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Teenagers having sex

A lot of teenagers have no idea what they are doing. In general. There’s a lot of hormones, drama, homework, absentee parents, and just plain difficult things to navigate through, overall. 791 more words

Today's forgiving journal #2: Finding my voice

Frank Jansen hosts a beautiful blog Dutchgoesthephoto, and he does a Tuesday Challenge each week.  They are so fun!

He chooses a focus and we can take a photo with that focus in mind. 217 more words

जोँ गावनि सान्नायफोरखौ गुबुननि सिगांआव फोरमायलायनो हायो आरो बिजिरलायनो हायो।
हामनाय आरो हामैखौ थिख खालामनो हायो।
जोँनि गोगो सानस्रि आरो मोन्दांथिफोरखौ सासेया सासेनो होलायनो आरो लालायनो हायो।
खोनासंहोनो आरो खोनासंलायनो हायो।

जोँ गाव रोँनाय आरो मिथिनाय बाथ्रा गियानखौ खिन्थानाया मोजां।
रोङैखौ फोरोँनाय जोबोद गोनां।
गावनिल’ साना जासेनो जोँ गावखौनो गासैनिबो थाखायनो सान्नो हागौ।


Mercy Has No Memory

Mercy Has No Memory

The two young women walked happily down the busy sidewalk carrying several shopping bags. They took great pains looking into every store window, expecting to find another bargain. 324 more words


“Yes, the centurion was Lutheran.” Luke 7:1-10

“After he had finished all his sayings in the hearing of the people, he entered Capernaum. Now a centurion had a servant who was sick and at the point of death, who was highly valued by him. 2,281 more words


Replay of Solitude

by Devina

One song it plays. One. And happiness fades out.

What lies in a song? Is it the lyrics? The melody? The muse?

Or is it the person you miss in those words? 158 more words

Daily Ironic Posts

Movie Review - The Intern

Tonight I decided to watch a movie with my Granny, Carmen. Just the two of us and it was time well spent. Before this past week I had not seen her in quite some time, which is unusual. 2,147 more words