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Chapter 22: Page 331 - Dubiousness

I had a dream last night

It was raining heavily when I fell asleep.

I dreamed that I was eating out with a few friends. In this dream, we were all living in a hostel at a nearby complex. 676 more words

How we loved our paradise

How we loved our paradise of silks and breezes,
noisy water in the distance, comestibles nearby,
libations, sleeping in whatever god’s pajamas and
sneezing their incensey perfume, how we pawed… 609 more words


She resuscitates the hopeless

Ah, lovely fate with your twisted sense of humour. How I, on occasion, despise thee.

I’m totally putting everything that goes wrong at fate’s door because the only other possibility is that some pixies snuck in and lobotomised me while I was sleeping, and I don’t particularly like the idea of unsolicited trepanning, so yes, let us give fate a single raised eyebrow and disappointed look, rather than turning all that anger inwards. 818 more words


The Importance of Forgetting

I have an excellent long term memory…

I remember moments, words said, feelings, faces. And yes, all memories lose their sharpness (their “edge”) over time. But just the same: I remember well. 338 more words


The Prose Series: Thanking My Enemies

What am I thankful for?
I’ll tell you what.
I’m thankful for the man who was a counselor and told me that my reading level wasn’t high enough and that my mind was still a child. 361 more words

The Prose Series

The songs you never play

The songs you never play

You wrote some songs that you no longer play, no longer sing. They are captured now purely in electronic form. Paper is heavy. 177 more words


Forgetting About God

We must learn about God and how powerful He is. Too often we take Him for granted and assume we do not owe Him anything and betray Him by forgetting about Him. 2,339 more words