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Wolf Lord WIP 03

Progress continues with the removal of the Aquila from the chest armour, making way for some other detailing or iconography.

Until next winter…

Wolf Lord WIP 02

With the torso conversion work nicely set, work has progressed onto the arms, specifically a pair of lightning claws.

Design Note: many moons ago there was a feature in an early white dwarf (circa 1990) showing a squad or two of space wolves, all a mix of metal grey hunters, blood claws and long fangs, lead by a terminator wolf guard. 115 more words

Wolf Lord WIP 01

Progress on the Praetor/Centurion has begun, starting with the 40k Space Wolves Terminator Upgrades from Forge World, which should make a nice base.

Using the plastic Cataphractii Torso the power plant was cut in the back and the arched cowl of the terminator suit added to the front to give the armour more of a 30k feel. 42 more words

Phase 1 - Vengeance of Kai'pach #hardforheresy

Kaiā€™pach felt the Thunderhawk judder as its hull took another blow from the pursuing Storm Eagle. They were going down, tumbling from orbit with little control, but were nonetheless on a heading for their chosen landing site. 1,140 more words

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The Vengeance of Kai'Pach Campaign #hardforheresy

Today, myself and my regular opponent, Nick, start our first narrative campaign. We’re using the Legendary Missions and system from the fifth Heresy book, with added character progression. 456 more words

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That Escalated...!

I’m lucky enough that my local club and clubmates are running a 30k Escalation league, allowing for a relatively slow grow project – which suits me perfectly! 241 more words

Death Guard


Finally I can present to you the finished article, the project long in the making, my Inquisitor and his (semi)loyal retinue! I had a lot of fun making these and I feel ready to plow straight into my next project. 425 more words