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Darth Gump

One of my favorite Nerdtoons I’ve ever done. Now here in it’s permanent home.

*Written by Pete Jurich.

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Week 38 - WIDE ANGLE - #A6

This is Forrest Gump Hill. Using a wide angle is the only way to go here. The location is near Mexican Hat, Utah but the view in the distance is of Monument Valley. 123 more words

Forrest Gump (1994 USA)

FG seems like it was written by a whole committee of campaigning politicians trying to ingratiate themselves with what they believed was the typical American movie goer. 511 more words


Like Rocks For Chocolate

I ain’t much for popular opinion.

I can’t remember the last time I fully trusted the tally of a widely held opinion. This isn’t a contrarian gallivant, myopic bent or some degenerative condition that rhymes with Larry King. 889 more words

#16 I'm in love with a lamp post

Ever since I was young, the only super power I wanted was to read minds. I still do. Somewhere maybe it convinces me or tricks me into thinking that I can’t read people that’s why I am so bad at communicating. 538 more words

Personal Data

I Hate Jenny From Forrest Gump

So tonight after work, I turned on my TV and Forrest Gump was on. There must be some unknown law that says Forrest Gump has to be playing on atleast 1 channel at all times, because that’s the only¬†explanation for how often it’s on. 914 more words

Drunk White Kid Blogs

Scientifically Proven Ways To Be Happier - Part 5 of 5

I recently shared the link to http://superheroyou.com/10-scientifically-proven-ways-to-be-happier/ and I wanted to dig a little deeper into some of the tips. Now I’m sharing easy ways to help you start doing these tips in your own life. 148 more words