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Euodia and Syntyche, Syzygus and me

I recently coordinated the development of a Bible study on some of the overlooked women in Scripture. It turns out someone has counted them – just the ones whose names we are given – and there are 181 of them! 4,018 more words

Eternal Perspective

Fake Friends

Greetings fellow readers! Today I am going to write about my experience of something most of us can relate to and have faced it in our teenage years – fake friends. 643 more words


What it means to forgive

I went to church two weeks ago. The pastor told us that forgiving meant that you won’t mention it to anyone anymore. It won’t enter your thoughts. 335 more words


My mind is at peace

I am an adopted child of a Muslim couple so I lived my younger days as a Muslim. However, they did not treat me as their own child. 202 more words

From The Reverts

How To Forgive Even When You Don't Want To

Admittedly, I’m not at all a huge people person. But when I build relationships among people, I connect whole-heartedly. I hate the idea of losing people, despite of it being a part of the process of growing up, though I may have cut some off. 541 more words

The Gift of Forgiveness

     I have been thinking about the topic of forgiveness for a long time.  The perfectionist in me is not ready to approach this topic in writing, but there have been so many public examples of what I see as the misplaced for premature forgiveness, that I feel compelled to offer my thoughts on the subject. 1,076 more words

African Americans

Shake It Off

By Lily Smith (age 10, fifth grade – 12/15/14)

We thought the spiritual insight of Bill and Karen’s ten-year-old granddaughter was worth sharing. Hopefully it will encourage you during a challenging time to “shake it off.” 225 more words

Inspiration And Challenge