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Journal: 15 May 2018

Today was my first day on smart working, that’s to say working from home. And I am quite proud of how it went everything considered. 123 more words


Journal: 12 May 2018

What did make me feel proud of myself today?

  • I seized the opportunity to wake up early. My boyfriend accidentally woke me up when preparing himself to go to a whole-day workshop.
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Journal: 8 May 2018

I wasn’t that proud of myself today, and this does make a few days I feel like that. Not that I don’t do anything of value, rather that I feel a little lost and without purpose. 402 more words


Journal: 6 May 2018

What did make me feel proud of myself today?

  • I mostly accepted I needed a day with nothing to do. Well, I had a lot to do, preparing for my Graphic exam but I tried to shut it down.
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My Fear Resume put into Practice

So I did it!! I mentioned in my previous post that I had started a Fear Resume. Today I had the opportunity to put it into practice. 812 more words

My Journey

Journal: 25 April 2018

Today was definitely a lazy day. We have a national holiday in Italy, and we devoted it mostly to lazy around. So there were few things that made me proud of myself. 69 more words


Thoughts: 4 April 2018

  • It is enough. Enough things done in a day, enough worries worried upon in a day, enough stimuli received. I can say stop. I’m allowed to say it.
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