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My Baby is Formula Fed

I’m writing about this because I feel there can NEVER be too many stories about this issue. All I did when I was going through this difficult time was obsessively browse the internet – reading articles about moms who had to switch to formula. 662 more words


Why it is so hard to lose the baby weight

My biggest problem when it comes to losing weight is…soda. Or to be more particular, caffeine! Tea, soda, the occasional coffee. Not to mention, the weight is harder to lose after a c-section, for whatever reason. 254 more words

8 Signs You're a Formula-Feeding Momma (& our favorite bottles)

I’m a formula-feeding momma, I have been since my first angel babe. You can catch my (harsh) breastfeeding journey on another piece of mine, Breastfeeding is for the Brave… 552 more words

Challenges Change You

Hey everyone. This is my first post, so bear with me, here. To start off with, I’m a married mom of a one year old boy named Eston. 266 more words

What To Expect At A Baby Friendly Hospital

So today I wanted to talk about what to expect if you are delivering at a baby friendly hospital.  The baby friendly designation was originally conceived by the World Health Organization, WHO, and UNICEF.   317 more words


Say No to Lactivism

Laura of This Mom Blogs has spoken out on Lactivism and the damaging affect it can have on mothers. We are honoured to share her words on this topic. 973 more words


Breastfeeding Envy

Sometimes I still get upset that I couldn’t breastfeed, especially when Rocket Baby is crying and I am frantically making a bottle and feeling so bad that I can’t just pop a boob in his mouth, nevermind the cost of formula. 93 more words