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Be Fresh, Be Fire

‘I ran…I just felt like running’- Forrest Gump

One of my favourite movies of all time. It puts forth A LOT of food for thought. Every time I watch it , my belief grows stronger and my belief is this- you don’t always have to have a reason to do something…you just do it and reach a conclusion later. 203 more words


My favourite movies of all time

These are my favourite ten movies. Feel free to contact me and inform me about other movies you think should be on the list. Make sure you watch these amazing movies. 40 more words


Lights, Camera, Action! Devotion Guide: Forrest Gump

Welcome to the second day of our 10-day Lights, Camera, Action devotion guide. Today, let’s take a look at Forrest Gump.

Day 2: Forrest Gump  495 more words


Is this the right path?

Geez don’t know about you but I’ve been asking myself that question A LOT lately. Actually I’m thinking I’ve wandered off the path and I’m in the briers all tangled up and getting stabbed with the thorns. 752 more words


TGIF!... Not.

Today, most people are in TGIF mode.

Except people who don’t work.

Except people off work, and who are on vacation.

Except people like me. Because today is the first day of my week… This week. 307 more words



I absolutely hate watching movies but there are a few I actually like!

My favourite kinds of movies are horror movies but surprisingly none of these movies are horror movies. 522 more words


Analysis of the music featured in Forrest Gump

Third year university work for which I was awarded a first.

Analysis of the music featured in Forrest Gump: In this essay I will discuss the music used in the feature film ‘Forrest Gump’ and the theories of film music presented by Jerrold Levinson, Phillip Tagg, Zofia Lissa, and Claudia Gorbman. 2,316 more words

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