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50 Word Stories: Lupine

Alice stopped and looked at me with those great big eyes of hers, round like full moons.

“Will we always love each other?” she asked, licking at her teeth. 22 more words


To be with you...is my forever wish

I wish I could wake up with up

amidst the chirping birds and the waving leaves

the place that brought you into me

I wish I could sleep hours resting my head on your shoulders… 152 more words

~Dream Book~Super Immortals~

There is this book of dreams serendipitous it seems~

As I stumbled across this man holding it in his hand only by request~
This book of dreams was a lifetime collection of this man and his art even more to beseech his most fascinating heart~ 211 more words

Bipolar Disorder

NJM~Personal Quotes~Moving Stars~

See you can’t move the stars, you can chose the ones to gaze upon, you can make a wish, say a prayer then take life on an exiting dare~

Bipolar Disorder

When did 'forever' stop meaning 'forever'?

May we pursue the truth in Scripture, whereever it leads…

Dinner tonight includes a fabulous Israeli wine from Galil Mountain. The can is Yiron, 2013. 62 more words