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South End Sunday

I went to South End late last night
to eat some oyster stew
and saw a wicked awesome fight
while sipping on my brew!

Sweet punches flew like fighter planes… 16 more words

Creative Writing


Rain falls upon a weeping leaf
from skies quite grim and gray.
As I behold high heaven’s grief
my heart begins to pray.

Rainy Season has just started in Japan!


Dry Bones – a Haiku

Valley of dry bones
The breath of life in the wind
Life is born of death


There Are Long Days (dactylic hexameter)

There are long days when the roses are spent and unheeded, the petals
scatter in breezes and over the garden, exposing their tear-dropped
hips and surrendering velveteen, spattering lifetimes of color. 90 more words


The Hard Truth (a Troilet)

Everything born must die,
Everything started must end.
No one will ever truly know why,
Everything born must die.
Salt stains skin from tears we cry, 14 more words


Alone (a tyburn)


Left alone, virtually disowned
Dethroned by the sin none could condone.


My first attempt at a Tyburn.


Echo Sonnet

I think of death and ponder all it’s consequences,
consider planes I don’t yet comprehend.
This act: a catalog, a play of self defenses;
a parody embalmed in the pretend. 73 more words

Formal Poetry