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3 Reasons Why Tom Hanks is the World's Worst Traveler

Unless you’re planning on going to the North Pole

expect Tom Hanks to mess up your travel plans in one way or another.

Exhibition 1: Cast Away…

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The Case for Autonomous Cars - a Rant

To the morons my fellow motorists in the left lane:

How is it you haven’t noticed those signs for the last three miles, warning you that your lane is about to end? 496 more words



In 1982, Louis Michael Figueroa ran across the United States in 1982 to raise funds and awareness for his friend, who was a victim of bone cancer. 53 more words

Fact Food

My Life, In a Gump-Shell

In the act of coining words, concepts and processes, I’ve decided to name the whole genre attributable to what I’ve made-up as “Randyisms”.

The movie, Forrest Gump, has that underlying concept as a storyline, as well, propelling the movie forward via the story of the protagonist’s lifetime, and of his having inspired just about every conceivable notable concept and product of his times: the American sense of innocence of the 1950’s (redolent throughout, as this is the backdrop of Forrest Gump’s “coming up” or “coming of age” years, in which the times leave an indelible imprint on its generation); the Vietnam War era (November 1, 1955 – April 30, 1975, per Wikipedia.org) and the backlash against it; the “smiley-face” design of the 1960’s; the running craze of the ’70’s; and more. 890 more words


The finale to the Summer of Romantic Fluff is my lyric to a lovely melody and main musical theme from the film Forrest Gump.  The movie begins with Forrest sitting on a bench while the camera follows a floating breeze-blown feather..   131 more words

Washington DC

Thanksgiving é um feriado celebrado no Canadá e nos Estados Unidos, onde a família e os amigos se juntam com o intuito de agradecer a Deus pelos bons acontecimentos que ocorreram durante o ano, um momento de festa e orações. 251 more words

Estados Unidos

{Run Forrest Run}

Well I certainly outdid myself today at Saffy’s school faction sport’s carnival. SUCH FUN.

It started with me throwing Saffron out the car at school and then driving to Muzz Buzz down the road to buy a coffee as big as my head. 377 more words