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Forgive and Forget

He knew kids could be bastards, but Christ- the way he kept turning up, like a fucking jack in the box. Sometimes he’d be watching the match and the cunt would pop out from behind the telly, nearly giving him a heart attack, making him spill his Chinese all over the sofa. 363 more words

Forgive and Forget

Standing there all alone I saw at the cemetery a funeral procession marching in. In that band was a lad of twelve crying and playing very soulful music for the dead. 101 more words


It's Just Another Manic Monday...

Why do I always want to write on this blog on Mondays? Maybe it’s because Monday is the beginning of something new.  I love the thought of starting again and leaving everything behind.   145 more words


On Forgiveness

I find myself asking this a lot lately—mostly just to myself and mostly just because it’s relevant in my life at the moment, but can we really “forgive and forget?” Can we genuinely forgive? 692 more words


Striving For Perfection

Perfect. A word that though we try to meet with what we think the standards are to do so, but we never quite actually get there. 493 more words

Military Love

Is it really that easy to forgive and forget?

Forgive and forget… What does that even mean?

Forgiving is one thing, but to forget? For me it is really out of my control. My mind forgets all kinds of things. 348 more words