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Carpe Diem – a Tanka

Delicate rosebuds
Collected in the garden,
Sweet smell of summer,
Now just dried dead memories
As we all, someday, will be.


This is my response to…

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Remembering Richard Wilbur 1921-2017

The great poet, former Poet Laureate, and Pulitzer Prize winner Richard Wilbur died last October 2017, and so we remember him, noting that the world is enriched by his legacy. 562 more words


Coffee Shop Haiku

Chilly April morn
Chai Latte and a good book
Snow falls from the sky


My 15th poem for National Poetry Writing Month.


How to Write a Villanelle + Publication!

I like villanelles. They have a lot of restrictions, and that is one of my favourite things about writing poetry. I do write free verse, but I am happiest when trying to do something new in old forms. 887 more words


Lotus Flower Haiku

Lotus flowers float
Atop the dirty water
Growing in the sun.


My 13th poem for National Poetry Writing Month.

Image found at CulturalIndia.Net.


My Sonnet Up on Autumn Sky!!

Thrilled to find my sonnet “The Buoy” is up on Autumn Sky Poetry Daily today here. Please check it out!


Masquerade - a tanka

Mystery abounds
Life is a masquerade ball
Disguise required
No one can know who you are
Even you’re not really sure


My response to…

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