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Force multipliers

San Diego, California

Blake’s wife is usually calm. Well kind of.

The other day he forgot to fix the lights in the garage. She had been reminding him for four days straight. 48 more words

MHM Recovery 12

Well… this one is about memory, the day to day of living with the memory problems that come along with mental illness and with complex PTSD’s shrinking of the hippocampus and amygdala (I only assume this is behind some of my difficulties – I do not know for sure). 122 more words

Monday Musings...

Forgetting Who You Are

For the past year or so the main things on my mind are Jainism and autism. You can also add homelessism to the canon but it’s not necessary – it’s not really an ism and shouldn’t be something I look forward to anyway. 244 more words

Early Signs of Aging

I am sorry to say this, but I was so busy living my life that I forgot my blog existed. I mean when did I even create one? 24 more words

It Was Right Here!

I go to the YMCA three times a week. Because walking from the parking lot is a challenge, I try to find a handicapped parking space, which is not always available. 167 more words

Too Many Distractions...

I hate to admit it but aside from my blog posts, I haven’t written anything all month.  It has been too traumatic.  Back to school, the fire, grandma going to a home, Culture Days, Culture Days being a bust and my brother moving back home all have me over-the-top as far as everything seems to be concerned.  387 more words