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A Piece Of Me (Sonnet)

I felt your Easter rain, it drenched my bones
Immersed me in the depths of springtime pleasure,
My feet found home between your sand and stones…
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Letter to a killer

Abhra at dVerse tells of the horrendous murder of  a Hindu writer in Bangladesh.  He wants us to write a protest poem.


Cri de coeur… 36 more words

Short Poetry

When Darkness Falls (Villanelle)

When darkness falls upon your dreams, be brave
Allow your inner light to stay aflame,
Do not relinquish hope to night time’s grave.

Hold tight your heart and ride the shadow’s wave… 128 more words


The Vulture

And to the north I saw a star
which did not seem so very far
from where those lonely columns rose;
I felt its heat upon my nose, 53 more words

Creative Writing


Imagine there’s just silence;
No tune to hum or sing.
Imagine all the violence,
The crescent moon would bring.

It isn’t hard, it’s here now. 19 more words


Transgressive Poetry

I was just reading a post about limericks and it reminded me of one that I wrote in high school:

True Story

We once had a test in French class… 179 more words

Formal Poetry

Plea of the Geriatric Men

Let’s give certain girls fair warning;
Draw a straight line in the sand.
Stop all this salacious fawning;
Certain favours are now banned.

Yes we know we are delicious, 16 more words