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Some USAian APs Really, Really Suck

…because they do so little to educate themselves and/or give a shit about their adopted children that this is necessary.

Seriously: Click the link. Read. 47 more words

Colonialism ROCKS!

New series Ideas! Winter 2015-2016

Hi everyone! I’m starting a new photo series! I have options for you to choose from. Please comment below and take the poll! It will premiere on January 1, 2016. 257 more words


Forever Family: open, closed, & in between

One of the first issues adoptive parents tackle is the type of adoption arrangement they feel ready to accept as part of their family plan.  While this might sound pretty straightforward it can be a difficult decision to make. 1,031 more words


open, closed, and in between

There are as many different types of adoption as there are adoptees.  The powers that be place them in categories – domestic or international, closed or open or semi-open – because people like when things fit into boxes.   106 more words


Spent The 1st Night With Our 14 Month Old

The day that we met our soon to be sons’ was one of the best days of our lives. We played games, had snacks and got acquainted with our new kids. 714 more words


Say It Isn't So

This is garden variety Daily Mail bullshit, right? I mean, it reads like an April Fool’s day article that tries and fails to be funny. 18 more words


"Owner Surrender"

F.G. is an 11 year old male brought into shelter by owner surrender. This male was in shelter and foster care from age 9 months to 5 years. 477 more words