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Eternal Nascence of the Nebulous Whinny

This was started on the fourteenth of October and finished on the Nineteenth of October.

It started off as a one, maybe two minute drawing of either a crocodile or a snake. 85 more words


Saturday, in the Park

It was not
when you picked that flower,

but when you placed it
gently in my hair,
that I knew.



I will always love you.

You think I’m going to miss you?
No. Not at all.
You think I’m going to love you forever? 
 No. Nothing lasts forever.
You think I can’t live without you? 374 more words


wonder of forever

how it seemed

and  took upon

and what it knew

and it meant

and heard

and forever

and its own choice

and gave of the title… 37 more words


Normcore, Forever and Ever

Ruby Rings
I want this ring soo bad! I love this ring! I wish I could find it. I luv the garnet ring I have now. 42 more words

When Alone Take Two Pills. When Together Take Three.

I assumed that where buildings ended
The sky began. Intimidated by that conception
I stared at the ground while I walked;
During one such stare I discovered pills… 112 more words