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Bottle feeding - hints & tips

Unfortunately I was not able to breastfeed (my AAA cups didn’t cut the mustard!!). I hired a lactation consultant on day 2, she gave me advice and I tried it all: fenugreek seeds, fancy gadgets for obtaining milk, vitamins to increase supply etc etc sadly I just couldn’t do it. 353 more words

The First Year

Tips from a Formula Feeding Working Mother

Raising up a child for working moms is undoubtedly a hard job. Working mothers not only has to work hard physically but also has to go though a lot of psychological ebbs and flows. 493 more words

Cleaning Feeding Bottle

Breast is NOT always best

Yes, that’s right I said the biggest taboo in mummy world! There is so much stigma attached to formula feeding, that I feel it’s important to post about this subject. 1,310 more words

Baby Health

Breast is best

Like most things in life these days feeding a baby has become very complicated and no doubt really expensive. I took a look at some of these… 661 more words


It is OK to Fail at Breastfeeding

My mother breastfed me for longer than what some considered “normal” and instilled in me how important it was.  As most expecting mothers, I read all the books and websites and knew of the health benefits, as well as the emotional benefits, of breastfeeding.  3,944 more words


** R E V I E W ** - Tommee Tippee PERFECT PREP MACHINE

 Thought I would do a review of one of my best baby purchases so far. It has saved my sanity and made bottle feeding a breeze. 791 more words


What I Learned From Not Being Able To Breastfeed

I have been writing about the importance of breastfeeding for years, so it was rather ironic and very shocking to me when after feeding my son for four years, I was then unable to give the same gift to my daughter. 1,038 more words