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New Poem in the August Rotary Dial

The August Rotary Dial is out today with a new poem of mine, “Muse-Charmer,” as well as fantastic poems throughout. Well-worth your time, especially for formal poetry-lovers.


summer standing

Mad summer’s face shall quickly fall,
when autumn shows its cheek.
For now, I wear a sylvan shawl
and wait for leaves to speak.

Creative Writing

Semper Fidelis

Days were spinnakers and three cornered hats
unconcerned with staying on, full of air.
Dawn became the salmon line beneath that
falling satellite, I had ceased to care… 107 more words

Jasmine Tears

bold hand
papa’s fists are war

left foot
right foot
mama’s on the floor

doesn’t matter when

head down
heart down
in a world of men

Creative Writing

OK in Moderation

Oh yes, death – that’s for apostasy,
And it’s stoning for adultery.
I’m a true lifelong fan
Of the Holy Koran;
Sure I’m Muslim – but just moderately.


Hung Parliament

We’ve had an election – we’ve spoken.
(The issues were mostly unspoken)
Lots plumped for largesse;
It turned out a mess.
It’s clear that the system is broken.


untitled cinquain

bob off breastbones,
then swoop down to nine toes;
punitive pikes demand grand groans
and moans

Creative Writing