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Discover the 3-step proven formula to overcome any challenge & turn your dreams into reality.

We’re living in extraordinary times.

Which is why I’m offering you this chance to join me for an extraordinary event for FREE – where you’ll discover the simple, 3-step system for creating extraordinary results in every area of your life. 212 more words


For the Mama Struggling to Breastfeed

Hey mama. If you are reading this because you are having a difficult time breastfeeding, I am here for you. And I can relate! My breastfeeding journey was very challenging and it gave me so much anxiety, worsened my postpartum depression, and gave me constant mom guilt. 848 more words

The Perfect Mother?

Now chances are if you talk to 95% of the mothers, you know they will tell you they are not perfect, and they haven’t always followed the “rules.” This is entirely relatable to me because motherhood is hard, and no one is perfect. 589 more words

Boats and streams

  • Boat speed – u
  • Stream speed – v
  • Upstream Speed, b = u – v m/s
  • Downstream Speed,a = u + v m/s
  • If Speed Upstream is…
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In 2016 Pediatrics Journal said breast feeding was not natural ... 4 years later Bill Gates is investing in lab-made breast milk

I’m sure this is just coincidence (not!). Listen to the Corbett report on Bill’s latest ‘investment’ and yes his wealthy mates are in on it as well. 327 more words


Simple interest and compound interest

Simple Interest

Simple Interest, SI = PNR/100
P – Principal amount
N – Number of Years
R – Rate of Interest

Compound Interest

Compounded annually, 105 more words

How to Prepare Baby Formula

Ideally, it is preferred to have Mothers breastfeed their babies, but there are exceptions to every rule. One of the main reasons it is encouraged is because breastmilk is literally designed for your baby. 455 more words