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What brought Katherine to veganism?

It’s hard to pick one thing that really brought me to veganism. It could be my health issues, my love for animals, wanting to help the environment. 115 more words


My journey to vegan - Day One.

It’s a lobster of a tail…

I seem to only come here when something big in my life changes. When my brother and I were kids my mom would make us spend time in our rooms alone and write,  and what seemed like torture at the time became truly one of the best gifts she could have ever given me. 1,728 more words


In Defense of Food

Michael Pollan’s New York Times bestseller In Defense of Food belongs on the modern-day shortlist of most eye-opening nutrition books, along with Forks Over Knives, The Third Plate… 590 more words

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9th August 2016

Good day to you! Here’s where to start…

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Paul Kennedy

PK / P-Krank / Vegan 2.0 / Nitric Oxide Man… 20 more words

50 Articles To Come Fast... Standby

9th August 2016

Lets get well, lose weight, attain fitness and save the planet….

PK aka P-Krank aka Nitric Oxide Man aka yesterday’s Fat’s ‘Fallin Like Domino’s ‘aka Vegan 2.0 is busy Writing 50 articles… 65 more words


So you want to be an herbivore

I figured that I’d cast a wide net for the first¬†real post on this blog. We’re going to talk about the basics. What’s veganism? Why are people vegan? 1,327 more words


Escape the heat: Six must watch eco-awesome documentaries (on Netflix!)

Houston is getting hotter by the minute with frizzy-is-my-style percent humidity. Most weekend afternoons are just better spent inside. Contrary to many places where summer brings people… 531 more words