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I Promise To Grow Old With You, But I’ll Never Grow Up

I’ll love you forever, this I promise. I’ll be the girl that’s always by your side, who will love you on all your days, not just the good ones. 494 more words

5 Ways to Keep the Spark Alive

For anyone who has children, you know it’s hard to find time alone with your significant other. Everything becomes all about the kids, and your relationship tends to be pushed to the side for when you have time. 791 more words

Date Night Ideas

Eternal Romance

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A forever love

I was sixteen when I met my soulmate.

It’s incredibly rare, and many skeptics will judge (everybody is entitled to their opinions, it’s ok) but today, at 28, I know that’s what it was. 660 more words


Let's Remember The Ones Who Stay

People are constantly shifting and growing, sometimes together and sometimes apart.

Each individual is a tangled collection of their own triumphs and heartbreaks, while the universe a summation of all these intertwining stories converging to create life-long narratives. 326 more words

10 Signs You're Dating A Man Who You Could Be With Forever

The world of dating most definitely separates the men from the boys. As any single female on the dating scene knows, most guys can talk a good game, but it’s their actions that will tell everything that needs to be known about them. 738 more words