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Lassoing The Truth Out Of Difficult And Or Sad Times

Title partially stolen from Kacey Musgraves’s Song Wonder Woman.

I almost wrote Sad as Sand in the heading  😁, which would have made sense as well.

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So I was editing the last post, and “similar posts” came up along the bottom.  Among them I found:

my 100th post mother’s day mystery… 543 more words

Baby Brain - That or I'm going mad!

Generally I consider myself to be a fairly normal human being, I’m fairly organised and I have a decent memory. The last fortnight or so though this has not been even slightly true for me. 264 more words

Mental Health

Thin Slivers...

Through thick veneer of forgetfulness
and fragile memories worn by age,
thin slivers of deep-seated love
seeps through his fingers
to highlights her days.



The Daily Post

The Daily Post

Ship of Remembering

Have you ever forgotten?

The keys. The number. The lists.

Where the well was?
Your body or your dream?

That image in your bones
or direction of your ship? 296 more words


“ The Consequence ” ~ of forgetfulness ~

You come to believe

Thru serene control,

Had then so achieved

A mind now set bold,

Held made concede

Put memory on hold,

Save too little known… 36 more words

My Poetry

Let my misfortune be some advice for you

I keep losing things. And double-booking myself, having to then cancel on friends. I have too much on my mind!

It’s the busiest time of the year at work and there have been some staff changes in that I have a new editor working. 711 more words