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Treasure Hunting and Safeway's Monopoly Game

Is anyone else out there playing the Safeway Monopoly game?

Holy crap- I tell you what – it can feel a little overwhelming. I got all serious about it for a minute (see?) and now I can’t really stop… can I? 590 more words

Facebook Live

I have a new Facebook just for my blog this season

I plan on doing video and live video during my searches

please send a friends request if you would like… 6 more words

Forrest Fenn

A Big Weekend

My Latest Search

Sorry this has been a big weekend

With so much happening I haven’t had time to post

Here’s a sneak peak!

i cant show the best pictures at this time, but please enjoy what I can show. 65 more words

Forrest Fenn

Are You Being Duped?

Subliminal Assumptions

Please allow me a moment to clarify this.

I’m talking about misdirection and being deceived with images.

Take a look at the following post. 188 more words

Forrest Fenn

Image coincidence

Stumbled across this while making today’s post

Meaningful, coincidental, who knows?

Thought I’d share anyway…

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Forrest Fenn

Modern Day Indiana Jones

I sit and think a lot, mostly about the search for Indulgence.

I’ve always been drawn to the Indian Jones Theory.

Have you ever sat and watched a movie and thought to yourself, 61 more words

Forrest Fenn

$1,000,000 Treasure

Note To Self…

“Never To Forget, The Real Treasure”

 This morning I had to go in to the hospital to get some X-Rays done

and as I was sitting on the little bench in the waiting room, I… 16 more words

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