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Everything Love Is, And Isn't

It’s not constant happiness, everybody knows that… but only a few understand.
It’s not constant happiness but its never pain.
Its never  confusion. Never a feeling of being lost. 357 more words

This Is What It's Like To Love A Woman Who Knows Loss Too Well

The woman I love has had her previous partner taken away from her in a tragic accident.

I did not always know this, but I have always loved her, long before we met, long before I knew her name, long before I was even in the same state as her. 469 more words

This Is What Deep Love Feels Like

Deep love is silly. It’s about being so incredibly weird with another person that you both would never be that weird in front of anyone else. 700 more words

My Love For You Never Went Away

Oh lord, help me breathe,

He’s got a girl wrapped around him,

Oh lord, help me live,

I have to watch someone I can’t be happy without be happy with someone else. 537 more words


When the beast held me in his arms

I knew what to him I’d say

That “I’ll become a monster too…

If with me, you’ll forever stay.”

© J.G.


You're The Reason I Still Believe

It is easy to question everything when you’ve been bent, back-stabbed, broken. Lied to, ignored, forgotten. The world is a cruel, harsh, heartless place. You could be suspicious. 289 more words

Never Stop

He kept her in his dungeon,

a torture chamber with one agenda –

to break her…

Just for the pleasure

of the kill…

but no matter how deep he cut… 44 more words