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Intentionally recalling memories may lead us to forget

Intentionally recalling memories may lead us to forget other competing experiences that interfere with retrieval, according to a study published today. In other words, the very act of remembering may be one of the major reasons why we forget.

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This Is Me - Is That You?

Sometimes when I’m trying in vain to recall ¬†something like a person’s name or a movie title or a street name, it feels like an evil gremlin in my brain rolled a boulder over it — a boulder I can’t budge. ¬† 323 more words



I almost hoped to catch him hiding in the shadows of the crumbling walls and abandoned shores of the lakes. I hoped to find him waiting for me in the darkness that crept in after the last of the sunset. 76 more words


Pressed Flowers

I can still see you,

Pressed paper-thin

Between the pages of my life,

Faded and half-forgotten,

Flowers spared the frost

Only to spend the rest of eternity… 75 more words


Trusting in God When Mountains Crumble

This morning Momma emerged from her room carrying a photograph and a ballpoint pen. She had an all too familiar look of confusion on her face as she shuffled walker-less to her place at the kitchen table. 493 more words

Is Forgiving easy?

So, while scrolling down my Facebook feed , I saw a familiar face on the suggestion list. I clicked on the picture and landed on the profile. 340 more words



I just got out of a meeting with my team lead and the project lead. The meeting was supposed to be an hour, ended up being near two hours. 1,016 more words