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Cinquain LXXVI

faded fellows,
fresh from Flitwick, trickle
into the film and flatten rows
of toes

Creative Writing

Wind and water

Breeze breeds a gust
gust grows into squall
squall expands to gale
gale hurries hurricane

A gust grows into a wild wet squall
rocks the boat as they shorten sail… 58 more words

Rhyming Poetry


I know
you are sorry,
but I will not bestow
mercy that bears no guarantee
for me

Creative Writing

Jisei – Tanka

Refusal to consider
the moment of my going ─
too close for comfort
better not to waste time fretting ─
enjoy every precious second

Probably too simplistic an interpretation of Gayle’s excellent… 14 more words

Haiku And Senryu

To Sydney Town

I’m off this day to Sydney Town,
Where very few folk wear a frown,
And where, the natives (so I’m told)
Drink sapphire wine from cups of gold. 60 more words


Singing Profit is Wrong

The liberals have waited so long
For a pope who’d be singing their song.
And he sings it out loud
To the choir. (that’s his crowd) 7 more words


Outside of Us

Her stockings swayed beneath the blue.
Their heels were crying out to you.
But never would they walk again
Amongst the legs of lying men… 78 more words

Creative Writing