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Op-Ed Piece — It never ceases to amaze me how certain individuals who claim to be possessed with knowledge of the legal system can get themselves into trouble.   305 more words

Clouded Titles

Today I decided to fly away.

Someone once told me not to be brave,
to just run.

Well, she didn’t tell me –
she told Tom Hanks in that movie. 269 more words


How did Tom Hanks Get His Forrest Gump Voice?

Everyone knows the “Forrest Gump voice,” and even if you’ve never seen the movie (hard to believe), chances are, you’d still recognize the quotes.  It’s got some of the greatest one liners in history.   103 more words


Tom Hanks Reveals How He Found His 'Forrest Gump' Voice And How Painful It Is To Record 'Toy Story'

The Graham Norton Show has yielded a couple of adorable videos featuring the Nicest Actor Ever Tom Hanks. Appearing with Peter Capaldi, Hanks looks like he bleached his hair for a role, but that’s besides the point because he spent a lot of this segment talking about the voices he’s done in movies. 177 more words


Top 25 Movies of the Past 25 Years

by Jason Koenigsberg

In honor of imdb.com celebrating their 25th anniversary this year I figured why not commemorate the 25 best films since the influential website’s inception. 2,040 more words


sometimes I guess there just aren't enough rocks  #dancewritenow

For most of my life I have been pushing memories down, living life on the outside like the multitude of hideous abuses of my childhood were not a part of my reality. 524 more words


Looking at the Stars

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”
~Oscar Wilde

From The Old Blog, November 18, 2015:

This quotation makes me think of the scene in “Forrest Gump” where Forrest asks Bubba to lean up against him so they could support each other while they slept: “you lean against me and I’ll lean right back up against you and that way we don’t have to sleep with our heads in the mud.” After a few of these nights of sleeping upright against each other, the rain suddenly stopped, the sky cleared, and the stars came out… And Forrest thought of Jenny.

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