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Shower Thoughts

I actually remembered a thought that floated into my brain when I was in the shower this morning. Usually, these random ideas vanish by the time I’ve dried myself off, leaving behind at most a frustrating husk — … 347 more words

On the night stand

Remind me
of all the spines
I have arched back
and held against wood,
of the faces behind names
that has all but slipped
from my memory. 47 more words



You are bored and idle. You have tried everything on your bucket list but you are not yet un-idle or un-bored. You tap your computer to life, and quickly type in some address in the search engine. 1,014 more words

Knowledge and ignorance of the past in The Beast of the Jungle

I went back and reread the beginning of Beast in the Jungle after reading Helmers and realized how totally strange the moment between Bertram and Marcher just preceding the revelation about their past reads after one has concluded the story: 970 more words

I Forgive You (Even Though You Don't Deserve It)

I forgive you, even if you didn’t apologize.
I feel as if I’ve lifted a huge baggage that I was carrying for so long. Something that has been holding me back from feeling good, from feeling happy, from feeling free. 344 more words

Yesterday or Day Before

​<: With a nod to Marcel Proust :>


Christopher S. Rozema

Or day before,

I can’t be sure,

I’d been okay… I may have been a little bored. 400 more words