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Harald Ansgar's Pack

Clad in Tartaros pattern Tactical Dreadnought Armour, Harald Ansgar lead’s his veteran pack brothers with a mortician’s humour latterly stereotyped as characterising the Vlka Fenryka. Ansgar’s saga is far darker however, known as the Butcher of Ghenna, a mantle more at home against the traitorous forces of the warmaster.   52 more words

Tartaros Terminator Command Squad WIP 01

With Hvarl Red-Blade being clad in Tartaros pattern Tactical Dreadnought Armour, any potential command squad needs to be likewise adorned. With Hvarl’s warriors being known for their taking of the foes heads as trophies it was important to represent this on the models, particularly Hvarl’s great company banner. 163 more words

Hvarl Red-Blade WIP 01

Hvarl Red-Blade, Jarl of the Fourth Great Company, ‘The Ravager’, ‘The Headsman of Koltok’

The narrative text and rules describing the choleric tempered Jarl that is Hvarl Red-Blade inspire an image of mighty warrior, of legendary deeds even in the triumph of the great crusade, although with a darker side. 105 more words

Priest of Fenris: Speaker of the Dead WIP 02

Following some debating and review (and discussion among peers, you know who you are), the power pack has been swapped out and the ornamentation converted to adorn a MkIII power pack, matching the armour.

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New pick-ups

Reluctant Coach Oakez clearly has more money than sense, but is working hard to equal the difference…

In an official press statement The Boggart Hole Slayerz… 17 more words


Leviathan Siege Dreadnought WIP 01

Constructed the Leviathan Siege Dreadnought kit, posed over a fallen Thousand Sons’ Contemptor Dreadnought. The model is huge, a real beast of a kit. After some careful consideration about the weapons options, the Siege Assault Drill has been glued in place as permanent option, with the inherent character of the Vlka Fenryka the close combat ability was an absolute requirement. 114 more words

Did I Get Another Package in the Mail Today? Yes I Did!

In my last couple of posts I have gone over most of the latest Blood Bowl releases from Games Workshop. Today, we get a look at the last of those releases. 1,473 more words

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