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Forever Family: the life not lived

A beautiful young girl, one with boundless kindness and a sweet demeanor, found herself cruelly thrown into a life of servitude by her stepmother.

A long-awaited child is taken from her parents’ home and raised by a witch.   656 more words


Malachi is looking for a forever family

Malachi is looking for a forever family.

He is very personable and loves having conversations with people.

His favorite things to do are play sports and video games. 35 more words

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Peeves and Tonks

Tonks came to me with a sprained paw, fleas, and an empty tummy. A sweet, charming young lady with a gorgeous tortie coat, Tonks is a petite little kitty weighing in at only 6 pounds! 39 more words

Dog Days of Summer

We had eleven puppies adopted this summer! We are so proud to raise such awesome, beloved dogs who make excellent community members!

Forever Family: T-man's tidbits

me:  Here’s my plan.  I’ll do my questions and at the end we have something different.  Ready?

T-man:  Sure.

me:  What are your favorite frozen yogurt flavors and toppings? 1,417 more words


Eevee, "Just One Dog"

“Mom, I found a puppy on the side of the road…” I said hesitantly. “Please don’t bring it home,” my mother pleaded. It wasn’t that she didn’t have a huge soft spot for animals; she’s where I got my compassion for animals from. 38 more words

Shekinah is looking for a forever family

Shekinah is looking for a forever family.

She loves to do hair, makeup, and nails.

She says that when she grows up, she wants to be a model. 43 more words

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