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how "swapping" can help with forgiveness

I remember the first time that Chris (my husband) did something that truly irked me. I don’t remember the specifics of what he did or didn’t do, but I have a vivid memory of standing in the kitchen of my apartment, washing the dishes, and feeling my irritation level slowly and steadily rise. 599 more words

A woman was waiting for her flight at airport. She bought a bag of cookies, found a place to drop and took out her book. She started to read and suddenly noticed that a man, sitting beside her, grabbed a cookie from her bag.

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My Petty Virginity

Oh hey there, fellow Dumbass friends :)

In my last story, Right Vs. Wrong, I wrote a little thing about giving my virginity away to a guy who didn’t deserve it. 1,008 more words


Happiness and Peace are Always Found Together

“Holding on to anger and resentment is as useful as taking poison and expecting the person who offended you to get sick.”

Anger and resentment are incredibly draining emotions; the energy you waste should be used to make your life better, not worse. 89 more words


A Year of Smiles - Day 237


It was almost time for me to leave. I went into the kitchen, poured my coffee in my travel cup and reached for my keys. 431 more words


Forgive and forget?

Hello little followers! It has been a while right? Yeah, I guess so.

Forgive and forget? We have always listen to those words. But do you believe in it? 1,234 more words

S O M E D A Y . . .

Someday, for sure; they will know your worth. They will know what they had, when they had you. They will be able to connect the dots, they could never figure out in spite of your persistent efforts. 365 more words