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Now (a Tetractys)

is all
that there is:
The past is gone
and the future will never quite arrive.


 Poem #23 for National Poetry Writing Month (aka #NaPoWriMo)


Its Getting Darker (a Ghazal)

The sun fades into night, its getting darker.
Someone turned out the light, its getting darker.

Facts become opinions become lies,
You know its not right, its getting darker. 63 more words


Wishing (a Tanka)

Wish upon a star
Blow your birthday candles out
Nothing will happen.
Act on your dreams; make them real
Like magic, your life will change. 43 more words


Excerpt from PotPP: II

Bateaus slip in; bateaus slip out.
All through the day, spry trawler’s shout:
Delicious fatty fish for sale!
Dispatch them down with frosty ale!
It’s been this way since time began. 191 more words

Creative Writing

Sestina #2

‘There are many ways to be blind,’

A mantra that curls in my head, thin trails of incense,

A mandala I trace each day in grey dust… 320 more words

My Writing

Villanelle for a Gloomy Tuesday

These are the facts. This is what I know.

On gloomy days, we have to face our fears.

They say the rain today may turn to snow. 147 more words

Pantoum for My Failure

I worry constantly that I’m getting nothing done.

I fold the laundry, take the dog on walks.

What I want to do is read, or have some fun. 107 more words