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Goodbye, Old Friend

Last Friday, my friend Jason passed away after a two-year battle with cancer.

We met in high school.  He was the friend of a friend, and we were set up for a dance, my first one.  554 more words


Sheer and Black Elegance from Paparazzi Prom

When we think of elegance we tend to think of the color black, but no one ever said that a little black dress had to be basic.   63 more words

Prom Dresses

Alternating Curls

I haven’t had a chance to do another comphairison, so I thought I’d supplement with this look I did on my friend last Friday for a formal. 156 more words

Clamp Curl

Months the Second and Third: Fevrier et Mars

Hello Internet Peoples! I trust that you’re all keeping supercalafragilisticexpialidocious (can you guess what movie I’ve been watching?!)

It’s been a while since I’ve written something that didn’t include a dodgy all-nighter, copious amounts of coffee and an increased sense of loathing towards my degree- but finally, I found a spare minute to sit down and write something that wouldn’t make Chaucer want to punch me in the face… as much. 1,023 more words


Athens Night Out/Cocktail Trends

Ah, what’s more fun than a night out all dressed up in downtown Athens? Drinking champagne in a new outfit, perhaps a cocktail dress you got on sale at Heery’s…..can it be Friday yet????? 188 more words


Cosplay Formal 2015 Monologue


So there was recently a time period where I had fallen behind on my posts on this blog and I would love to let to guys in as to why I was unable to post in a little while. 854 more words


Keeping Time

Avant Garde watches, traditionally ‘Swiss Made’ are timeless (excuse the pun) classics. Of course they are rather expensive, but if looked after and serviced at the correct intervals, they will last generations. 305 more words