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My brain.

I am becoming a little concerned about … whatever this is.

Let’s start with the type of person I used to be when I was a kid (for pretty much grades 1-12): 600 more words


The Most Slippery Place On Earth

Let’s play a little game. Run through this random list. When you hit a question, answer as fast as you can and move on!

Ready? 480 more words


In Remembrance

I love words, and I love to write.  I journal nearly every day, keep at least two notebooks at all times (one for ideas and one for regular things like lists), and am never without a diligently-tended planner.  686 more words

Sabra's Thoughts

Week 7 - What's the deal with maternity bras being so ugly?

So much for a lucky escape. I made it a whole two days into week seven before the sickness kicked in. Luckily, after a horrid day yesterday, I’ve felt pretty much fine today, so even if it does make a return, I can assure myself it might not be everyday. 698 more words


Parental Journal 09 from Planet Elderly

Parental Journal 09
Sunday, April 12, 2015 6:30 a.m.

Very calm day yesterday. We had a nice visit with Dad and Mom didn’t cry much. At one point yesterday she asked me, “Do you think Dad is ever coming home?” I told her I thought he would continue to decline mentally over time and that other than a miracle occurring, no, I didn’t think he would come home. 1,172 more words

Parental Journal


I never learned to swim properly. I mean, I can swim… Just not well. I probably look like I’m trying to swim through mud rather than water. 533 more words




Forgetfulness is like a song
That, freed from beat and measure, wanders.
Forgetfulness is like a bird whose wings are reconciled,
Outspread and motionless,— 58 more words