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Vegan With A Chance Of Feta Cheese

Because it’s an avocado kind of day.

I can proudly present that my first almost-vegan day is coming to a sunny end. We aren’t past dinnertime yet, but I have that figured out, so we’re good. 726 more words



My husband recently watched Forks Over Knives with me.  It’s the documentary I watched that started me on the new path I’m on.  He watched it and understood why I’m doing what I’m doing but told me “I don’t have the willpower that you have to do this.” 465 more words


4 documentaries that will inspire you to go vegan

Changing my lifestyle from being a meat eating, animal skin wearing, horse riding, ignorant human, to becoming a passionate vegan, was beyond daunting at first. I made the change after spending months watching YouTube videos about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle and exposing myself to the truth of what really happens within the animal agriculture industry. 787 more words


"Have a good day and shine on!"

Day 1 – March 21, 2018

I woke up feeling very confident in my abilities to make this change.

After reviewing the list of approved foods for phase1 with my dietician on Monday, I realized I didn’t really like the meats/fish available nor any of the dairy products.  819 more words


What the Vegan???

The Vegan Life has been growing at a rapid pace and for lots of good reason!
Just turn on Netflix and watch a documentary “ 654 more words

30 Day Vegan Challenge

Lifestyle Disease - Type 2 Diabetes

“Diabetes means having higher-than-normal blood glucose values. It comes in three common forms: Type 1, Type 2 and Gestational diabetes. Type 2 diabetes—the most common form of the disease—is caused by insulin resistance and pancreatic failure.” (Via: … 240 more words


Our Plant-iversary

Wow! We made it a year! A whole year animal product free. A whole year coffee free. A whole year pop (soda to you weirdos) free. 539 more words

Health & Fitness Journey