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two-fold: X

Hey! Seems the author has arrived. Funny, do not feel like the move occurred. Must have been while, uh, distracted? What do you, the intellectual audience of none, believe to be this moment of forgetfulness? 28 more words

Forgetful Proverbs IX

Been absent for a while—but even I can only read them as they come… ;]

1. You can only remember what you once forgot.

2. 121 more words


Oh Dear!

It was the seventieth anniversary of my birthday last Saturday. I don’t much remember the first few though I can remember incidences in those far off days of yesteryear. 1,053 more words


Have you ever

Walked into a room and forgot why? Probably. I know I do. Any everyone in my family does as well. Maybe it’s genetic. I’m kidding. This is not going to be scientific. 237 more words

The Fox Tried to Foil the Day

The day before flying away, I packed my bags for spending Thanksgiving with family in NC.  This trip required some alterations in my normal packing routine. 444 more words

Christian Life

Taking Turns

Today, I’m gifting my readers a lil pre-holiday chuckle and cheer, and a lil peak into my world, where things are often forgotten and humility is a dish best served warm.  193 more words

Rush, rush, rush

Guess who missed a post? Again?
Well if you guessed this girl, you’d be right. Yesterday, everything was crazy hectic with me driving (well technically my sister drove) three towns over to try and beat the clock only to get there and realize the school closed at 430 instead of 8. 56 more words