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To Make Peace With One's Past

Maybe we need to treat our dark emotions as if they were our guests…occasional visitors. I’ve learned that part of living forward is not only “letting go” but it’s also about your true relationship  with that specific experience in your past. 214 more words


Conseils de remise en forme

Soit pour un commencement ou une reprise après un long arrêt

Abdos : de façon générale, tout doit partir des abdos (Core to extremities)

Choisir 3 exercices spécifiques abdos et faire un circuit de 3 a 5 tours ( suivant son niveau) dessus , 15-20-30s ( sur 15j puis incrément vers 45s puis 60s), pause minimum 60s a 90s les 15 premiers jours … 371 more words

Functional Training

Drugo Srpsko Vušu takmičenje

Dana 12. 12. 2015. u našem gradu održano je Drugo Srpsko Vušu takmičenje u organizaciji Srpskog Vušu Saveza. Imali smo čast da budemo domaćini i da ugostimo Vušu klub “Hua Kang” i  Tai Chi Chuan i Ćigong klub “Peng” iz Beograda, Wing Chun Kung Fu klub “Mali zmaj” iz Sremske Mitrovice i ekipu “Wisdom Warriors” iz Novog Sada. 161 more words

Kung Fu

Different Scents of Mine

Im so into colognes & body mist. I love the smell of the cologne. Its not strong but unfortunately it doesn’t last long, hahaha. maybe because I got mine a cheap one but who cares its smell good anyway and addicting. 200 more words