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Journal: 9 March 2018

What did make me feel proud of myself today?

  • I woke up very early, as I’d set up myself to do. In fact my boss had proposed us to meet at 9 and I wanted to be well awake by then.
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Can you Pass a Background Check?

It’s hard to imagine that some people spend decades behind the bars of a jail cell, only to be exonerated by fresh new evidence that were never presented at the time of their trial.  608 more words


Ice and dust no more

Hands of sand and snow

Fingertips of freedom

Melting through my veins

Ice and dust no more

Forgiveness is the gift

To my heart and core

Thoughts: 3 March 2018

Today it was very difficult to feel proud of much. Well, it was an odd day, but most of all I was exhausted and yet I wasn’t letting myself truly rest and instead was trying to convince myself I should do something “productive”, since otherwise I felt like I couldn’t feel truly proud. 110 more words


Thoughts: 17 January 2018

  • I’ve got my limits and I need to accept them without getting all frustrated and cranky. Sometimes I’m a little off, my mood isn’t bright, I’m not good enough to avoid postponing something, I’m late and I should run, my down jacket zip gets whimsy again, and the like.
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December 5th

I forgive myself for holding on to things which no longer serve me. I forgive myself totally and completely for any negative emotions I have not allowed myself to release. 301 more words

Daily IN-spiration

How Can I Ever Forgive Myself?

“How can I ever forgive myself?” It’s a question I’ve heard many times in my years of counseling. In fact, I get it! I know very well how it is to be plagued with guilt and remorse over a bad decision. 693 more words

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