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Tritina - Shrinkage

As my years increase
choices shrink
slip out of reach

Not quite within reach
frustration increases
as I shrink

As my freedom shrinks
the desire to reach… 74 more words

Life Writing

Secret Admirers

dVerse   Poetics wants us to pick a poet from the many customers of the poets’ pub and write a response, maybe in their style or maybe not.  83 more words

Rhyming Poetry

Wedding March

Over glowing glass,
broken feet beckon shyly,
fearful of impassioned paths.

Wisteria hair
stumbles against broad shoulders,
steeped in the heat of her flame.

Creative Writing

Quadrille 6


The taste for the superfluous holds sway
over those who are still unacquainted
with the necessary.
Twist and turn as we may,
true contentment
will remain out of reach for… 46 more words

Free Verse

Bop Poem

by Audrey Funkhouser

The line so small; how do we tell
One day soaring and the next day sinking
The government tells us, “oh it’s ok” 60 more words


San San, Revisited

Okay, so I am trying the form from yesterday for myself. I think that it is fair to say that I won’t be doing too many of these anytime soon. 111 more words

Cascading Home

I learned about this form of poetry, the Cascade, from Kat Myrman. With a three-line stanza, and capital letters representing repeated lines, the form is ABC deA fgB hiC. 534 more words