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Song Lyric Sunday: Forgiveness - 'Please Forgive Me'

As soon as I opened up this week’s Song Lyric Sunday prompt and saw ‘Forgiveness’ I knew exactly what song to post here. GIven that I even name-checked this song just a few weeks ago in the f… 439 more words



Reading: Isaiah 9: 1-4

Today Isaiah brings a joyful pronouncement. Although there was much darkness and oppression when Isaiah spoke this prophecy, it brought hope. Yet the darkness and oppression remained. 359 more words

Part 2: What happens when mistakes aren't forgiven? What lessons do you learn, when you are forgiven? (1 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Nola Crow

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I asked, what happens when mistakes aren’t forgiven? 227 more words


Is Blood thicker than water?

What is family and why is it important?

I truly don’t know.

I believe family is meant to stick together. Blood is thicker than water, isn’t it? 239 more words

Are You Ready to Follow?

In this week’s Gospel, we hear Matthew’s version of Jesus calling the disciples, Peter, Andrew, John and James. All are fishermen, all of whom, I assume, had known Jesus prior to his arrival on the shores of Galilee. 1,176 more words


Why not?

Let me get this straight.

You are alone in this world, so very alone that strangers become permanent places you would visit and likely encounter day to day… Should you feel indifferent about the causalities which led to your aloneness? 209 more words


“Treat others with dignity even if they seem the least.”

Please see below video, it is highly impactful.

I hope the video has touched a cord and blessed you.

Have a fruitful Sunday!