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For You

I miss you already, though you’re still here

I know when you’re gone, it will feel like you’re near.

There’s such a fine line… 228 more words

Cheaters Gonna Hate

I’ve been reading lots of stories posted on facebook, twitter and other social media sites about cheating and it just made me sad.

I don’t understand why people would willingly cheat. 337 more words

Book Blog

Lady Venus Enters Libra -- August 29th 2016

Delightful Lady Venus in Libra will start on the 29th of August at 9:07 PM EST, bringing beauty, artistry and love to one and all. Since Venus also rules Libra, there will be like-mindedness and compatibility whilst Lady Venus remains therein. 1,132 more words

Astrology Notes

Love, love and love
Why these four letters are out of touch for me.
You say,you can die for me.
And I say,I’m living for you.

The Daily Post

Love You Mom

I can’t understand others but only I can feel you, Mom.
And I know how much you bore and did for me to save my life. 246 more words

The Daily Post

Learn from your mistakes what to improve.
Don’t let the time waste to repent for the past.

The Daily Post