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Not a whole lot of shaking going on

With one baby, making up a bottle isn’t a huge undertaking. When you multiply that by two, it is like being a bartender…except your customers scream, wear diapers and have no teeth. 417 more words


Nutrition for Newborn 0-6 Months

I often get inquiry from new mothers about how much to feed their babies.

So, I’ve decided to compile a simple guidance for all you first time mother about what the baby really needs in a series of article dedicated to infant nutrition. 860 more words

Baby First 6 Months

What Do I Feed My Baby During the First Year of Life?

In this week’s blog post, and in honor of it being the month my second child is due, I want to share with you some infant feeding practices for the first year of your little one’s life. 736 more words


The best vaccine there is

I have heard many blogs get critique for not mentioning when they are promoting something. So let me start with that: This is a commercial. 262 more words

Stories From Work

Sleep Training Part 3

In the small hours, as I’ve tried again and again to get baby F to stay asleep, locked in a seemingly endless loop of feed-snooze-wake-cry, I’ve done a lot of thinking. 882 more words

Family Life

My Personal Breastfeeding Story: Part 1

Yesterday I had asked for some help with coming up with questions first time moms might have about becoming a mother. There was one topic that reoccurred over and over again across all the areas that I posted to looking for help… breastfeeding. 1,277 more words

Life As I Know It

Snow Day Randomness

Hi. Anyone else weirded out that my last post’s title was a David Bowie song and then he died? I feel like I cursed him. I like to internalize things and feel all the guilt. 465 more words