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Pregnancy Update: Week 25

With a due date of April 25th 2017 my week’s turn over on Tuesdays. Today I am 26 weeks, but I like updating on the previous week. 469 more words


It's not the breastfeeding that gets me

So the newest addition is a little over two weeks old at this point.  I was thinking that she might have the milk/soy allergy like my other two did.   670 more words

Kid Centered

(Breast/Bottle) Feeding

Breast Is Best

Before Jessica was born, I had firm views on how I would feed her.

In antenatal class, we were told that “breast is best” and that 96% of mothers have sufficient supply to feed their baby. 2,224 more words


Fed is Best

Good evening ladies and gents, that is if gentlemen are reading this. Tonights topic: breastfeeding vs formula feeding.

Let me start by stating I strongly believe fed is best. 1,285 more words

I've given up breastfeeding. I can't do it anymore. 

The Martian had his 1 month appointment yesterday, and he still isn’t back to his birthweight. He’s not getting enough calories, either he’s not getting enough from breast milk or something in him is burning all the calories he’s eating. 217 more words

Breast is NOT Always Best

During my pregnancy, I always knew I was going to breastfeed. It wasn’t even something I was weighing up the options for…breast is best  764 more words


BABY | Fed Is Best

When my daughter was born, we quickly and relatively easily began a long and enjoyable breastfeeding relationship.

When my son was born, I expected it to be the same way. 447 more words