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When we’re children our parents attempt to instill in us certain morals and lessons. They try to teach us things that will be valuable to us later in life. 312 more words


When the time runs out...

You know how every relationship has it’s ups and downs? Well that’s life! You can’t expect that every moment of your life will be a fairytale, that’s not real and let’s be honest where’s the fun in that? 488 more words


The Heart Forgets

I was told that the heart forgets.

I didn’t believe them.

I thought I’d never forget what my mother said about my 5th grade report card. 368 more words



There is a myth that is perpetrated by most of society. Among Christians, this is even more emphatically upheld and clung to. There is a belief that if someone appears repentant, we must offer forgiveness and reconciliation. 736 more words



Throughout my life so far it’s become apparent to me through my own observation and that of those around me that I am really good at understanding. 1,142 more words


"I don't trust words, I even question actions. But I never doubt patterns."

We are only human. To some that says a lot and to others that says nothing. We give too much or too little. We love to hard or not enough. 372 more words