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Here we go...

Several months ago I got Netflix. While looking through their large selection of TV shows and movies I came across some documentaries about food. After watching… 363 more words

Be Healthy

Gluten Free for Less

Last weeks post made me think about some of the misconceptions surrounding eating gluten-free. One of the most common one’s is that it’s expensive, which is true if you’re buying lots of processed gluten-free items such as breads, cookies, and frozen pizza’s.   1,053 more words

Celiac Disease

PETA vegan challenge: Day 19

I’m now well enough informed to call out the Facebook ‘vegan bashers’, how exciting.

Today I managed to secure a Skype interview with Frank from the documentary May I Be Frank. 122 more words


19 August 2015 Chickpeas with Chard & Pan Roasted Tomatoes

By Sarah Copeland (March 2011). Downloaded from Real Simple on the WWW, 8/15/2015.

Chickpeas with Chard and Pan Roasted Tomatoes

In our effort to be more plant-based and vegan with our eating, I’ve been doing a lot of web-searching. 194 more words


Welcome to Vibrant Vegan Eats!

About a month or so ago my partner and I decided to become vegan. My partner was vegetarian and had been vegan previously but after watching the excellent documentary Vegucated (netflix or youtube) we decided it was time for a change. 457 more words

Fat Sick And Nearly Dead

PlantPure Nation 

I was lucky to catch a one night showing of PlantPure Nation last night, a film by Dr. Colin Campbell’s son Nelson Campbell. The film focuses on Nelson and his efforts for a PlantPure Nation, one where we shift towards a whole foods plant based diet. 645 more words

Vegan Tid Bits

(Picture and recipe can be found here: http://www.popsugar.com/fitness/Veggie-Sandwich-Recipe-35415233).

According to Dictionary.com a vegan is “a vegetarian who omits all animal products from the diet” and “a person who does not use any animal products, as leather or wool.” Personally I wouldn’t use the word vegetarian, simply because it may confuse some people who want to know the difference between the many veggie diets. 594 more words