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Better Together

After about eight months of marriage, we now suffer through our first nights and days apart from one another. Through a long, tedious string of calls, emails, papers, and forms, we came to the understanding that the best way to obtain the school visa was for Ovi to go back to Romania. 421 more words


Roast Pork & Durians

It was a night of roast pork & durians! God blessed. Windy night accompanied by the lovely lightning showing its light to us. We were on rooftop for our roast pork & durians! 70 more words


she has his heart

“Everything happens for a reason.”

That is my life motto. Even when things seem to be going down the toilet, I always tell myself that whatever is going on is happening for a reason. 592 more words


Mistake ???? ... Only Time will Tell... I guess

I broke the ” cardinal rule ” and took back an ex-bf, even though many would think I was crazy for doing it.

It’s only been one week and four days, and it feels like it’s been a year. 673 more words


Forever Love

Forever Love

The LORD is good; his love is eternal and his faithfulness lasts forever. Psalms 100:5

God’s love for us lasts forever. Forever is continually, persistently, incessantly, constantly and always. 86 more words


Your love,
Your care
Your hatred,
Your affair,
I cannot interpret,
You near to me,
Or You have gone far.
That look so strange,
You moving ahead, 14 more words


Is Forever Alright?

I love you now and always will, is forever alright?

I beg your pardon, handsome fella.

I hope you understand.

The love I hold in my heart for you is actually something quite grand. 136 more words