her body and I am wishing and hoping that it works for her. 398 more words


Contact With The Birth Parents

I write to the birth parents to demonstrate I am taking a link to the boys identity seriously. But let me be clear, I hate doing it. 1,080 more words


Cut them out...

Cut them out. If they aren’t with you for the long haul, cut them out of your lives.

The best thing we did was make the decision to get rid of those people who weren’t supportive, who slyly judged us behind our backs and added more pressure whilst we went through the toughest time of our lives. 665 more words


He's looking at me like he might kill me...

He’s looking at me like he might kill me in my sleep.

Have you seen that film with Reese Witherspoon? She plays a social worker and the little girl is possessed by the devil. 317 more words


"Can I just have a word..."

“Can I just have a word?”

Those dreaded words that are mouthed over the sea of parental heads as I wait to collect both boys from the playground at 3.30pm. 1,128 more words