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Just in time for the Holidays… Hot off the presses — whoops, my bad — I mean, let go by a press that’s gone under (

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There’s been a ban placed on discrimination;
One mustn’t gauge one’s fellow man by race,
By colour, creed or perceived reputation.
To do so will bring censure and disgrace. 35 more words



those beets
smell foul, like feet
encased in dirty sheets;
thank you, but I’ll just stick to meat
and wheat!


When I was a little girl, I really disliked beets.   87 more words

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Tritina For a Beloved One

I watch a maddening display of fear.
Small anxious eyes peer out from sallow shades
while trembling at the thought of future change.

We are the children of eternal change… 47 more words

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The Frustrated Jihadist

We wage now the mother of wars!
The kafirs we slaughter in scores!
Jews, Christians, we kill!
But give me strength! – Still
Our message Obama ignores!



“Form ever follows function,” said the architect.

The shape from intended function or purpose.

Long-necked giraffes reaching the tallest of leaves.

The poem beating with its 5-7 heartbeat. 21 more words


Jack's Judgement

I was doltish, I was dumb,
I burned the dermis off my thumb.


It really isn’t a wise idea to jump over candle sticks, now is it?

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