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Even If We Lose This, Thank You

Your eyes, they remind me of the moment I could feel your heart beating.

You kept my hand on your chest and told me to feel your racing heart and that my touch makes it race faster. 471 more words

If You Haven't Found Your Forever Person, Here's Why You Should Consider Dating Your Opposite

You open your mind to completely new experiences.

You do things you wouldn’t imagine yourself doing in a million years, you gain new ideas, new perspectives, you open your mind completely almost without even realizing, and they have everything to do with it. 586 more words

What you are to me

Your smile is my Kryptonite, your happiness is my drug.
The way you pierce your eyes at me gets me ahold.

Your attitude is the icon which shines in dim atmosphere. 266 more words


How could it be?

I’ve spent some much-needed time with my truly delightful friend Sammy.
She’s wonderful and makes me laugh constantly, we always have giggle fits and once we start we can’t stop. 377 more words

Food For Thought.

...because you are my forever

“Why don’t you write about us?” he asked.

“What’s there to write about?” she replied.

“Our story…the day we met…the moment you first felt something for me…our first fight…anything…” 324 more words

Short Story

[Little Lover] Forever Love - Chương 01


Tác giả: Shinn

Thể loại: hiện đại, tình cảm, SA, HE

Rating: 16+

Lời đầu: Tớ đã quay lại, sau 4 năm. Để viết tiếp câu chuyện này, để kể tiếp về Kha và Linh, về Quyên, và về những câu chuyện còn dang dở. 4,512 more words


“This world so full of temporary things
Just didn’t think you and our love
Would be amongst them
But forever
Though I know even that is too little time…

8 more words