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To improve your memory, try to get some space.

Imagine you have a big exam or work presentation at the end of the week. You’ll have to do it all from memory, so you have some studying to do. 1,449 more words

The Exit

Wow. I’ve really neglected to write in my blog this month. This is literally the first time I’ve had a chance to collect my thoughts and actually have some sort of rational and sensible words to put to the feelings I’ve had since leaving New York. 731 more words

On the journey to forgetting you

I have a picture of you painted on my heart
It captures you perfectly
The smile that is sunshine
The eyes that look through my soul… 211 more words

More Than You Know

Why do we live
For people’s emotions
Who has been broken?
Why do we love
Them better now
Then leave them later
For someone else to… 80 more words


Et Cetera, et cetera


Spare me the details,

Your verbosity,

Will only derail,

The course,

Of the story.

Your memory will fail,

Halfway through the tale,

And it will all be gone with the wind. 66 more words


Forgetting My Strength is Being Forgetful

Remembering is one of the hardest task I’ve been battling since birth. I tend to forget even the simplest things that needs remembering. I usually forget memorable dates and events, even birthdays of love ones. 295 more words



I’m going to tell you a story.

Well, three stories actually, but don’t worry they’re only little. I also hope they’re not too self-indulgent. I promise, there’s a point to this. 810 more words