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New Necromunda Escher Weapon Sets from Forge World

Today’s new Forge World releases are 3 different weapon sets for the Necromunda Escher gang!

Comparable with the plastic kits these allow for a larger selection of weapons and designs to customise your gang! 13 more words


Mina onda månorker

Jag har en till armé till 40K och det är orker målade som Bad Moons. Jag älskar hur orkerna ser ut, deras fluff och det nästan obegränsade möjligheten att modda och måla dem precis som man själv vill. 330 more words

Games Workshop

Ätare av världar

Jag var aldrig intresserad av 30K. Inte egentligen. Men sedan började jag läsa Horus Heresy-böckerna. Just nu är jag på bok förtionånting. Allt är inte bra, vissa är till och med dåliga, men en av böckerna står ut. 167 more words

Games Workshop

Forge World Varagyr WIP 01

Following on from the review of the kit, work commenced in earnest.

A dremel was used to remove the fur from the waist and below the pauldrons, in preparation for re-sculpting the fur. 147 more words

Space Wolves

Custodes Constantine Valdor Forge World Unboxing

We check out the brand new Custodes Constantine Valdor from Forge World, available for early release at last weekend’s Horus Heresy Weekender!!

This guy is a beast of a character for the Horus Heresy, but I’m sure he would look brilliant leading your armies in Warhammer 40k as well as in 30k! 14 more words


The Necromunda Weekender

Hey everybody!
Well, I’m a little late to this stuff, but I’ve just been taking a bit of extra time to digest all of the news that we’ve been seeing from the guys over in Nottingham! 1,029 more words


Rogal Dorn FW model!!

Brace yourselves Imperial Fists, your Primarch is here! And what a beautiful model it is! I’m currently reading the Horus Rising novel and just a couple of days ago I read the part where Dorn is explaining Loken how his Primarch needs him and I loved every word of that conversation. 21 more words