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"Is Everyone My Age This Forgetful?" also . . . "Is Everyone My Age This Forgetful?"

If, perchance, you happen to be like me and are a bit forgetful, I’m about to make you feel a whole lot better about yourself.  A. 1,122 more words


Forgetful Tendencies

We forget. It’s not that we try to do it or mean to do it. We simply forget. Time passes. Memories are replaced by newer ones. 105 more words

A Lost Direction

I walked into her room
she thought I was my father,
I told her he had died
tears formed in her eyes.

Who are you? My carer? 110 more words


The Things We Forget

Memory is a funny thing. We rely on our memory, even though it is clearly not all that reliable. We all remember things that aren’t important, but that’s not a problem. 624 more words


Take Stand

Running moods In desperation she lost the light In her eyes, we are here right now they came to the door there Is no more to give out of love you played my heart to death repeat wilderness scars diverse I will never look at you again that’s my foolish grace, always on the outside my dream In case you never noticed walking this way away. 112 more words


Fishing Lake Yesterday



Short-term mem’ry

Murky Lake Yesterday

Hope to catch last grand-glimmered thought

Flashed past

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I know I’m not the only one dealing with a parent with senile dementia bordering on Alzheimer’s. So how is it done? How do I keep my own sanity? 329 more words

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