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Today, we reminded how important belief is, and how harmful are our doubts towards the accomplishments of our desires. So let’s take a moment and examine where we mostly experience doubts and ask the Holy Spirit to erase them.


Day 45: 50 Days of Passion

Like many, we may have given up on people who have walked away from God. They either grew up in church or became a believer in their teens or as a young adult. 581 more words


Being Let Down, Letting Go and Learning to Trust

Today, I posted a video encouraging people who have been let down by significant people in their lives and have been adversely affected by it. I decided to write this article so that we go deeper into the subject. 1,145 more words

Being Let Down

What if

What if, a picture of the life you were supposed to live, one that you satisfy living in a parallel universe instead. What if, two words to describe what might’ve been, words as unpredictable as the future itself. 257 more words

Christmas - the start of a tragedy?

We have just celebrated Remembrance Day, and we are in the lead up to another day  of remembering an event that modern philosophy would view as tragic.  214 more words


You blame yourself even though you’re not at fault;

I️ blame myself even though I️ know I️ did everything right this time. I️ blame myself for believing the lies that were told through your teeth. 209 more words

The LORD is There

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Ezekiel 44 – 48

God is setting everything right. He finishes explaining the temple to Ezekiel along with the new regulations and allotments for the priests. 322 more words

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