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Black and White Balance

This outfit strikes a balance between harsh and gentle as well as the black and white ratio.

On first impression this top appears to be a vest top but it is more formal than that with the cold shoulder neckline. 132 more words


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  1. GAD 5000
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  4. GAD 5003
  5. GAD 5004
  6. GBF 2650
  7. GBF 2651
  8. GBF 2652
  9. GBF 2653
  10. GEM 5005
  11. GEM 5006
  12. GEM 5007
  13. GEM 5008…
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Pretty Marigold

Just because you want to mix up the colours you use doesn’t mean that you have to begin wearing blinding neon shades.

There is a tint of pastel yellow in this dress which can be classed as cream but you have to be careful that the cream you choose doesn’t look like a dirty white. 146 more words


2018 White Rose Formal

At the end of every school year, my sorority comes together to celebrate all of our hard work with our annual White Rose Formal. It is such a fun tradition that I am so happy to have 262 more words

Inspire Me

Sleek Fit

Can this outfit be considered as semi-formal?

I doubt it. But it sure does look professional. Or is it just the hair?

I was kind of inspired to do a more sleek / professional look for this shoot but my inner love for casual fits still creeped its way out by wearing that halter bodysuit and white joggers. 51 more words


Crimson Minimalist

The vibe of this outfit is sophisticated yet not too mature and it even has a summery feel with the bright colour scheme.

This dress has a massive minimalist influence as there is no decoration on it. 117 more words


Pastel Orange Summer

Summer’s weather has landed and I’m welcoming it with wide arms through dashes of colour in my wardrobe.

This dreamy dress is in a pale organs to have a pastel shabby chic feel instead of vibrant neon. 104 more words