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Mechanicum - Myrmidon Destructors

Hi guys,

More Mechanicum, this time a squad of Myrmidon Destructors. One of the interesting things I’m finding with this army is that because all the models are so different, I need to reinvent the colour scheme for every new squad. 139 more words


Varagyr Wolf Guard Terminators WIP 04

Building in options, as well as increasing the Varagyr to a ten model squad, has produced the combination of Chain Fist and Frost Claw. The Frost claw is a standard Cataphractii lightning claw with the talons removed and replaced with those from Geigor’s claw to make them distinctive from other lightning claws. 11 more words

Horus Heresy

Varagyr Wolf Guard Terminators WIP 03

Minus a little tidying up and some attention to joints with liquid Green-Stuff the first five Varagyr Terminators are complete.

Like the former three, the latest two Varagyr to be finished have Frost Axes and Frost Swords, furs cover the leather pteruges and an assortment of totems and trinkets to adorn their armour. 31 more words

Horus Heresy

Morg 'n' Thorg 2017!

Well… While there is a part of me that wishes there were even more new Blood Bowl releases than we have seen in the last few months, I do have to say that there have been releases than I actually expected to see. 718 more words

Games Workshop

Varagyr Wolf Guard Terminators WIP 02

Progress continues on the Varagyr Terminators, with three (of the intended five model squad) nearing completion.

The Thegn pack leader has shoulder pauldrons added, complete with a rune/text inscribed detail from the Forge World space wolves terminator upgrade set. 87 more words

Horus Heresy

Varagyr Wolf Guard Terminators WIP 01

With little more than rumours on when and what the Forge World Varagyr Wolf Guard Terminators will be a plan has been put together to create a squad of five until some official models are released.First up the Aesthetic… the Varagyr are fortunate enough to get a beautiful graphic in Inferno (Book VII from Forge World) showing their decorated cataphractii plate, draped wolf pelt and spiked shoulder pauldrons. 351 more words

Horus Heresy

Arn Thorvard, 'Castle Breaker', Lord of the Void Hunters

A leviathan of ancient providence among the legion, Arn Thorvard was a Terran warrior of the Rout known for his aptitude in void combat. Broken beyond repair fighting in the Dulan Campaign, Thorvard was committed to torture and life support of a dreadnought sarcophagus. 26 more words

Horus Heresy