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Lent - Day 18 - Jesus Questions

“Won’t you ever learn or understand?” (Mark 8:17)

Jesus had just a touch of irritation in His voice. I’m sure of it. This Jesus Question was the second of six questions that He asked in rapid succession.

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“I can’t find the keys anywhere, how is that possible?” Mum asks me several times a day. Another one is: “Have you closed your window?”, every time we leave the house. 1,232 more words

Autobiographic Stories


This 2017 post continues my 2015 post I NEED TO SEE MY MOTHER. If you have not read it, or forgot, you might want to go there first… 637 more words


The Post

This is about the hundredth (maybe, fourth) post I have tries to write recently. I’ve started draft after draft and somehow i have managed to lose them all. 136 more words


Yesterday's Raven

It all seems as if the happening…just began yesterday.

Velcro’ d lifelines that came unhinged.

It is in the manner in which, strangers stare.

As if, they are aware time has been unfair. 98 more words


He was only expecting a manicure

Could forgetfulness be some kind of germ – catching, transmittable, etc? I only ask because… because….

Well, as you know my mother’s got dementia. I’m not at all sure she knows who I am now – if she looks up at all when I go in, it is with a vague sort of puzzlement. 580 more words