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The Bright Crusaders Are Here

When Games Workshop announced the release of the Bright Crusaders team for Blood Bowl, there was quite a bit of grumbling across the interwebs. Some people were a little irritated that with only four official teams released for Blood Bowl, Games Workshop was now releasing a second Human team. 689 more words


Sons of Horus: Fixing & rebasing


Contemptor Dreadnought

Justaerin Terminators


I’ve not had heaps of energy for painting, writing, or gaming over the last month or so.

Still, I have done a bit of hobbying that I’ve felt like doing – purchasing and building most of a Deathwatch Watchblade Taskforce (great models, too good a deal to turn down!), painting a Necromancer and Wight King for my forces of Death, generally organising my collection and spare bits, and finally, fixing up and starting to re-base my Sons of Horus on 32mm bases. 36 more words

Games Workshop

And Behold A Pale Roller: And His Name That Sat On It Was Death

A few months ago, Games Workshop showed of the 3D modeling images of the new Deathroller mini. I have to admit, I really was not very impressed. 2,372 more words


The Beast Approaches 

Just a quick wip today, the start of a great brooding mother-beast. I tried my hand at some detailed sculpting here and, whilst my efforts leave much to be desired, I really enjoyed it.


Two-fer Tuesday! ...But on a Friday!

Who has got two thumbs and got another package in the mail today? This guy! Two weeks ago today, Forge World put the new Griff Oberwald and the Skaven Rat Ogre on pre-order. 1,646 more words


Mechanicum - Myrmidon Destructors

Hi guys,

More Mechanicum, this time a squad of Myrmidon Destructors. One of the interesting things I’m finding with this army is that because all the models are so different, I need to reinvent the colour scheme for every new squad. 139 more words


Varagyr Wolf Guard Terminators WIP 04

Building in options, as well as increasing the Varagyr to a ten model squad, has produced the combination of Chain Fist and Frost Claw. The Frost claw is a standard Cataphractii lightning claw with the talons removed and replaced with those from Geigor’s claw to make them distinctive from other lightning claws. 11 more words

Horus Heresy