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Victimized by Crime: Hope and Healing After Trauma

Dear Liz,

I’m a 26-year-old woman living a charmed life: 2 great kids, loving husband, well-to-do, intelligent, very attractive, very outgoing personality. A week ago I came home from shopping around… 1,606 more words


Keep it Reel: Kung Fu Panda 2

The Dragon Warrior is back, and now he has respect from his peers and fans flocking to the noodle bar; however something is troubling Po. 319 more words


To Those Who Have Caused Me Pain

To those who have caused me pain:

I forgive you.

I forgive you:

For all the times you called me fat

I forgive you:

For all the times you crushed my self-esteem with your words… 207 more words

Nobody can believe for me

Every time I get on facebook, I’m still reminded that I’m blocked by a friend and her brother because of something stupid. I feel like King David when he said “My sin is always before me.” Like the song called “Blessings”, I’m wondering what if God’s healing comes through tears. 606 more words

Focusing On Jesus

Money & ...Stuff

Ah, Money and Random Sunday Thoughts

Money is not abundance. Money is abstract. Money isn’t energy. Money is the accounting of energy, the attempt to quantify, track and control energy. 535 more words

The prodigal son smells

After taking and squandering his inheritance early, his new homeland was struck with famine, and he ended up working with pigs. And in fact, he was treated worse than the pigs. 208 more words



Forgiving is a solitary act.
Nobody can force you to reach that point when you say “Enough”.
You arrive alone and then you rise above it. 187 more words