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For all we know
that collection of clear liqueurs
is water
and the room is wasted on
inconsistent lighting
and seventies carpet.

Above my table is a still frame… 105 more words



i have spent so many countless nights thinking of what to say.

but no words, seems to be enough to explain

and its about to get me ultimately insane… 369 more words


phobias of people? makes no sense

hunger speaks louder than reason…

My Thoughts on Phobias…and What’s Taking Place in South Africa

My name is Lovelyn Chidinma Nwadeyi. I am a Nigerian. Born in Nigeria to two Nigerian parents.

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all the time in the world

I’ve been reflecting lately on emotional disengagement. For me, it applies very much to my (in)fertility, hence this post. Maybe it’s shame or fear but I notice that I can’t engage with what I’m feeling and as such, I can’t let myself even imagine myself pregnant because we’ve tried so long and I’ve been disappointed so many times that I’ve just numbed to the possibility. 1,112 more words


Three Ways to Make a Friend Last...April 23, 2015

  Jonathots Daily Blog


Merely relying on affection to maintain a relationship will exhaust the closeness.

It takes more than that.

For after all, human passion ebbs and flows. 361 more words

The Rule Of Three

Stones and Ponds

For one moment I was dancing with the flowers. And then it took only a snap of the finger for the change of my countenance to take place, the shadows’ hands suddenly veiling the features of my face. 139 more words


Getting lost in the mall: Or why you can’t trust your memory for everyday events

Have you ever had the experience of feeling 100% confident in your recollection of an event, because you have a strong and vivid memory for the event, only to have this account refuted? 1,130 more words