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Veslačke discipline

Veslački čamci su često menjali oblik i konstrukciju. Postoje dve vrste čamaca i predstavljaju dve veslačke forme: rimen i skul. U rimenu, svaki veslač vesla jednim veslom koje je duže, dok u skulu vesla sa dva vesla koja su kraćaod rimena. 155 more words


22 things I want to do before I'm 22:

  1. Have a kiss on midnight on New Year’s (hopefully with a great guy)
  2. Throw a house party and not have any complaints from the neighbors or anyone…
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As a mother you really have to start learning what the difference between what you want and what you need is. For instance…

I WANT to have a hot body, but I NEED to eat these cookies. 356 more words


Hung kuen stiže u Beograd

Od 15. oktobra, naš klub biće prisutan i u Beogradu. Svake subote i nedelje od 18:00 do 20:00h u prostorijama KUD “Zora” biće organizovani treninzi hung kuena. 39 more words

Gung Fu

My turn

Well I’m sorry, but, as blissful as you are in the throes of young love, I’m just letting you know I have a date with Uncle Sam.

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I love you. Your amazing. I don’t care. I’ll marry you tomorrow. Your everything to me. Yet I want feel nothing from you. I write about you everyday. 228 more words


Why are you going east

One day someone told you, you were mean. That was the first day your heart hurt. From then on if there was ever going to be a number eight or a number one it was you. 722 more words