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That Time When...

…you spend an hour and half entering random search terms on the internet and posting on a half dozen What’s the Book? forums trying to find a book, whose title and author you have both forgotten, that you read somewhere between two and four years ago, and then suddenly you realize that you have this feature on your blog in which you track the books you’ve read and the missing book has been at your fingertips all along.

What To Read

A Very Long Hiatus

Oh dear.

I did not do a good job of updating this blog. At all.

Alright. I’m going to do something I should have done months and months ago…. 42 more words

Parenting and "Stuff"

Joule loses things.  She picks things up that she has no use for, just because she’s near them, and then puts them down somewhere else without ever being conscious of it.  650 more words


She's slipping through my fingers, and there's nothing I can do

I’ve written before about Mum, who’s 81 and lives in the UK, most recently HERE- ‘Mother and daughter out for a walk’ , and a longer one last year about the health situation  490 more words


You're Not "Going Crazy"

“I’m normally a very engaged employee, but after the death of my husband I’d be in a meeting and would really have to focus just pay attention to what people were talking about. 787 more words


The Apartment Hunt

I sat down on the bench in front of the school on my lunch break, eager to get started. I put my iced coffee by my side, my large purse on the space beside me and tossed my keys beyond it. 1,584 more words

Short Stories

Overcoming Forgetfulness

I have gotten to the age where I have to send myself emails from home to work and from work to home to remember what I am supposed to do at each place. 988 more words

Hope For Today