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Getting the most from your ReloSpec: REFERRAL SUBMIT FORM

This is the first in a series of blogs designed to help you get the most out of your Relocation Specialist (ReloSpec) software.  Today we’re looking at the… 342 more words


Crossing and Conditioning

In our sexist society, men are supposed to be assertive and women are supposed to be passive and agreeable. Active/passive is a two-sided form, and the boundary between active and passive must be crossable, allowing for oscillation. 508 more words


Two-Sided Forms

Religion observes through the form of transcendence/immanence. The “ground of all being” is transcendent; this is what we do not see or experience in daily life, but, according to the religion system, we can get a glimpse through the curtain in brief experiences of grace. 479 more words


Woven in the mist

As the mystery weaves itself
tighter and stronger with time
I come to ask
if we are but woven in the mist
who are we? 135 more words


Lessons from Yoga #2

This is basically stream of consciousness after the experience of today’s yoga with some attempt at grammar. Don’t do drugs, do yoga!

Like boiling impurites from water, the deeper you go thoughts become rigid and hard and boil off, deeper still identity boils off until there just is. 25 more words

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