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Trust and See

A bloom appears in the desert. Hope rises up our of the midst of despair. New life stirs as the dust of a tragedy settles. In all things God works for the good of those who love Him. 245 more words

On Burning Bridges

On Burning Bridges
by FT Ledrew

as we walk
towards one another
may we boldly burn
the bridges behind us
so we never
have reason
to look back


I Can't Wait

I can’t wait to share all my thoughts (the current and the overdue 🙈) to the man I love. To the man I trust. To the man worthy of my best. 97 more words

The Journey

There is only one God

There is only one God, but man divides God as man is divided and then man fantasies about the pieces of God. But if man were ever to unite as one, so will be God united as one and to man forever…


I Could Say I Love You...

I could say I love you, if only I am certain you love me the way I love you.

I could go back in time and write you a breath taking love letter, if only I can find the right words to unravel your mystery. 471 more words


Rocking chairs......................Co-authored by Jabbs

Time is such a deliciously mysterious thing. When we were young he said:
I often lay awake at night.
I think about you
From your dimpled chin when you smile… 162 more words

Things I want to do with YOU

1. Sing out loud, jam
2. Cuddle
3. Foodtrip
4. Long roadtrips
5. Watch movies together
6. Tight holding of hands and warm hugs
7. Take candid and wacky pictures and videos… 29 more words

Personally Mine