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The last election held in Nigeria witnessed vast Nigerians turnout en masse to cast their votes for the septuagenarian, General Muhammadu Buhari. Many Nigerians if not all cast their votes for him not because he was a former Head of State who have in stock the experience and what it takes to drive the country to the Promised Land but because his past records speaks for him that; he has zero tolerance of corruption, a no nonsense man, and also his integrity status. 1,020 more words

Review: Blue Diary

Blue Diary, by Alice Hoffman, takes on several moral questions within the pages. Lies are the foundation of the story, and they set off a chain reaction of events. 446 more words

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"Can't you forgive and forget?"

Years after the physical abuse, my parents claim to know their misdeed and also claim to be sorry, words like, “We were young parents, we couldn’t have known better.” And I do forgive, but I don’t forget. 176 more words

Say No To Child Abuse

It's hard to forgive, even harder to forget.

In the past two weeks, I have paid attention, as per usual, to my dreams.  They tell you about yourself, whether or not you want to know it.   500 more words

Family Pasts

Forgive and Forget...

It’s amazing how our pets can so easily forgive and forget.  If only we humans could learn that lesson from them.  While I was talking to my wife recently, Dexter our cat proceeded to attack my right foot. 185 more words

About Life


Forgiving someone for an offense done against us is an unnatural act; remembering the offense is natural. Ironically, God asks us to do the unnatural and forgo the natural. 583 more words

How to Deal With the "Professional" Forgiveness Seeker

You have heard about “the weaker brother” concept from Paul’s writings. These are people whose sensitivity to certain things is so heightened that you have to be careful around them less you should injure their faith. 498 more words