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7 Documentaries and Food TV Series You should Watch

Some TV series and documentaries has been exploring the delicate side of the importance of food in our society and investigate the major food companies and reveal everything we are consuming. 301 more words


WIPs and Windows

I do like a bit of alliteration, don’t you? The title just flowed out of my fingertips.

I am holed up in my bedroom this morning. 699 more words


Vegan challenge update 2: I'm not feeling so good.

Also, why are there #$%^& eggs in everything?

Eggs are in crackers, chips, noodles, wafers. Basically anything carby and delicious – yup, eggs were used in their production. 811 more words


Educate Yourself

Please educate yourself and click the image to watch these very important documentaries.



How food effects the body, brain, and behavior - microbiome.

Does food really effect our health, and behavior? I hear this question often and I have to remind myself that personal knowledge related to the toxic effects and healing effects of food choices is unique to each of us. 932 more words

What is a whole-foods, plant-based diet?

My meal planner posts are all vegan and vegetarian meals that have been gathered from some of my favorite whole-foods, plant-based websites.  I have been eating this plan for less than a year and I get a lot of questions from family and friends.   585 more words

Vegan Recipes