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Monmouth 2015

Last night was Monmouth, Pi Phi and Kappa’s annual formal! It was an absolute blast. Everyone looked fantastic. The boys in the tuxedos and the girls in fun dresses, gosh, I love any reason to dress up! 27 more words

Pi Beta Phi

Statement Socks

When it comes to fashion, there are a variety of statement pieces from necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. For guys the perfect statement piece especially when your rocking the formal/gentleman style is…SOCKS! 177 more words


Where did my creativity go? Have you seen it?

I just might have to put a picture of my creativity on the side of a milk cartoon, ‘cause it seems to have disappeared and I didn’t even know it. 505 more words


Working girl

Ever heard the phrase “you’re born with style, you merely buy fashion”?
Well now, you can have both at the tip of your fingers without breaking a sweat! 112 more words

#MaskedBall – My First Formal Event in Dallas

Yeah! I formal event! I love getting dressed up and going to formal events. I enjoy the pageantry of it all, and it feels a little, just a little, fairy tale like. 595 more words


The Indian Prince

The problem with owning clothes with outlandish prints is that you are never able to find an appropriate occasion to wear it. It’s like that gorgeous peacoat hanging in your wardrobe with that smart collar and glistening silver military buttons. 215 more words


130: A little too mushy for my tastes




I’m back, and I couldn’t be happier! Petra’s parents apparently like me, but we still aren’t “official.” I took her to winter formal last night, and it was amazing. 49 more words