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Borrowed Time

She slides behind the dark of the moon,

she breaks apart the stars and lays them in her hair,

the beams of the sun wrap around her, … 188 more words



I know there are so many lives
you could have chosen
I know you haven’t settled on one yet
I know the options and the endless sky… 70 more words


I Will

Today in OctPoWriMo Day challenge, a loop poetry form in the way of a love poem was suggested. It is an interesting format and one that lends itself well to today’s love poem. 187 more words

Camille Wylde

Rock band Buzz releases new song 'Forever Love' MV

Rock band Buzz released new song “Forever Love” MV.

Famous for their melodic rock-ballads, Buzz melts your heart again with the beautiful and touching track “Forever Love”.   33 more words



“We are all running for someone ,do we have time to stop and see who is running after us “ ?


Windows ~ Obscured, & Glowing


(2 Shadorma)

He once led

Men in world outside

His windows

Brilliant mind

Now he can’t unlatch locked thoughts

View his memories

Winter, wears… 17 more words