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The first few days...

For nine months you anxiously await the arrival of your precious little baby. It’s scary because, as a first time mom, you really have no idea what to expect, but you’ve got this, right? 830 more words


Helpful tips for formula feeding

It was really hard leaving hospital with our twins after struggling to breastfeed. We were mix feeding (some formula and some breastfeeding) but we were not really given any guidance on how to formula feed. 1,098 more words

Journey To Motherhood

Rehashing-Breast Feeding, Bottle Feeding, Formula Feeding: Which is the Right Choice for Me?

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I want to start off letting all the parents out there know that this article focuses on what is best for baby, and not what is necessarily the best choice overall. 1,985 more words


Under Bressure

Have you seen Laura Perlongo’s video on “bressure”? If not, “bressure” is the term being given to the experience of being shamed for not breastfeeding enough or at all. 1,451 more words

The Cautious Mom Blog

The Reality of Supply Issues, Reflux & Bottle Aversion

After a wonderfully supportive response from sharing her feeding story over on Instagram, Hanna aka @mooncat_15 has kindly decided to write her full account; detailing the struggles, the continued challenges and what she has learnt along the way.  1,409 more words


44: Infant Loss + Gathering Hope

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Anna sat down with Peyton Lauderdale, the founder of Gathering Hope, a ministry for moms who have lost a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth, or in early infancy. 179 more words

Mom Chat

●Fed is Best! Our experiences with Breastfeeding & Formula●

From the moment I’d accepted I was going to become a mother, my only hope was that I could exclusively breastfeed my baby until he was big enough to begin weaning. 1,020 more words