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USDINR Trading Range For The Day Is 64.38-64.82

Rupee rose on persistent selling of the greenback by banks and exporters on the back of lower dollar overseas. Further buying by the Reserve Bank of India at around Rs 64.22-64.23 to shore up its FX reserve would further limit the fall in the currency pair.India’s trade deficit widened to a four-month high of $10.44 billion in March following a surge in merchandise imports, government data showed… 30 more words

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EURINR Trading Range For The Day Is 70.11-70.5

Euro steadied pausing after a rally sparked by the first-round results of the French presidential election.Polls show Macron defeating anti-EU, anti-euro nationalist Marine Le Pen in a runoff vote due to take place next month.ECB’s Nowotny said uncertainties remain about future U.S. 41 more words

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GBPINR Trading Range For The Day Is 82.48-83.06

GBP dropped as relieved investors turned optimistic on Europe after the first round of the French presidential election.British consumer confidence decreased in the three months ended March as rising price pressures damped consumer spending.British domestic orders grew at the fastest pace in nearly three years and export orders at the strongest pace in six years during three months to April… 30 more words

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JPYINR Trading Range For The Day Is 58.2-59.04

JPY dropped as dollar rebounded as investors keep a close eye on developments on the Korean peninsula. Corporate service prices in Japan were up 0.8 percent on year in March, the Bank of Japan said.Japan’s leading index increased slightly in February instead of a decline reported earlier, latest figures from the Cabinet Office showed. 30 more words

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هوامير البورصة السعودية