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Wait For The Guy Who Makes You Feel Like You're Enough

Dating can be scary and relationships can be downright terrifying especially when you’ve been burned in the past.

From date after date, you’ve no idea what you’ll come across along the way but eventually you can find a beacon of hope — either in yourself or within someone else walking along right beside you. 766 more words

I Won't Come Back To You Again

There was a time when I had successfully convinced myself that I was no longer in love with you. I remember smiling at the realization that after years of loving you in the shadows, I had finally stepped into the light free of my love for you. 616 more words

This Is Why I Can't Live Without You

You are the first person that enters my mind, on the days that I have good news and bad news. You are the only one who can understand me even if words seem to abandon my lips, even if I want to keep everything to myself, even if I refuse to open up to anyone. 598 more words

The Waltz

(Over time I will be moving all of my pieces from a blog I kept a few years ago, hence the dates. I have been receiving some feedback which in encouraging me to share more. 192 more words

When The Woman I Love Is Concerned About The Appearance Of Her Body I Say This

The woman I love
is concerned about
the appearance
of her body;
she worries about
the size of her thighs
and it saddens me
to know that… 161 more words

#3 You are...

My friend,

I think what we have is something we will forever be desperate to keep.  I cannot describe to you how stirring it feels to hold something so amazing and so often misunderstood; to see it manifest daily! 144 more words

Love Letters

7 Ways To Define Love (Because There’s Not Just One)

1. Warmth and luminescence

i.e. An infant is born and is placed in his mother’s arms. His eyes open and adjust to her face for the first time in his life, and he immediately knows he is safe. 718 more words