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Easy Enjoyable Travel And Still Lose Weight And Manage Chronic Illness

For the first time since I can remember, this past week I traveled and came back home weighing less than when I had left on the trip. 1,124 more words

Getting Your Ducks In A Row To Change Your Life Through Food

Ingredients To Veggie Burgers

Homemade Veggie Burgers

I have yet another happy update. I lost another couple of pounds, that makes 32 pounds gone since April 7th this year, a 57% drop in my LDL cholesterol, a great downward turn in my glucose numbers, a now normal blood pressure, and no longer am I turning pale or flushed out of nowhere. 2,480 more words

My Vegan Mom

See this picture?
Yes, it’s the same person – my mom.

I thought of penning this down a long time ago but went hush-hush since I believed she wouldn’t like it but after receiving her permission, I continued writing. 1,929 more words


There Are No Additional Health Benefits from Eating a Plant-based Diet | The Divine Hostess

“Are you a vegan?”, someone asked me this weekend, as they served themselves a plate of not so vegan-friendly food.  I get asked this question a lot when I am out and about– it could be the grocery store, a party, or in the workplace. 511 more words


Chickpea Salad and More

So in the last nine months, I have taken to a seriously vegetarian lean in my diet. It’s been great! I never would have believed that I could love zucchini. 947 more words

Surviving And Thriving

I don't cook I just eat #3 : Sunday Supper Club

Earlier this year Jeremy and I began the tradition of Sunday Supper Club. Once a month we gather to enjoy a nice meal with our chosen family (close friends) . 504 more words

I Don't Cook I Just Eat

documentaries i reccomend

this is a list of my favorite documentaries so far, hope you enjoy x

health & wellness

tony robbins: i am not your guru (2016) – 164 more words