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30k - First Zone Mortalis Game completed

I got my first taste of the variant 30k mission – Zone Mortalis – on Tuesday this week. I must say I think I am hooked! 501 more words


30k Spotlight - The III Legion, Emperors Children

Warning – many pictures!

With all my excitement around my Word Bearers of late I was inspired to organise a game with a fellow 30k enthusiast playing a Zone Mortalis table – … 966 more words


Mechanicum Update

Danger Rod back again with an update of my 30k Mechanicum Army that I was building in my first entry. Still waiting for the Mechanicum Taghmata red book to arrive before I can actually start formalizing a list, but until then it’s painting time. 195 more words



The current Deathwing commission has now taken me onto a FW Dreadnought. The client has asked me to paint the dreadnought up, but with magnetizing the arms for weapon refits. 143 more words


Horus Heresy – Word Bearers Mhara Gal Tainted Dreadnought – Spotlight

Mhara Gal – the Tainted. A towering war machine twisted by the dark powers into a rampaging monster of flesh and iron with the corrupt soul of a daemon… how cool is that! 1,445 more words


Imperial Fists - Tanks

Hey all

More tanks for the Imperial Fists. First up is the converted Predator Executioner. These seem pretty amazing on the table, so I’m really looking forward to see how it goes. 149 more words


Horus Heresy – Word Bearers Zardu Layak – Spotlight

Zardu Layak – The Crimson Apostle, The Thrice Born, The Binder of Souls, The Voice of the Unspeaking. Many are the names of this dark warrior of the 17th legion.  1,664 more words