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Sometimes selfishness takes our compass
and leads us to dark corners bereft of any friends.
We’ve all been there and share our slice of guilt. 77 more words


Among the Tombs

During Lent 2015 I will be exploring a number of persons who met Jesus, and for one reason or another left his company, and then re-engaged him at a later time.   2,487 more words


The Heart Speaks

This past week has been on the rough side. Lliam has been teething, I came down with the flu, and we have all been forced to stay inside due to several snowstorms. 747 more words


I don’t know know everything, but I do know love conquers everything.

Love conquers poverty and injustice.

With a seed of love make the gardens blooms… 154 more words

Just Tell Tell Them....Lent (Day 11)

I always have good intentions to write daily about my Lenten experience but I just can’t ever seem to pull it off.  This year, I am especially overwhelmed with so many things that finding time to sit and write…or even just to be still seems almost impossible. 530 more words

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How Do You Know if You're Successful? (Mark 8:31-38)

Think of someone who is successful. Why do you think they are successful? What’s the measure?

Are you successful? How do you know?

Our human nature is to strive to be prosperous, strong, influential. 670 more words


The absurdity of being too far gone to be forgiven

“God would never forgive someone like me….I’m too far gone.”

Oh, really? What makes you so special?

When we understand the gospel we realize that this statement is probably the most absurd thing a person could ever say. 890 more words