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With No Warning

With no warning she crept from her soul,
where the flowers and cloudy days go,
love letters written in blood,
for each memory that she had called love,
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Lyrics: Fin.K.L - Forever Love (Hangul, Romanization and English translation)

Title: Forever Love

Artist: Fin.K.L

Album: White

이젠 내 사랑이 되어줘 내 모든걸 너에게 기대고 싶어
Ijen nae sarangi wiojwo nae modeungol noege giaego shipo… 321 more words


My Sexy Saturday Sexy Forever

My Sexy Saturday today highlights Sexy Forever. For my characters in Always and Forever Love, love lasts forever, it just changes form. So when Lacey’s now-deceased husband Nicholas, her always and forever love, shows up as an embodied spirit and stays for several years, Lacey is accepting and grateful. 465 more words

Life and Love: The Collision of the Soulmates.


It’s going to taste like wild honey and smell like juniper, it’s going to keep coming back to show us the possibility until there’s nothing left to do but say yes, and take a chance at greatness. 321 more words

I Promise that I Don't Need You


I promise that I will never ask for forever.

There is only today, and hopefully tomorrow, but that suddenly between midnight movies and sunrise sex the days will add up to a collection of the best of our lives. 55 more words

A Love that Makes Life Worth Living


This is for my sisters with hopeful dreams and starry eyes.

This is for my men in broken down rusted armor, grandmothers dreaming by a slow burning fire and those who thought it would never come, whose hearts have all but given up, whose tears taste like an icy winter storm; I promise this is for you: 151 more words