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Inhabitants of Níu Heimar (Haiku)

Æsir, Vanir; Men
Ælfar, Svartælfar; Jötnar
Fog, Fire, and Hel


Pronunciation Key:
Níu Heimar = Nyew Haym-ar (The Nine Worlds)
Æsir = Eye-seer
Vanir = Va-neer…

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Oðinn (haiku)

One-eyed Alföðr
A raven on each shoulder
Great Gungnir in hand


Pronunciation Guide:
ð = th as in father
Oðinn = O-thin
Alföðr = All-fa-ther
Gungnir = Goong-near


Cycles (a tanka)

Rain waters the Earth
Life pushes up through the dirt
Blooms turn toward the Sun
In the Fall they wilt and die
Fertilizing tomorrow.

3/21/17… 16 more words


Planting Seeds (Haiku)

Seeds planted in dirt
Thrust into Jorð’s fertile womb
Water brings new life


This haiku is my first entry for Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 26 – EARTH & WATER…

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Turnbull and Shorten

Two idiots speak with one voice.
Our foes, how they laugh and rejoice,
As we sit here becalmed,
Desperate and disarmed,
With no prospect, no future, no choice.



Unwinding, hissing, passing eons out,
ballooning flapped, elastic: time’s disease.
The years deflated under winter drought,
while oceans were reduced to antifreeze.
Through complicated wars of circumstance, 58 more words


Once in a While

The scarlet butte of Mexican Hat chokes
on unrelenting seasoned winds, (blew clear
through me). The huge stone sombrero shape, jokes
in sandstone, its humor drew me. 71 more words