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My mind has been occupied

Last time I wrote, it seems that I was in some emotional turmoil… I’m not sure why I made it sound so dramatic. I don’t feel like that now. 482 more words

You know what's frustrating?

What is frustrating is when you begin the day with such good intentions and forget half of the things you had planned to do because you get distracted by random thoughts and ideas.

How Did I Forget

Back in the day (for me that means the 80s), I used to be pretty good with all the new tech stuff that was just coming out.  353 more words


It's so easy for me to forget people, and that bothers me

My long term memory is pretty much just as bad

I can’t form images in my head. It just doesn’t happen. Want me to explain in good detail what R looks like, what my babies look like, what G or K look like? 468 more words


Umm.... Always learning to lose

I feel like I’m always learning and I like that. I have been wondering, as of late, if all that I am learning happens to also be pushing things, that haven’t been accessed in a while, out of the window. 234 more words


Drop the story.

Drop knowing.

Drop any boredom you might harbor,

like life isn’t quite good enough for you.

Reach into the construct of your identity, and sift through the nuts and bolts. 120 more words




who gave her the old lace

in her bottom drawer


image courtesy ann wood