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Weaning - update 

For the last 2 weeks I’ve been gradually weaning Little Man from breastfeeding to bottle feeding between 8am and 6pm in preparation for him starting nursery on Monday (Yikes!). 371 more words


Breastfeeding is no joke.

This was a text I received from a friend this morning.  It was in response to me letting her know I began the weaning process. And she is 110% correct. 426 more words

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Feeding Obstacles Continue

Who knew feeding could pose so many challenges!?!

I am trying not to feel down about this again, but really I think both Grayson and I could do without any further feeding drama. 353 more words

Saying Goodbye to Breastfeeding Part II

It’s officially over! No more nursing bras, no more flashing family and friends – our boy is formula fed.

The emotional side I mentioned in… 543 more words


Upgrade to a UV Steriliser

Time for an upgrade! Swap your old steriliser for the latest UV steriliser and get RM100 OFF. The UV sterilisers boast many benefits, among all safer, easier to use and more efficient in eliminating germs. 44 more words

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I Hate Breast is Best

** I am not giving medical advice! I am just a mom and sharing my experience!**

I hate breast is best.  I hate nursing. There. I said it.   741 more words

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Breast Vs Formula Feeding - the battle

When I was pregnant, from the get go, I wanted to breastfeed. I bought the pillows, the supplements, bookmarked recipes for fucking lactation biscuits. I downloaded the apps, read articles, I even had a very odd one-on-one talk with a stranger (a qualified stranger, I should add) using a rather creepy doll to practice how I would eventually feed my child. 769 more words