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2 Most Annoying Symptoms

Hi everyone,

So, I’ve told you a little about this disorder, and the frustrations that it gives.  But tonight, I’m going to tell you a little about the 2 most annoying symptoms.  632 more words

Truths & Dares

Jarrett tended to forget things when he was drinking.

He once forgot that he hated cheesecake and ate an entire President’s Choice chocolate cheesecake all by himself.  394 more words


Faith and Forgetfulness

I’ve noticed that when God wants to teach me something, I see that message pop up in various places.

Lately, it seems like God’s been driving home the message that I need to respond with faith in Him when I am met with various challenges and worries in life. 260 more words

Elizabeth Is Missing

By Emma Healey.

Is it a murder mystery? I’m not going to tell you and give the game away. You’ll have to read it to find out. 344 more words


It is all a bad dream, my love.

What  makes us truly real?

Sometimes I feel my life is a bad dream, that I will wake up somewhere else, to a different life, in a different place, and being a different person. 492 more words

Time passes

I can’t remember your name, the Boxer said. I laughed, it doesn’t matter.
No go on tell me, she insisted, struggling into the adapted shower that is now woefully inadequate for her, letting the water run till it was hot. 129 more words

The Lost Art of Forgetfulness

First things first: of course I forgot about writing this article after I had decided to do so. More than once.

For the sake of mercy, I can’t even remember when the idea for it first came to me. 2,204 more words