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Coming to Terms that I can't Keep my Head Buried in the Ground.

In receiving my diagnosis, I’ve had to have a few sit downs with myself so that I can fully understand what this disease will do to my body.  1,042 more words

Did I really do that?

Now maybe this is just me but if I have a glass of wine or a good gin* and tonic on a night out I’m guaranteed to blank out at some point in the evening. 131 more words


It’s a whatchamacallit!

Today, I forgot the word for hailstones.

I’m often playing a game of charades with myself these days,using hand gestures and drawing shapes out in mid air or clicking my fingers and squinting my eyes whilst desperately trying to trawl through my memory to remember names for objects until I trigger something in my brain before triumphantly recalling it’s name and letting out a big sigh of relief.

This is really shit.


I first had the idea to write about my peri-menopause whilst on holiday ...

… but then forgot about it!

I’m finding this aspect of the peri-menopause to be a bit of a pain in the arse actually. I’m forgetting dates, birthdays and anniversaries, old memories and just really useful information like passwords for accounts or something interesting that I’ve literally just read. 466 more words


Forgetting more than I can remember

There are days when I feel like I have this adulthood craic mastered.

This morning I got up in an extra special mood. I threw myself under the shower, had a chat with the dog about he was doing in general and sat down for a good 15 minute meditation. 706 more words



Bought a two thousand-seventeen

Calendar with important means…

Larger spaces,

Less egg on faces,

Less forgotten appointments re-schemed!

–Jonathan Caswell

To Forget

The art of forgetting…why did our brain create such a pathway. To forget and then having the intense exotic sensation of remembering. It’s so sexual it’s primal!!!! 62 more words