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A Thing Divine

Used to feel so powerless and under parents’ thumb
nineteen bought a bicycle and went on rides far flung.
Not a thing was running to, but rather ran away, 300 more words



Forgiveness should have the same rules as Tawba I.e the Islamic concept of repenting to God. Allah’s ways set pace for those who have understanding. If all of the conditions of tawba (regret & remorse of wrong and resolve to never go back to it) are not present in one who seeks your forgiveness, to turn them away is your priority… 106 more words


Hope and changes

It has now been two days that the petition has been up and shared multiple times a across the world. I cannot begin to express his much of means to me to have this continued support and offers to guide me on what I need to work at changing animal cruelty laws starting at the local level and working up until these heinous acts are punished much harder than they are currently. 126 more words


Reflection - "The Love and the Light of My Son..."

December 2, 2018 – “…Apostles of my love, along with prayer and sacrifice, may your hearts be illuminated with the love and the light of my Son. 507 more words


I AM - Devotional Style Short Stories - "The Potter"


As the sun rises announcing a new day to face, the screen door slams as her night guest slips out. Crushing the cigarette into the ashtray and shoving the now empty whiskey glasses aside, the woman shoves her chair back from the table in disgust. 760 more words

My Dad

Handsome. In a caveman-biker way.

Hardworking. Providing for the family.

Short in stature. But strong.

Talented. Painter. Builder.

Family oriented. New family after mom left. 116 more words


Forgive yourself

I remember learning several years ago in one of my mental health therapy programs about the most common negative thinking patterns that people with mental health issues tend to engage in. 401 more words