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It does not bother me that relationships end. People are constantly learning & growing and from that, they’re changing too.  What bothers me is how… 77 more words

Gustav Schäfer Instagram Post: life is like a box of chocolates......🍫🎁 #forrestgump#bubbagumpshrimp

Aw this is such a lovely photo, I love to see Gus smiling and with a serene look <3 and I love Forrest Gump too, it’s one of my favorite movies ever, it has amazing quotes and Tom Hanks is perfect for that role. 104 more words


Forrest Gump and Moral Virtue

The movie Forrest Gump won six academy awards including the Best Actor and Best Movie of the Year awards. Tom Hanks who played Forrest Gump in the film won the Best Actor award for the second year in a row. 976 more words


Forrest Gump-" I'm Pretty Tired...I think I'll Go Home Now."

One of my favorite scenes from one of the greatest movies ever…


The 100 Greatest American Films

The BBC has put out it’s own list of the top 100 American films of all time and like me you may find the list to your liking or you may not, but it was interesting as to how the British view American films. 752 more words


The Best Movies With Killer Soundtracks From the Early '90's

Every teenager loves music, and I was no exception.  The early ’90’s were that transition period from high school to college for me.  It was the beginning of the grunge movement, a rock offshoot that still makes my musical heart go pitter-patter and yearn for those youthful days before bills and kids and Snoop Doggy Dog. 767 more words

Keeping Up With the 100-Year-Old Man: Julie's Impressions on Film Club's 2 Year Anniversary Screening

If you reached the age of 100, could you look back on your life and reminisce on all the crazy adventures you’ve had? Allan Karlsson most definitely can. 633 more words

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