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Legion Rhino Armoured Carriers WIP 01

Four rhino armoured carriers assembled and ready for painting. All four have been given pintle-mounted multi-meltas to help combat the obscene amount of armour that graces the 30k theaters of war. 32 more words

Cynric Hermodur's Pack

Cynric Hermodur’s pack lead flamer teams into the great libraries of Tizca, providing a vanguard whilst their Brother’s destroyed the archives of forbidden knowledge within. It was there that they drew metal against unnamed horrors, losing many warriors to the Fifteenth Legion’s malificarum.

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Ancient Ansgar Unferth

Ansgar Unferth was a warriors of note within the Rout, know for his head strong demeanor and bloody saga of battle against the Myeer Pirates during the wars of compliance. 26 more words

Roneth Aethelwulf's Pack

Roneth Aethelwulf, a true hunter and an unlikely pack leader. More often found out on the mountainside hunting in the twilight hours than running drill with his battle brothers, nether the less he’s lead his pack through a dozen theaters of war across half the known galaxy.

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Hoenir's Pack

Hoenir’s Pack, warriors of the rout, blooded in a dozen campaigns and tested on Prospero. Galan Hoenir leads his a pack with ferocity and determination, the very epitome of what it is to be of the Vlka Fenryka.

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Tormund Andwend Flokisson, Rune Priest

Quiet and solitary, Tormund Andwend Fklokisson is everything one would expect of a spirit seer of the Vlka Fenryka. A Gothi of considerable skill Flokisson is known as the Wind Walker by his pack-brothers, a name afforded to him for his ability to cast his spirit out upon the world wind and visit far off places, places far from the Aett. 38 more words

Rune Priest WIP 02

A little more tidying up with green stuff and filing has been undertaken, but most crucially (with a little help from Mr Hayes) the priest now has a wizardy looking hand to replace the clumsy plastic one.

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