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Forgive and Forget? My brain wasn't designed for that.

Real forgiveness doesn’t equate to the secular quip, “Forgive and forget” which by the way is cognitively impossible unless major brain trauma exists. Real forgiveness is an act of the will, an act of love not a feeling or emotion.  510 more words



The Divine and Human Side of Forgiveness  ©2017 Bill Murphy

I, even I, am he that blotteth out thy transgressions for mine own sake, and will not remember thy sins. 409 more words

Can Forgive, Cannot Forget?

“Forgive and forget” has become a common parlance. It is also often said that God forgives and forgets, that He forgives and remembers our sins no more (Isaiah43:25; Hebrews 8:12 ) – wipes them off the records in His memory. 2,007 more words

Random Reflections

The Best I Could Do

It takes a lot of courage to wish someone the best sincerely no matter how you are breaking inside.

The strength summoned to pretend you are all right while you lift up your right hand to wave goodbye. 428 more words

The Test of True Forgiveness

What is harder: forgive or forget? Is it possible to do one without the other or somehow one will follow after you have done the other? 616 more words


Be like the Elephant (you don't have to forget)

One of the great lies of society is  the saying: ‘Forgive and Forget’.

Ok, yes; forgiveness is good – nothing wrong there – the problem lies in the ‘forget’ part. 320 more words


when im alone...

I hate being alone, because it gives me a chance to feel the heartaches that you caused me over the years! I want to regain what I’ve lost before, but now I’m different. 188 more words