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Scrapbook 181 Art

Scrapbook 181 dilemma

Singing vs. talking


Farny vs. Farney

The Song of the Singing Wire. 

The Song of the Singing Wire by Henry Farny… 326 more words

Forrest Fenn

Mind Faucet

Featured Question with Forrest and The Thrill of the Chase Treasure Hunt: Mind Faucet

Mr. Fenn, of the books you have written, which is your favorite and why? 109 more words

Forrest Fenn

A little Comic Relief

Meet My New Characters

These little guys will be showing up in my future post

Anyone wanting to join in on the fun, please send me… 26 more words

Forrest Fenn

I think I got it

I’ve been kinda quiet lately.

Been doing a lot of reading and lurking,

saying only what I need to say in order to

get the conversations going in the direction… 45 more words

Forrest Fenn

179 Scrapbooks

Scrapbook Crazy

Forrest is on a roll here

179 scrapbooks

and they just keep coming!

What do you think is happening here?

Maybe its just because spring has arrived. 9 more words

Forrest Fenn

A Complete Backup

A Complete Backup Collection

As many of you know, I’m having surgery on the 12th

and I’ve had nothing but time on my hands since my doctors… 324 more words

Forrest Fenn