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Flying Fish

underbelly of
the sky is blue,
with evening bruises
deepening in hue.
Then rolling over, beached, its stars ignite in sands of back-lit quartz and topaz light. 93 more words

December Cinquain

Jack Frost
jostles my jowls
in a wild woodland glossed
with glass, as a whining wind prowls
and howls.

Creative Writing

Eyes Wide Open (a tanka)

The world can be harsh
The world can be beautiful
Your eyes see it all
Don’t shelter yourself from it
Live in the world as it is… 25 more words


Exiles and Enlightenments (a sonnet)

A deserted beach, shipwreck on the shore,
Desolate remains of a life once shared,
Before it was clear what fate had in store
In Eden, with you, when our hearts were bared, 111 more words


Unwritten Poems (a tanka)

Unwritten poems
Unexpressed feelings and thoughts
Lost, gone forever
Mourned my unborn baby boys,
They can never be replaced



Congratulations and Celebrations!

Hooray! What a great week or two!
Trump won, Clinton lost, Castro too
Checked out – went below to join Che;
Good guy triumphed – two shits went away.


Change (a tanka)

Beginnings; endings
One looks much like the other
Change is a constant
Which will, thankfully, not change
Nothing can grow that can’t change


My response to…

12 more words