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Repercussions Of Unethical Amnesia: Breaking the Myths

 Let’s play truth or dare! “Oh wait we can only play dare, you don’t know how to tell the truth.”

Ever wondered why people lie again and again?

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'Creating' memories

The days are flying, and there are days when time seems to have vanished between sunrise and sunset. I try to recall what I did or what I ate, but I am simply not able to remember. 311 more words

Everyday Moments

Fall into oblivion

Fall into oblivion

When the source
Of interest exchange
Comes to an stillstand
On one end
Or runs dry
Then we find us
Quickly put into the drawer… 18 more words


Dub's Loss

Dub used to be handsome. The eighty-year-old ex-horse trader knew some quality stories about the price of land, about grappling for catfish in hollow logs, about going out with married women.  1,636 more words


Treasure principle

If there’s one thing God makes certain throughout Scripture, it’s that not one of His chosen human conduits is without fault. This is to keep our eyes on the only human that was completely sinless, Jesus Christ. 765 more words


Burdens of an overactive mind

My body aches. The highway winds.

Burdens of an overactive mind

Dying flowers beside the higway

A life was lost on the spot where they lay… 144 more words


excuses, pt. 2

i could make some grand
excuses, but honestly
i just plum forgot