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Why Adopt Little D?

Someone recently asked me why we have chosen to adopt Little D.  Kirk had said something to me, a “tongue in cheek” prayer.  “May God continue to bless D with new levels of maturity and peace so that his presence in the house does not slowly kill my wife.”  Though it was said somewhat sarcastically, it is a real prayer of our hearts that we pray humbly and desperately before the Lord.   615 more words

Mommy Life

Plans Unraveling

It’s funny how preconceived plans tend to unravel when real life hits. I’ve had predetermined plans about so many things, both large and small, and so many of them have been changed, altered, or completely abandoned when reality arrived. 1,129 more words


Welcome Home My Children

This is a poem that I wrote for my three children before they were placed in my home for adoption.  While the adoption failed after 3 years with us, my love and prayers for them remain constant. 281 more words

Experiences Of An Autistic

Jacob is looking for a forever family

Jacob is looking for a forever family.

For more information about Jacob, you can contact Seven Homes Forever Family at 1-888-365-FAMILY. 16 more words


Can I?

I hear this question more times per day than I care to count.

Me to the four kids: “It’s time for lunch… let’s sit down at the table.” 305 more words


Family Trees

Dear A and K,

It was great to see you so soon after the official paper work was completed, after the judge said your name is now Phillips and after you posed for family pictures, knowing that finally this is your forever family. 150 more words

A (Sun)Day in the Life

Sundays are one of the hardest, least “sabbath” days of my week. Kirk and I have a unique situation in our family dynamic due to his job, as well as our choices in growing our family (i.e. 1,052 more words

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