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Study: Formula-fed babies have higher levels of arsenic than breastfed babies

(CNN) — Researchers at Dartmouth College did a study on infant nutrition and found that formula-fed babies had seven-and-a-half times higher arsenic levels than babies who were breastfed. 83 more words


The Side Effects of Breastfeeding

Everyone tells you having a baby is hard.  Going through the labor process can be scary.  But I’m here to tell you that labor is not as hard as you might think, but breastfeeding…breastfeeding is the hardest thing I ever tried to do.   1,358 more words


To breastfeed or not to, that is the question

To breastfeed or not to, that is the question and a personal one at that. Why allow someone to tell you what they think you should do? 409 more words


Why I Stopped Breastfeeding

All throughout my pregnancy I was told breastfeeding was amazing, that it would benefit my baby more than formula. But after having my son and trying it out I don’t think breastfeeding was very beneficial for either of us. 764 more words

Personal Life

The secret formula

This week I listened to The Food Program on radio 4. Although radio 4 is probably my most listened to station (that and Planet Rock when there’s a digital radio about) is unusual for me to seek out The Food Program (last time I did was a few years ago when the… 691 more words


There is nothing wrong with formula

As I posted before, I had to give formula to Lilyian for a few weeks before I was able to wean her back to breast milk (after lots of pumping, then using a nipple shield, and now finally we are full Babe on the Boob). 519 more words

8 things I'm looking forward to when I stop breastfeeding

Following on from my post ‘8 reasons I’m in no rush to stop breastfeeding‘, there are also some things I’m really looking forward to once we move on to follow-on milk. 227 more words