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Poetry… or something like that
I have all these thoughts and scenarios in my head of how it would turn out if we’d ever speak again. 134 more words


REVIEW: Code Orange - Forever (Roadrunner)

Tracklisting: Forever / Kill The Creator / Real / Bleeding In The Blur / The Mud / The New Reality / Spy / Ugly / No One Is Untouchable / Hurt Goes On / dream2… 740 more words


Who Am I To Judge?

Forever Evolving

What do you do with your judgemental thoughts?

To judge is to decide, and I have recently realized that I am very judgmental. I judge books by their covers (literally), I judge others, and above all, … 806 more words



Sometimes its a lot easier to give up and just give way instead of fighting for what you want.

It’s more than just knowing your place cause its also accepting that there are things that are just not meant to be yours. 19 more words


Paarmat kuuluu kesään (eikä kuulu!)

Vuosi sitten juhannusviikonloppuna meillä päin kasvoi mitä ilmeisemmin uusi ja äkäinen sekä entistä suurempi paarmasukupolvi. Ikinä ennen ei niin paljon ja niin isoja paarmoja ole ollut ilmassa. 492 more words


It was dark and cold. The earth was moist and the air heavy with fog. I walked through the trees, not knowing where I was going. 106 more words


Haiku: All Over Again

Morning washes you off
Nights of fervour
Ready to welcome you into my arms again.