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Lief Olafur’s Watch Pack

Olafur’s pack, ten warriors of the Rout, ten champions and veterans of Fenris. The accounts talk of hunters, thread cutters and murder makers, warriors whose sagas will last the ages, warriors who will see their duty done at all costs, or find peace comfort on the red snow.

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Tactical Squad(s) WIP 01

Thirty warriors of the rout are assembled, complete with Forge World Shoulder Pads, wolf talismans and some characterful bare-heads. Added some green stuff details to some models to help keep variation. 9 more words

Ancient Tyr Gunvor

Formally a champion of Onn Company, hero of The Rout and breaker of xenos threads, felled by Eldar Malificarum during the purging of the Leonis Asteroid Belt. 58 more words

Alpha Legion Veteran Squad + Rhino Transport

1 of 3 identical squads painted in January as part of a “New Year, New Army” event at the local Games Workshop. Painted using airbrush, Scale75 and GW paints.


Blood Angels Leviathan Siege Dreadnought

What’s big, red and smashes through fortress walls that it’s just set fire to? Yup, it’s my Blood Angels Leviathan Siege Dreadnought – the latest addition to my Heresy Era, 2nd Ed Inspired Army. 644 more words

Space Marines

The Wolves Approach...

Jarl Ulvbane Thorvardsson stalks the ruins of Tizca, snuffing the last embers of resistance encountered in the wake of the Rout’s onslaught. His Huscarls keep pace, his warriors run the streets and cleanse the buildings, mighty Ancients strike the battle field in support, implacable in their destructive duty.

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The Jarl's Huscarls

Eskil Brossa, Arn Njordur and Horik Vidarr, chosen of the Jarl, favoured of Thorvardsson, their accounts many, the saga’s heavy with their deeds.

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