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The Lure?

Taking The Bait

Trip 99 is in the past.

I believe I fell into yet another trap.

I fell for it

I returned home in the middle of the night, only… 188 more words

Forrest Fenn

Trip 99

Trip 99

One More Shot..

Going to give it one more try before winter!

I just feel I need to go back and re-check something. 28 more words

Forrest Fenn

A Last Push 97 & 98

Season End

I had to make one last push before winter

I did give it my all, I’m just trapped in my own mind.

It feels like a giant puzzle box every time. 116 more words

Forrest Fenn

Lucky Strikes

Killing a little time while I’m waiting

Some of you may know what’s going on

from the chasechat post

Wanted to know if anyone knows about this kind of stuff? 46 more words

Forrest Fenn

The Duke

I can’t imagine John Wayne¬†

as a baseball player


I was just browsing the web and stumbled across these.

This is one guy I wish I could have met. 73 more words

Forrest Fenn