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Warning Up (Haiku)

The sun is shining
Snow and ice melting
Flash floods on the way



When the Time is Right (a Tanka)

All flowers will bloom
Petals will open in time
Time is relative
Blooms aren’t late nor early
They will open right on time


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The Beauty of Change (a tanka)

Ev’rything changes
Neither for better or worse
Good, bad; indiff’rent
The beauty of it all is
Nothing will last for too long


This poem is my response to…

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My poem "Villanelle on a Line Hated by Auden"

“September 1, 1939” is one of the most famous poems by W. H. Auden. He wrote the poem after learning the news of Hitler’s invasion of Poland at the start of World War II, published it a month later in… 518 more words


Two Poems in Able Muse Review

Two of my poems, “In the Louvre” and “Portrait of Her Hands,” (the latter being a sonnet which happened to be all one sentence) have been published in the latest… 76 more words



They creep along the crease where plaster’s link
with geometric     terra cotta inlays
slips beyond the statutory pane’s oblique
illumination         Squalor’s dreg-lined byways

evince these shadows’ huddled histories… 71 more words


Lament of the Coddled

Oh blackest day of all our days on Earth!
A tragedy we’ll surely not survive.
Protected from reality since birth,
Provided for, we’ve never had to strive… 75 more words