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Passing Query Parameter to Sub-Form

Using parameter from main form to display subform based on query (with parameter).


I have 2 tables: Events and Comments. My main form is bound to Events which contains a subform that is based off a query that has a parameter (eID = the event ID).

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Your New Go-To Arabic Bookmarks!

Anyone that has studied Arabic will know that looking up words in an Arabic dictionary can be tricky… Firstly, the standard format for Arabic dictionaries is to list words in order by root. 320 more words


Advanced Web Design: Forms

Above is the webpage generated from the code below


My Experimental Poetry

I enjoy experimenting with various poetry forms and devices. Today I wrote an acrostic poem on my favorite television show, American Idol. This is the best year ever with so many great singers to vote for, in my opinion. 146 more words


Rails Form form_for Objects Reverse Order of Array

This is pretty simple, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it.  Basically I had a view that went through each object in the nested table array, and rendered it.   487 more words


First Time Power Class

So I knew it was bound to happen. I knew at some point I would be required to start doing what ALL the other black belts were doing. 1,070 more words

Tae Kwon Do