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Tribune Ixion Hale

My latest commission paint job is Tribune Ixion Hale of the Legio Custodes. This is a Forge World Horus Heresy miniature that can only be acquired at events and at Warhammer World. 175 more words

Games Workshop

Heavy Support Incoming! 

So, second time writing this post lol.

The last edition, I bought the Imperial Armour book containing the Tank company Army List. it was cool, fluffy and let me take tanks as troops! 268 more words


Side project time! 

OK, so very few posts in and I’m already working on Space Marines, Sisters of Silence and Grey Knights for my Imperial Army!

So far, I have Built 3 Paladins, Voldus, a Terminator Ancient and an Apothecary, and this morning, 5 more terminators and a Brother Captain arrived. 133 more words


Forge World Open Day 2017 - Necromunda, New Toys & Nice Times in Nottingham

Hello all! I have returned from a smashing (if a little exhausting) weekend in Nottingham and I have many tales to tell. It was a great event as always and I have plenty of pictures to share with you, including, yes, Necromunda minis (which you’ll no doubt have seen yourselves by now) but I can’t tell you how excited I am about the return of that old favourite. 1,301 more words

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Breaking news: Necromunda Underhive

Wow! So games workshop have kicked off the Forgeworld open day with the news of the return of one of their most popular games Necromunda! 55 more words


Forge World Preorder - Pitches and Tokens

Up for preorder on Forgeworld today is a few items:

“Gouged Eye Doombowl Stadium – Neoprene Pitch”

“Reikland Reavers Oldbowl Stadium – Neoprene Pitch”

“Underworld Denizens Coins & Tokens” 104 more words

Blood Bowl

Preparation for Forge World Open Day

Yes, regular readers, it is that time of year again when I break out for the fair city of Nottingham and the Geek-vana that is Forge World Open Day. 1,023 more words

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