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Do you want to feel alone and judged among peers, doctors and strangers?? Then don’t breastfeed your child.

Let me just start out by saying, I have NOTHING against breastfeeding, I believe it is the most natural way to feed your child and do not find it gross or weird or whatever. 374 more words

Making Peace with the Minimum

Remember the “Best Odds Diet” in What to Expect When You’re Expecting? As I recall from my anxious first-pregnancy reading, the idea was that you could eat junk food or you could eat healthy food, but if you  579 more words

Breastfeeding Your Own Way

Tomorrow, Miss Crankles will be 3 months away from her second birthday, and we are still going strong with the nursing. However, if you would have asked me when she was a newborn if we would have been doing this, I probably would have laughed. 724 more words


Ten Things I Didn't Know About Bottle Feeding

How to feed your child is one of the most important things to think about when you’re pregnant. For us, it was a choice we made after considering what would work best for us as a family. 1,116 more words


7QT--Why Formula Feeding Was the Best Choice for Me

Happy Friday! Here are seven reasons I chose to formula-feed my third baby after breastfeeding the first two, and why it turned out to be a real life-saver. 569 more words

First 2 Weeks of Life with A Newborn

The first 2 weeks with baby was like hell.

Day 3: The afternoon after being discharged from the hospital was alright. I latch her on demand and her feeding time was 2-3 hourly. 1,992 more words


How Do I Know My Baby Is Getting Enough?

One of the most frequent and important questions new parents have is whether their baby is getting enough, either breastmilk or formula. And it is an important question.  772 more words

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