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Please Don't Forget To Love Me

I’ll love you like you’re my last chance. I’ll love you like I’ll never have another moment to love again, and the love I’ll show you so deeply, I don’t… 474 more words

16 Subtle Signs Someone Is Not Your Forever Person, Even Though You Think They Are

1. You’re more worried about having them meet the people in your life than you are proud to introduce them. If you’re worried that the people who you love most in this world – whose opinions you value – are going to disapprove of your choice in partner in some way, there is probably a reason. 726 more words

12 Reasons Why Old Souls Have Such A Hard Time Finding Love

1. They have a strong sense of identity.

They know who they are, which means they also know – specifically – what they do and do not want in a partner, what works and what doesn’t. 594 more words

Get with it guys... love is in the air.

One thing that I have learned from married life is that you never stop dating your spouse. Just because you have made those vows and started down the road to marital bliss doesn’t mean that romance can be put away. 941 more words

To My College Roommate on Her Wedding Day


Saturday is your Wedding Day. It’s a day every girl dreams of her entire life; it’s a day I’ve watched you plan every detail of for over a year now. 498 more words



That’s what you will always be worth to me

Strings I know grow loose

Sometimes to break

But I’ll mend them

Cross every bridge… 28 more words