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Khorne On The Cob: Age of Sigmar Blood Warriors

Despite being back from training I have found that not only has my desktop died, but so to has my laptop, as such this will be my first attempt at creating  post on a Microsoft Surface. 127 more words

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Showcase: Angron, the Red Angel (Horus Heresy)

In today’s showcase, we have my rendition of a truly remarkable model: Primarch Angron, The Red Angel, the model that kicked off Forge World’s Horus Heresy range in earnest. 76 more words


Servo Skull Musings: Forge World & The Black Market (Or is it grey?)

I offer today a two part preamble. First, we will see the resurgence of modelling related posts in the near future. I am away for two weeks of training for work and somehow doubt the hotel staff would be too impressed with my converting their room into a make-shift hobby area. 640 more words

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Forge World Open Day - Pictures


We attended the Forge World Open Day in July but haven’t managed to get around to posting our photos up yet, so here they are! 17 more words

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Imperial Fists - Support Squad

Hey all

Another quick update today. Finished a support squad for the Imperial Fists. These guys have magnetized weapon hands, allowing them to swap out between a wide range of different weapons. 210 more words


Forge World Imperial Fortress Walls Part I

The Imperial Fortress Walls are no longer available by way of Forge World. Once upon a time they were one of two terrain sets for Warhammer 40K that represented the pinnacle of scenery (the other being the Anphelion Base). 529 more words

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Age of Sigmar: Stormcast Eternals Assembled (Plus the second teaser of a 40K Forge World Project in the works)

I suspect there is a certain predictability with regards to the 40K armies that interest me; the Imperium and Chaos. With that said I have always preferred the stalwart defenders that are the normal humans of the Astra Militarum/Imperial Guard. 490 more words

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