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Long Range Locators

I Have to ask!

A lot of questions?

Has anyone thought about using one of these?

Do you think its worth the investment?

I see so many of these things and this one is rather cheap… 48 more words

Forrest Fenn

An Amazing Find

Lost Treasures

Sometimes it pays off to look…

Here are some things I’ve discovered…

Not sure what im going to do with them yet,

But if you have an interest in any thing you see… 7 more words

Forrest Fenn

Leaving Something Behind

Treasure Chest

I’ve thought about leaving something behind.

I found this little box in an antique store today

If I find the chest, I probably won’t say anything… 71 more words

Forrest Fenn

More than Any Earthly Treasure (Matthew 13:45-46), Parables on the Kingdom, Part 3

Click here to read Matthew 13:45-46.

Somewhere in the Rocky Mountains lies hidden treasure. Former Vietnam fighter pilot, self-taught archeologist, art dealer, and millionaire, Forest Fenn hid it there during the Great Recession to cheer people up and get them outdoors. 407 more words


Google Earth Searchers

What are they thinking!

Really, i just don’t t know anymore. I try to read the forums but the stuff searchers are writing is just plain stupid. 103 more words

Forrest Fenn