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Forgetting, change and other nonsense

It is so easy to forget.

It is so easy to forget your past mistakes and act like they were (and they are) memories. Push them far into the back corner of your mind, suppress them and let them die. 699 more words


RSQG and remembering

Dear Anne,

I really enjoy reading about the books on your shelves! We learn a lot about book lovers from their shelves. And when the selection is random there is no hiding anything, I like that. 391 more words


i can touch you and forget you

There is no change.There is no change that it not eternal.

There is no “I used to be.”

Do you remember the tender ache, the tender uncertainty? 332 more words


Frank's Log II

If you’ve ever read Hemingway, you know it needn’t be pretty.

I’ve read a book and a half.

The last time my shoes grew too tight, I can’t remember. 295 more words


PostSecret: Forgetting

11:50 p.m.

Feelings, emotions, memories,
All fleeting and transient.
(I know they both mean the same, but who really gives a damn.)
That’s why people forget each other. 48 more words


Has a Title 3: Poor Video Quality

In recent times I’ve been finding myself more attracted to the soft and/or badly focused, and the deeply grainy, images in my collection. Today’s image dump is all from Japan; 428 more words



When I’m gone, will you remember me…

When my hair was too long,

And my eyes too dark,

Whispering drunk amidst the cold,

My heart shrunken with all my old demons, 413 more words