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Our dumb brains

My neighbor Edie, who has macular degeneration, recently hired a woman I know to be her driver for errands and appointments. Because this woman — let’s call her Paula — told Edie she and I are friends, Edie has been plying me for information. 668 more words

Can You Remember?

In most ways, I take after my father much more than my mother.  I inherited his sense of humor, his passion for reading, his deep love of animals, and (unfortunately) his sagging neck line and tendency to be a bit wide in the middle.  633 more words

Things that happen to writers…at least this one

This blog will be six years old in August. That’s a long time. I have over 1,000 posts and I have never posted daily. You’d think I would remember stuff. 303 more words


Quote of the Day

And I have often noticed that even a few minutes of this self forgetfulness is tremendously invigorating. I wonder if we do not waste most of our energy just by spending every waking minute saying hello to ourselves.
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Grief Brain? Me?

NOTE: I want to thank Melanie De Simone thelifeididntchoose.com for her helpful post: Grief Brain: It’s a Real Thing!

I was sitting in the pew waiting for Wednesday evening prayer meeting to start.  621 more words


Sucker punches and trying to find unisex clothing


For much of the day, I forget that I’m pregnant. I mean, really, who forgets that they’re carrying a life beneath their heart? Then I get a little sucker punch from the inside out the blue. 583 more words


Fall into oblivion

Fall into oblivion

When the source
Of interest exchange
Comes to an stillstand
On one end
Or runs dry
Then we find us
Quickly put into the drawer… 18 more words

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