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Acts of love

Love is a fickle thing… I’m not just talking about between a man & woman. See we humans tend to think the execution of love is just physical. 722 more words

Love And Truth

There's You, And There's Me, But This Is What Makes Us

I guess I’ll call it luck, because sometimes it feels more like disbelief. Sometimes I can’t believe that I met someone like you, that I’m… 733 more words


Hi!! Everyone out there.We Each and Everyone have experiencing the Love the world have for us.Love is just four simple letter words but carries huge and huge amounts of care and Love within it.The Love cannot be defined so easily,it’s bounds and limits are way too beyond.So,Just I am going to join your world and would like to share the small little things all about Love❤️. 7 more words


Please Don’t Give Up On Love

One day the sun will shine so bright again that you’ll never have to feel the pain of being the one who’s always been left behind, who’s always been a second choice, the one who’s always been neglected and the one whose heart has been bleeding since the day you started loving. 264 more words

Never Ever Settle Until You Find The Right One

Never ever settle for someone whom you think is the only option. Someone you’re afraid to lose because you’re scared to be on your own. Someone who makes you feel comfortable, but never makes you feel loved. 550 more words

[Little lover] Forever love - Chương 02

Chương 2

Linh vừa bước vào nhà thì đã cảm nhận được bầu không khí căng thẳng. Cậu liếc nhìn đồng hồ đeo tay, mới hơn bốn giờ chiều. 5,726 more words


Never Temporary

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Temporary love


lust, thrills, euphoria


but love

is trickier than that

an uncontrolled, wild emotion

once inside

may trick you… 43 more words