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WIP Terminator Command Squad 03

Selected weapons and arm poses for the 2 Veterans and standard bearer, sculpted on some fur to hide the leather teruges.

Added fur to the arm on the standard bearer.

Until Next Winter…

Terminator Command Squad WIP 02

With the Torso’s prepared for the next stage I made some progress on the shoulder pauldrons, taking cues from my Wolf Lord and thinking about how the Torso armour has been crated i carefully added select details from the Terminator Upgrade Shoulder Pads to Cataphractii ones. 35 more words

Terminator Command Squad WIP 01

Made a start on the Terminator Command Squad to accompany the Jarl, planning to do these as a simple squad of three; one Standard Bearer and two veterans, all in ‘ 126 more words

Inquisitor Savant

Here is the third and final member of my Inquisitorial warband, a savant. I was lucky enough to be invited to participate in an Inquisitor campaign at work which requires three starting characters for each warband. 195 more words

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The Game of Dragon

Finally! At last! It’s over! It’s done!

After many, many painting hours, I’ve managed to paint Carmine Dragon from Forge World. Oh, gosh! That was a challenge, I tell you! 1,057 more words

Warhammer Fantasy

Forge World Legion Insight

The Forge World website has a nice introduction to the Legions section now, contained within each is an insight into the Legion’s character and how they make war. 35 more words

White Scars and Mechanicum Thallax #miniaturemonday

The last few months have been very busy, with loads to do at work, and also moving house, but finally I’ve managed to get some stuff together to share for #miniaturemonday. 89 more words

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