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As I sit, pencil between my fingers, I encourage my hands to pick up right where they left off. It can’t possibly be that hard to draw – it had only been a year or so since my hands were expected to work creatively. 128 more words


Goodbyes Are More Than Endings


Just two syllables, but so many meanings. So many feelings.

I think we are all afraid of goodbyes. I think we are all afraid of the permanence we attach to goodbyes. 405 more words


Her heart…pounding in time to the beat.

Nothing but the thumping ringing in her ears

Hips swaying, arms waving above her head

Do you feel it? 84 more words

Let's Call It Poetry

Forgetting The Day

The warm summer sun,

The glaring heat,

Scorching clean the earth to barren wastelands,

The waves of heat crossing, moving, gradually creeping across this landscape. 30 more words

To save memory

To Save Memory

Eight leaves

in blue

away from me, by feet

framed, lived below a face

so green in autumn

the picture is transcendent… 89 more words



Some things are better to forget.  

Maybe you have a few things in your past that you would like to forget.  Enjoy this short story.  See you soon.   734 more words

Remembered by the Rain



supple days
arrived in a
of decades
a livening rain
lush of nourish
for an era of
handsome set
muscle and bone
bearing fearless… 118 more words