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A Man Talking To People Behind A Building

I went to bed very late and I had some dreams that I remembered, but I went back to sleep without recording them so they are forgotten now. 110 more words

Dream Journal

A very long and rambling thought about short-term memory loss: Or, as I also like to call it . . . Saturday.

Don’t you hate it when you’re standing in line at the grocery store having a conversation with your son about Bai water, or something else for sale at the checkout, and you think of something clever and funny, like melding two words together into a new one, and it’s so good you have to pull out your phone to make a note of it, but it’s time to pay so you have to put your phone away, and then when you get home you remember that you had this really clever thought but you can’t remember what it was, so you ask your son, “Hey, do you remember that really clever word I came up with in line at the grocery store?” and he responds “You didn’t say a clever word at the grocery store,” so I rephrase it: “Do you remember something funny I said while in line at the grocery store?” and he responds “No, you didn’t say anything funny either. 81 more words

Don’t Look Back

Last week, on a sunny and uncharacteristically warm day in the booming metropolis of Camrose, Alberta (hah! Population of 18K…) I was walking through the Superstore parking lot, when a woman about my age suddenly started her car and began backing out of the stall, and damned near ran me over. 279 more words

Social Justice

A Short Attention Span

“Hello, are you listening?”

For those of us who have a short attention span, this is a question that we are frequently asked. This Tuesday, I was speaking to my cousin about it as I was interested to learn and compare situations in which we can feel, knowingly or unknowingly, our attention drifting off and how often this happens. 1,294 more words


My Brother CC | James Franco Squatting In Abandoned Houses?

Someone was playing their television too loudly which kept disturbing my sleep and dreams, and so now I can only barely remember part of two dreams. 166 more words

Dream Journal

Spirit of Nevermore

Drop here to hear her whispers
unhinged from ether’s door
a squeak of sole upon his stair
the spirit of Nevermore

perhaps Sir will watch us sew… 59 more words