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Big changes

After a night of furious cutting and carving of two of my favourite Forge World models, I can finally present a figure for my inquisitor than I’m happy with. 53 more words


Impromptu Day Off!

I’ve had a day off today! Wonderful times. It was actually booked because I had a dental appointment and didn’t want to have the fuss of going into work, to cross town for my teeth to be admired, then to cross back again. 1,083 more words

Games Workshop

Alpha Legion Headhunters

Shipping on the 5th February Forge World bring to you the latest upgrade kits for use with Plastic and Resin Space Marines 200 more words


New Forgeworld goodness!

Well, damn and blast! In December, I’d spent nearly £100 at Forge World in order to get one of those free shipping vouchers, thinking by the time I used it, the Legion army books would be back in stock. 255 more words


Forge World Imperial Fortress Walls Part III

I suppose it is time for a brief update on my most ambitious project, which also doubles as the bane of my miniature-addicted world; The Fortress Walls. 259 more words

Games Workshop

Isstvan Tilogy

Forge World have a limited time offer for all three books from the Isstvan Trilogy available until February the Fourth at a special price of £195 431 more words


Blood Angels Standard Bearer - 30k: Here I Come!

Happy New Year! Ok, so I’m several days late with that, but I have good news – exciting news even! I have taken my first step into 30k beginning with this, my Blood Angels Standard Bearer. 451 more words

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