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Imperial Fists - Support Squad

Hey all

Another quick update today. Finished a support squad for the Imperial Fists. These guys have magnetized weapon hands, allowing them to swap out between a wide range of different weapons. 210 more words


Forge World Imperial Fortress Walls Part I

The Imperial Fortress Walls are no longer available by way of Forge World. Once upon a time they were one of two terrain sets for Warhammer 40K that represented the pinnacle of scenery (the other being the Anphelion Base). 529 more words

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Age of Sigmar: Stormcast Eternals Assembled (Plus the second teaser of a 40K Forge World Project in the works)

I suspect there is a certain predictability with regards to the 40K armies that interest me; the Imperium and Chaos. With that said I have always preferred the stalwart defenders that are the normal humans of the Astra Militarum/Imperial Guard. 490 more words

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Age of Sigmar: Chaos Assembled (Plus part one of a hint of a 40K Forge World Project in the works)

I am pleased to state that the Age of Sigmar starter set is fully assembled! Tonight we will take a look at the Chaos side with the Stormcast Eternals making an appearance tomorrow. 404 more words

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Imperial Fists - Alexis Polux

Hey all

Just finished the Forge World Alexis Polux model for the Imperial Fists. I already had a conversion that I used to represent Polux on the table, however the Forge World character series model was simply to nice not to include in the army. 62 more words


Mortifactors Chapter Master

I don’t get much done these days (hoping to change that btw) but when I do, I like to think afterwards that I’ve given it my all. 580 more words

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Forge World Open Day 2015 - Resin Heaven @ Warhammer World

There is something special about Forge World. There always was really, but for some reason, some wonderful reason, it has never lost its sparkle. So when me and my bestest buddy, Mr Henry South of… 1,334 more words

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