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Every Sand Ashore is Another Reason I Love You

Yesterday, I returned from a trip where I found wind in my hair, sand between my toes, and cool waters drenching me. I watched the sun set over the horizon as oranges and pinks lingered in the sky, lavenders and other beautiful hues filled my vision. 304 more words

Come Autumn

Come autumn. Come with

your ends of summer knotted,

your rust of trees,

your fuss of leaves.

Come then, if you must

make subtle breeze… 49 more words


~Passions Ignite~

Passions ignite

Intentions flare

Eyes both fixed in a stance like stare

Pupils dilate

Shallow breath

Bodies communicate

Smells fill the room


Your body sings… 92 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Search for Flight 370 Will Be Suspended, Possibly Forever

From Epoch Times

PUTRAJAYA, Malaysia—The hunt for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 will be suspended once the current search area in the Indian Ocean has been completely scoured, the ministers of the three countries conducting the operation announced Friday, possibly ending all hopes of solving aviation’s greatest mystery. 908 more words


My Priceless Pearl

I wake up every single morning with her phone calls,

cherishing her nursing voice and her luscious words.

Realising that I am still in bed, she gets ready, 156 more words



what was once
is not anymore
even the memories
have faded into oblivion
stars may light the skies
and blooms of honeysuckle
drape the fence… 78 more words