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Moving from formula to cow's milk

The NHS guidelines say that you can start weaning baby from formula to whole cows milk after 12 months.

We started introducing milk into our daughters diet through her food; mashed potato, baby porridge made with a little milk and fromage frais. 287 more words


Feeding - breast or bottle?

Some health visitors and midwives will have you believe that if you don’t breastfeed your baby, they will have terrible immune systems and catch every cold and virus going. 255 more words


Breastfeeding and the Great Bottle Debate

Breastfeeding. It’s a topic I have never been brave enough to tackle. The emotional minefield it presents is fraught with the danger of offending one side or the other, or both if it’s not handled well. 1,088 more words


Motherhood Musings

It’s 9:30pm, the kid is in bed (at least until 11pm, possibly until 2am), and I’m having a beer while I wait for my husband to return from a work trip. 773 more words


What kind of mum are you, and why does it matter? Part 1: Breast/Bottle.

Even before you read this, you’ll know what I’m about to write. You’ll have read countless blog posts, articles and social media comments and will probably take a deep breath before you read on. 1,184 more words


The droop...

So when we planned to have a baby I always knew I wanted to breastfeed. Not necessarily for all the saintly reasons about it being best and bonding etc but chiefly because it’s free! 600 more words

Nipple shields to the rescue! My breastfeeding experience.

When I was pregnant I was pretty ambivalent about breastfeeding. I knew it was probably ‘best’, but I wasn’t sure if it would be for me. 1,000 more words