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Main Blog Post 4 (Week 4) - Bloggers, Credible Information?

Russell (et al.) compares elite media and institutions with bloggers and ponders the following question: “Do bloggers, with their editorial independence, collaborative structure and merit-based popularity more effectively inform the public?” (Reader, page 136). 579 more words


Main Blog Post 3 (Week 10) - Creative Commons

Following week 10 tutorial’s exercise, explain why you chose the Creative Commons license that you added to your blog and discuss the relevance (or not) of adding the license. 648 more words


Main Blog Post 2 (Week 9) - YouTube Celebrities

Discuss ONE of these arguments giving an example of a YouTube video (embed it into post). Specify chosen argument in your answer.

A) Burgess and Green argue that: ordinary people who become celebrities through their own creative efforts “remain within the… 640 more words


Main Blog Post 1 (Week 5) - Privacy

Analyze critically the following statement made by Mark Zuckerberg while comparing it to privacy issues raised by online social networking collaborative practices.

With social media being a trend in today’s technological age, the advantage is that information, content and communication can be easily obtained and accessed, ensuring that the world becomes an interactive global village. 679 more words