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Good News & Bad News

I’m staring to dislike Chinese food

 Here’s what happened!

We went out for some Panda Express

and of course we always read our fortune cookies… 82 more words

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Thank You Mysteriouswritings.com

Thank You Jenny Kile 

Recently on March 25,2017

Jenny Kile from Mysteriouswritings.com posted

The article was awesome and well presented

I thank Jenny and Mysterious Writings for doing… 59 more words

Forrest Fenn

A lost Gem

Here’s a little Gem for new searchers

I’ve alway screen shot thing I thought would

be important to my search. I’ve done this since the… 25 more words

Forrest Fenn

Treasure Hunting and Safeway's Monopoly Game

Is anyone else out there playing the Safeway Monopoly game?

Holy crap- I tell you what – it can feel a little overwhelming. I got all serious about it for a minute (see?) and now I can’t really stop… can I? 590 more words

Facebook Live

I have a new Facebook just for my blog this season

I plan on doing video and live video during my searches

please send a friends request if you would like… 6 more words

Forrest Fenn

A Big Weekend

My Latest Search

Sorry this has been a big weekend

With so much happening I haven’t had time to post

Here’s a sneak peak!

i cant show the best pictures at this time, but please enjoy what I can show. 65 more words

Forrest Fenn

Are You Being Duped?

Subliminal Assumptions

Please allow me a moment to clarify this.

I’m talking about misdirection and being deceived with images.

Take a look at the following post. 188 more words

Forrest Fenn