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Heaven & Hell

Heaven & Hell

If Heaven & Hell are created
right here on Earth, why does Heaven
always seem so beyond my touch?

Heaven is staring into your eyes for… 202 more words

An Ode To The Significance of Wedding Rings

It is rare these days when both partners in a couple do not exchange wedding bands in their ceremony. And for good reason—the symbolism of a wedding band is plentiful and oh, so lovely. 427 more words

Wedding Wednesdays

The Forever That I Believe In

After reading one of my previous posts, I kind of reconsider what I said about going over to someone and asking them straight up to be friends. 335 more words


Our Greatest Enemy

After a while, we will get used to this parade of so-called ‘I love you’ and there will be nothing new about us. Our mystery and chemistry will be resting in peace. 272 more words



Bilis ng araw, tapos na February. Kumusta? Malapit na ulit graduation, panibagong yugto na naman ng buhay ng iba. Sa akin kaya? Panibagong yugto na naman ba ulit? 606 more words


How To Love Your Man

I long ago realized that it is not at all difficult to satisfy your man; but it takes humility to do so.

Look at him with kindness, tenderness, and admiration for all the sacrifices he also has made for you, even if you think you could count them all with your fingers. 460 more words