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The Age of Explanation: Syriac References to America in 708 A.D.

“There’s an old saying about those who forget history. I don’t remember it, but its good” – Stephen Colbert

These days we feel compelled to emphasize two generally accepted facts: (1) Columbus was not the first non-Native American to set foot in the Americas, and (2) Columbus was a jerk.  1,165 more words


Somewhere along the way, I have unconsciously thrown it away already.


Daily Funny Pictures 3/4/15

Happy Wednesday! Half way to Saturday. :)

Bonus: This one contains things some might find inappropriate, but I loved it too much not to post it :)

Daily Funny Pictures


It was half-passed 11 am—or was probably noon already. We were having Systematic Botany as our first subject in the afternoon after an hour and a half break. 1,374 more words


sometimes, to write is to forget

Feel my fingers leave
your wrist naked once more with
every syllable of our story told and retold.
I do my best to paint your lashes… 134 more words


You know the feeling when you just want to forget?

Wanting to forget the past, not worrying about the future.

A consent battle in your mind telling you you’re not good enough, and all you want to do is rip that voice apart like it does… 240 more words


Why is it difficult to forget?

Why is it difficult to forget?

The things that I don’t want to remember.

Especially things that makes me sad,

or those things that I fear. 104 more words