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FitBit Followup

I’m such a doofus.

If you’ve been with me a while, you know I like to add photos to my posts… usually snapshots I’ve taken myself. 196 more words

I Remember When... (my OWN Stories)

Dementia Makes Time Its Bitch

Time and dementia don’t mix. Time means nothing to a person with dementia. It doesn’t pass the way it does for those of us who can feel the expanse and rhythm of a minute in our bones. 689 more words


Of Mice and Men*... and Me!

It seemed like a pretty simple plan, really. I would use Luke’s (Chapter 2, verses 25-35) account of Simeon’s prophecy to Mary and Joseph for my sermon Sunday morning. 679 more words

Spiritual Contemplation


Of course.

I will.

I say it.

I mean it.



Remind me,

I say.

I mean it.

Of course,

I will.

I mean it. 106 more words



Scattered thoughts at least have found their way to some sort of release. I have a lot of changes going on in my life (again) and so to organize my thoughts on next steps is important to attempt to keep on top of everything. 326 more words