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Love Them Like You Will Forever

We were sitting where we had been sitting ever since we were kids, with little hands, with long fingers, and our legs would brush against each other, and we would blush without knowing what it was that we were feeling inside, 336 more words

This pain

This pain,
the pain of loving him
is so deep I just can’t find it.

Only love this true,
can hurt this much.


I Only Want A Love Story With Someone Like This

I don’t want a four day love story.

I want
Someone who refuses to think I’m too much to handle, and loves me anyway.
Someone that asks me if I’m alright, even if I look fine. 402 more words

Someday Love Will Find You, I Promise

You’ve spent so much time with your head buried, still caught up in that last relationship, still aching over your past breakup, still missing him or her or what the two of you had. 766 more words

To My Boyfriend, I Want A Forever Love With You

To my boyfriend whom I care deeply for, I want an easy kind of love. The kind where we look at each other and just get it. 571 more words

A Letter To My Greatest Love

I’d like to believe that one day I’d open my eyes to a soft light peeking through the big window next to our bed. I’d rest my head back on your arm that stretches across me. 855 more words

Forever NOW

It’s like living in parallel Universes and yet you are breathing the same air, the same time is passing by…

The journey that we make is sometimes completely different than the one our loved ones make… sometimes the highest prove of love you can show somebody is to give them what they need… freedom to follow their own journey, to follow their dreams, to float like a bubble around you and yet so far away from you… 346 more words