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Fort Cochin and Amma - the Hugging Saint

Nothing can really prepare you for the first time you step foot in India. You may see charming movies, read books about it, practice yoga – but India is a whole different world unto itself. 2,727 more words



(Malayalam: പച്ചടി)

The last week has been quite a bit hectic on the social front – meaning, eating out nearly every day! And this is not good for me, not good at all – tell me friends how does it happen that one always eats a bit more when one does not have to cook oneself? 475 more words

International Kitchen

Little Torpedoes on a bed of green waves (Green Gram and little sausages)

Some time ago one of our friends came visiting with her little boy Patrick. Whilst having lunch he started playing with his food and like nearly all mothers my friend too immediately said “… don’t play with your food, Patrick”. 563 more words


The Malabar Coast

Varkala Shivagiri Station drowsed in late afternoon heat. Two women carrying baskets made their way down the tracks, languidly picking up litter. Passengers sat in pools of shade, beneath the fans on the platform canopy, waiting, dozing. 4,018 more words


Fort Kochi, Kerala

Fort Kochi (also Fort Cochin) is the first city I visited in the state of Kerala.  It’s really only known for the Chinese fishing nets that local fishermen use to catch a wide array of fish from the Indian Ocean, which they then sell whole to locals and tourists.   257 more words



One evening in Fort Kochi (Cochin, Kerala) I decided to check out this cultural center that was advertising traditional Indian performances, specifically something called Kathakali. 432 more words


KADALA and Puttu!

K ……. Is not only for KERALA but also for one of our most favourite breakfast dishes….. KADALA and Puttu!

It is an easy dish to make; it only takes just under 1 hour to bring it to your table, providing you have remembered to soak the Kadala (black Chickpeas) previously for around 10-12 hours. 518 more words