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Kerala District 007: Ernakulam

You know which district comes to the mind when you see KL-7 on the number plates of a vehicle. The district can’t be determined by the plates any more, but the number seven remains. 854 more words


Vivid Kathakkali Dancers in Kerala (WPC: Vivid)

The photos were taken at a Kathakkali dance performance at Fort Cochin in the Indian State of Kerala. Vibrant natural colours used as facial makeup. Prior to the performance elaborate makeup for the  dancers were done in front of the audience. 53 more words

Snapshots of Kerala

Any hotelier will tell you that it’s a real joy for owners and staff alike when guests return for a second visit. It’s a great compliment to us about the service we try to provide for you. 350 more words


Striking It Lucky

One of the most wonderful things about India is its diversity when it comes to it’s towns and cities.  Some are bustling cosmopolitan delights and some are not and have a long way to go. 730 more words


An Ancient Tradition In Modern Times

After being in Wayanad for a couple of days and taking some time to rest and relax, it was nice to be back by the water, this time the west coast of India enjoying my first views of the Arabian Sea.   152 more words


How to make... Tarka Dal

Over the last few weeks I’ve had an incredible craving for lentils. Creamy red, yellow or green lentil recipes always remind me of the hearty broths I used to have growing up: mixtures with the consistency of porridge – largely due to the amount of pearl barley and vegetables – and a great all round flavour. 294 more words


Kerala: Fort Cochin

Known as God’s Land, Kerala is made up of rice paddies, spice plantations and beautiful backwaters. The high season for Kerala is November – March. 662 more words