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Haiku- Forgotten

I feel forgotten,
lost to more important things.
Left to move along.


The Third Thing

Why can’t I ever remember the third thing in a series?

My wife told me to bring three things

to the party and I can’t remember the third thing. 284 more words


01.02. The Three Fundamental Illusions: Need, Separation and Forgetfulness

Note: The three ones can be called illusions only related to the Absolute (God the Father); for us, at the stage where we are now, they are realities. 285 more words


01.01. Good And Evil

I’ve managed to find a general definition, I hope, about good and evil. In short it would be:

- Everything that helps reducing / disappearing the illusions of Separation, Need and Forgetfulness is good; 86 more words


Don't Be Surprised

Don’t be surprised when you will find things in wrong places…. yes it is bound to happen… You will that dishes are put away in wrong places , wrong items in the fridge…etc. 114 more words


Don't Remind Them About Bad Things..

People forget…….and they also forget about bad things like.. if someone is their life has passed away… this is one of the worst things people can forget and “RE-LIVE” everytime they hear it again… it is better to not bring such subjects up….only when necessary ….


In like a lion?

March 1. I slept over at Mae’s house last night and woke up today at 10:30am. Crisp and gray in the sky but I woke up so gentle. 370 more words