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Hey all

Something a bit different today. With the Imperial Fists done I’ve decided to do a few little random projects before settling on something more substantial. 127 more words


Betrayal at Calth - the easiest way EVER to get into 30k

While terrain continues to drive me mad – 2 weeks till the event and 2 tables worth of terrain to paint – I wanted to take a break and talk about the single greatest release for 30k players pretty much ever – Betrayal at Calth. 900 more words


The Horus Heresy Special Offers!

This weekend, Games Workshop released, for the first time, models based on The Horus Heresy in fantastic plastic! Like many hobbyists, I have been waiting for such models for a long time, and did a suitable amount of jumping up and down with glee when the announcement of the models came. 290 more words


Metal is as metal does - Outpost - Skulls XIV Tournament - A Mechanicum List

Ok…I did something crazy…I’ve submitted a 30k Mechanicum list for a tournament…with only having around 800pts painted!

Why did I do this?

Well, I suppose it’s because sleep is for the weak…right? 452 more words


The Betrayal At Calth

‘My devotion is my strength.’ Lorgar clenched his perfect teeth. ‘You have no heart, and no soul.’ A snort blackened his angelic features with a disgusted twist. 2,301 more words


Imperial Fists - Finished!

Hey all!

Big day! After around two and a half years, the Imperial Fists are pretty much finished. I’m really happy with how the army has come up, and it’s definitely been worth all the blood, sweat and tears that went into it. 188 more words


Imperial Fists - Bringing it all together

Hey all

The Imperial Fists draw ever closer. At the moment I’m basically down to finishing off the little left over bits here and there and making sure the squads have all the options I want for them. 207 more words