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Footprints-An Impression


Footprints on the sand so deep and intense

Leaving a trail behind,

A wave comes rushing to fill up the steps

Leaving nothing behind, 49 more words


Where is that toy or unfortunate memory lapses

Memory loss is something I’ve always worried about. It’s one of the first signs of dottiness. Now I’m worried.

I’m a great pet owner. Mostly. They get free food and healthcare and not the cheap stuff either. 320 more words


But it's not supposed to happen to me!

Well, it happens to the best of us. So they say. Who are these they? Are they the best of us so they would know? Or are they like me? 483 more words


Sally the Space Cadet

Will Sally ever bring her field trip form home? No matter how many times Mom reminds her, she keeps forgetting it. How will she convince her mind to remember? 321 more words


Not a senior moment

I hate the way I (and maybe you) assume that if you’re over 70 (or maybe 50) every tiny temporary slip of the memory is due to incipient dementia and old age. 61 more words


100 Words a Day #35

I missed a day of writing yesterday.  I feel bad about because I am supposed to stay regimented and do this exercise daily.  But sometimes life gets in the way and you miss things.  66 more words

It Appears As Though I'm Missing Something Rather Important

I’ve looked everywhere

and I can’t imagine where it would be.

In the car or behind my desk?

I’ve looked all over yesterday

and it certainly isn’t in tomorrow, 128 more words