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Daily Quote - Alfred Mercier

“What we learn with pleasure we never forget.”

Alfred Mercier


A Forgotten Dream With A Woman And Child?

I went to bed too late again so once again I did not get enough sleep.

I woke up remembering part of a dream, I did not feel like voice recording the dream so I was going to text myself a few details about it using my mobile phone, but maybe I accidentally went back to sleep so I can not remember that dream other than it possibly involved a woman and a child but I can not remember. 74 more words

Dream Journal

"Memory Abusively Summoned" Once Again By President

Our president falsely claimed today that his predecessor Barack Obama “and other presidents” failed to call the families of U.S. soldiers killed in action.  Trump has apparently not yet called family members of the Green Berets killed in Niger.  969 more words


by Rosie Hughes
Spot the Dog, petit filous, Wendy house, play-doh, marrows,
music box, honeysuckle, chicken pox, crayons, mallow bush.
I don’t remember my squashy pink elephant, snuggling deep in its trunk. 314 more words


She forgets his name.

She forgets his name.


She simply forgets his name.

The smell of him.

His clothes, the fragrance he wore.

How he walked, danced.

How he spoke, how he swore. 53 more words



i remember the wrong things. i make copious lists, keep multiple calendars both digital and paper, yet still, i forget things that are important and fail to reach my goals. 161 more words


Why We Forget What We Learn

Why Forgetting happens?, Explained..!! . Techniques for improving memory retention are illustrated in this video… —

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