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Book V - Tempest and Ultramarines

Hey all

Today I was lucky enough that Horus Heresy Book V arrived on my door, happy day! I’m planning on writing a few blog posts in the future talking about the various space marine legions so thought I’d start today by talking about the Ultramarines. 1,434 more words

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Reaver Titan - Upright!

Hey all

The Reaver titan is upright! He’s also mostly finished! There are still a few minor details to go regarding painting (some lenses, a few highlights on the trim, etc etc). 184 more words


The Lost And The Damned

I’ve done my best to hold off of posting until I had something worth showing. It’s been quite a while since I last finished painting a mini and that’s something that I’m certainly looking to correct. 536 more words


Nurgle Blight Drone

Here is a Forgeworld Nurgle Blight Drone

If you are interested in commissioning me for a painting project please contact me at:


for more details please click here


Reaver Titan - Guns!

Hey all

Work continues on the Reaver. Next up is getting the weapons up and ready. The first step was trying to figure out how to make the weapons interchangeable. 676 more words


Forge World: Yay or Nay?

Following Forge World’s recent reiteration that everything they make is 40k legal, where does that put those of us who can’t afford the stuff?

Strategy A: Submit. 191 more words


Bonecruncha's Nurgle Showcase

Being that I’m a huge fan of the chaos god Nurgle and his corrupted followers, I imagine my Death Guard and Daemons forces will make up the bulk of my blogging activity. 170 more words