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Forge World giving away £100 a month for the next 3 months!

Forge World have a great prize draw running at the moment! Each month they will be picking someone off their mailing list to win a £100 gift voucher! 16 more words


Forge World Horus Heresy Weapons - Last Chance to Buy!

Another Friday and another chunk of the Forge World Horus Heresy upgrades have gone last chance to buy!

28 different upgrade packs including special and heavy weapons along with alternate bolters are on the list – so make sure to take a look if you need to add any to your Heresy Marines! 37 more words


Legio Custodes Telemon rules for Warhammer 40k!

Forge World have given another one of their 30k Legio Custodes range rules to use in games of Warhammer 40k, and this time it is the Telemon Heavy Dreadnought! 35 more words


Forge World Pre Orders - Necromunda Hired Guns and Bounty Hunters! Belladonna, a Squat and More!

Today up for pre order from Forge World are an assortment of brand new Bounty Hunters and Hired Guns for Necromunda!


As the ancient saying goes ‘don’t mess with a woman wronged’, and Belladonna has been oh so wronged!

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Necromunda Squat Mercenary up for Pre Order on Friday!

Exciting news everyone! The Squat Mercenary “Grendl Grendlsen” from Forge World for Necromunda will be up for pre order this Friday!!

We are big fans of Necromunda and I will certainly be picking this guy up alongside the new Van Saar gang!


Forge World Mumak War Leader Unboxing

The first The Lord of the Rings kit in a long time has just been released in the form of the Harad Mumak War Leader! Check out our unboxing below! 135 more words


Forge World News - Elysian Drop Troops now "Last chance to buy" and Aurox Armoured Transport up for pre order!

From Forge World this morning we learn that it is the last chance to order the Elysian Drop Troops range! These are some lovely models and I have always fancied doing a small army of them myself while playing Ride of the Valkyries at full volume… 308 more words